SOS Five-Week Review
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Greetings everyone!

Thought we should just take a look at all we've accomplished in the last five weeks.  It's been an extremely busy and gratifying start.  To review, we discovered the issue on December 19, 2015 when Kathy Evans sent an email asking if we'd seen the Lighthouse Wind article in the Orleans Hub.  At that point, after a sleepless weekend, we started to organize.  There are so many people that need to be recognized for peerless effort and commitment, I'd be writing for another four hours.  So, I'll just summarize accomplishments:

Verified validity of the APEX project: Lighthouse Wind.
Initial word sent to immediate neighbors.
Contact made with significant number of residents.
Contact made with Cathi Orr of Somerset, Niagara County anti-wind organizer.
Save Ontario Shores (SOS) formed.
Formalization of Legal, Web development and volunteer groups.
Finalization of
Formalized working relationship with The Great Lakes Wind Truth - a wind fighting group that has successfully fought a number of industrial wind turbine projects in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
SOS attended and successfully communicated concern and opposition to APEX project at meetings of:
Yates Town Board
Yates Planning Board
Somerset Town Board
In each of these meetings the SOS concerns were communicated as well as the commitment to educate each of these sitting boards on wind turbine risks to environment, wildlife, health, safety, property values, tax increases, NYS laws and relationship to turbine projects.
1,200 Yates and Somerset residents received a SOS mailing to inform them of the impending APEX wind turbine project and giving them our SOS contact information.  Approximately 10% of mailings returned in the 1.5 weeks since the first mailing.
Legal team filed and received Not for Profit status for SOS in New York State, naming Kate Kremer, Roger Barth and John Riggi as SOS Directors.
Legal team developed an assessment of the APEX draft lease agreement.  Copies of the assessment were sent to major Yates and Somerset Land owners as the first of numerous mailings.
General SOS meeting held at White Birch Country Club in Lyndonville, NY:
Presentations given on Article 10 requirements
Moving forward strategies discussed and agreed to.
Committees formed to address:
Political Action
Public Outreach
Fund Raising
Organization and Planning for Board Meetings
and many other issues.
SOS president appointed (John Riggi).  Officers to be identified at next general meeting.
Presentations finalized for the next Yates Town Board meeting.
Right now, we have a president (John Riggi) and two directors (Roger Barth, Kate Kremer), Treasurer Anne Smith with Dick Hellert being the second signature for checks.  We also have committees that we are populating.  The tasks for our next general SOS meeting include: the remainder of the officers, determine committee leads, finalize mission statement, schedule Board presentations moving forward and begin planning stakeholder presentations.
Firmed up working relationship between SOS and Great Lakes Wind Truth.
This listing is not a complete listing of all of the activities, but we're busy finalizing the organizing and beginning the fight in earnest.

Stay tuned to for upcoming activities, meetings and actions.  Also, please keep an eye on your mailbox for the SOS mailing.  Come and join us in the fight against wind turbines in Somerset and Yates!!!

More to come.

Best Regards,
John Riggi
President, Save Ontario Shores (SOS)
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