April 8, 2020  SOS Newsletter
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Hello, everyone. We hope that you and your families are healthy and doing as well as can be expected during these difficult and strange times. We know people are being impacted in various ways; our thoughts go out to all of you.

On a brighter note, this is the time of year when we are seeing raptors and song birds returning to or migrating through the area. We understand that people around the world have time at home to enjoy bird song and perhaps notice the avian abundance they may never have appreciated before now. Are you seeing a lot of hawks and other raptors? If you haven’t already done so, you might want to consider getting an ebird account and note what you’re observing in your area. Go to to learn more about this engaging site from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

By now, you have likely heard that the state budget was passed on April 2nd. The Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act was included in the budget with some minor changes from the original proposed language.

SOS, other groups and various elected officials pushed hard against the passage of this act. While we are not pleased that the act was included in the budget, pushback did have an impact as the governor’s originally proposed bill was changed. But the major problematic aspects of the new law remain.

For example, Lighthouse Wind was largely fought at the pre-application stage of the Article 10 process. This portion of the process has been removed. Projects go immediately to application and will be given permits within 14 months – but likely sooner.

The best way for us to to keep Apex out of our towns is to stay informed and be vocal, continue to keep voting for local officials who oppose the project, and be watchful and ready to act at any sign that Apex is showing interest in our towns again.

We’ve addressed the new renewable siting law in our press release (below) which was distributed on April 3rd and can be found on our website homepage under “Latest News”.

As always, we appreciate your support. And, rest assured, we’ll keep fighting!!


Statement of Save Ontario Shores on New York State Budget

The Renewable Energy Siting Law passed Thursday, Apr. 2, has some minor 
changes from the governor’s original budget amendment. Community groups were added back in as possible parties.  There are additional opportunities to request a hearing. But the process does not give local concerns, local health impacts, and local environmental issues a chance against the looming "state energy goals" and the out of state industrial renewable developers who stand to profit from these projects.

New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) says the upstate grid is self-contained and cannot transport renewable energy downstate. NYISO also says currently planned transmission upgrades will be insufficient to transport renewable energy downstate.  Since upstate electricity is 90% emissions free, New York cannot advance its renewable energy goals by adding more capacity upstate.

There are many ways to address climate change.  Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has chosen an upstate industrial path that will be expensive and ineffective,
and he will do so with expanded authority to overrule local laws.

Local input has always been deemed necessary to properly review large-scale complex industrial projects before approvals are granted to build these projects. Local input is necessary to gauge impacts on a community’s health, environment, economy and safety. Historically these responsibilities have rested with local governments through their local laws. Under prior energy siting laws, the State has been reticent to waive them.

Now the Governor has tightened the vise to crank out many sprawling 400 million-dollar industrial projects in a year. This will be accomplished by removing the “pre-application” phase that offered the local community an opportunity to impact the application before it was filed - and by waiving local laws.

With the decision to waive local laws comes the erosion of protections for citizens and communities from harmful projects. This obligation cannot be subordinate to a political agenda or to private developers.

Unfortunately, this legislation seems to have been driven by such an agenda
and the
private interests behind it. Usurping home rule harms the health, safety, environment and economy of communities.


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