May 29, 2019  SOS Newsletter
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Hello, everyone.  

The latest update on the Apex Lighthouse Wind industrial wind project is:

  1. Apex still has its Lighthouse Wind DPS website active.  They have not withdrawn from the Article 10 process.

  2. Apex still has all of its leases/easements with landowners in Somerset and Yates active.  The last lease/easement was recorded on March 27, 2019, but there could be more that have not yet been recorded.

  3. Apex still has its Lighthouse Wind project listed on the Interconnection Queue – the location where an electrical generation project has to be to get approval to connect to the NYS electrical grid. (It is on level 7 with its Facilities Studies pending.)


For all of the above reasons, we are still fighting the Lighthouse Wind project!  Earlier this month, before Mother's Day, we sent a heartfelt letter to Governor Cuomo in an attempt to explain our deep connection to the land and the community.  It can be found on our website:   

On May 26th, an editorial was published in the Lockport Union Sun and Journal that addresses some of the misinformation which continues to be shared about our group.  A copy of the editorial can be found below.

We will not have a booth this year at Albion's Strawberry Festival. However, we encourage you to stop by the booth for one of the citizens’ groups from Barre, Clear Skies Above Barre, to learn about concerns with another of Apex's proposed industrial wind turbine projects, Heritage Wind.  The Strawberry Festival dates are June 7 & 8.  

SOS will have a booth at the 4th of July festivities in Lyndonville.  Stop by to say hello and pick up a yard sign. We will have an update on the Lighthouse Wind project and information about the specific concerns many have with the proposed Lighthouse Wind project. 

Hope to see you soon and, as always, we appreciate your support!


Lockport Union Sun & Journal 

Lighthouse Wind opposition's roots run deep

May 24, 2019

A Lockport Union Sun & Journal article published Wednesday May 15 quotes a claim that opposition to Apex’s Lighthouse Wind industrial wind turbine project has come “largely from vacation-home-owners.”  However, Save Ontario Shores, Inc. (SOS), the local grassroots organization opposed to this project, includes a majority of supporters who live year-round in the villages of Barker and Lyndonville, the towns of Somerset and Yates, and surrounding towns.

The inaccurate characterization above fails to recognize the substantive and successful hard work by these property owners who share a belief that the 47 proposed six-hundred-foot-tall industrial wind turbines, flashing lights, 24/7 operation and noise is not in the long-term best interest of the towns.   SOS supporters, both year-round and seasonal residents, have a tangible, heartfelt and economic connection to the towns and the region.

Anyone who lives locally understands that the opposition to the project runs deep among residents, with yard signs throughout the towns, election votes in the hundreds for candidates who oppose the project, regular letters to the editor and consistent overwhelming representation at events, public hearings and town board meetings by year-round residents. 

This does not diminish the contributions of seasonal residents who support SOS.  Distance does not separate us with many ways to work together even during the winter months.  We are a greater force with a multitude of supporters who provide research, connections and input.   

Seasonal residents do not pay taxes based on the number of months they live in the area; they contribute fully in funding the town, county, and school districts.  It is important to note that 35%* of lease signers receiving turbines do not live within the project area and will therefore not be living amidst the negative impacts of the proposed turbines in any season.  (*using information from proposed turbine layout given by Apex in Oct. 2018)

SOS supporters are a diverse group made up of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and non-affiliated individuals who respect and care for each other.  We are working together with a common goal of fighting our “Goliath” – Apex’s Lighthouse Wind project and that is what small-town community is all about.   

We look forward to a formal end to the Apex Lighthouse Wind project so we can turn more of our attention to supporting the projects and grant opportunities that our hard-working town officials have been developing.  We continue to demand that Apex withdraw from the New York Independent System Operators electrical generation queue, free landowners from leases and withdraw from the DPS Article 10 process.  Until this happens SOS will continue the fight.

Pamela Atwater, President

Kate Kremer, Vice President

Save Ontario Shores, Inc. 



SOS is 100% funded by generous local individuals. Please consider joining this work by giving what you can. SOS is a not for profit corporation and it is not a tax exempt organization, so donations are not deductible for tax purposes.

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