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Save Ontario Shores has researched and found many reasons to oppose the Lighthouse Wind project. Industrial wind projects fragment habitat and particularly projects located near lake shores or on mountain ridges can have severe impacts on birds, bats and raptors. White-nose syndrome along with industrial wind projects are the two greatest causes of bat population decline in the United States. 

On these environmental issues we have partnered with local and national birding groups. If you are concerned about birds and the impact of industrial wind along Lake Ontario, please consider joining this letter writing effort initiated by the American Bird Conservancy. The middle paragraph of the letter is where you can edit, offer your personal insight and clarify your beliefs and concerns regarding the issues. Go to: Help Protect New York's Birds - American Bird Conservancy


Have You Heard of eBird? Here’s some information from our resident birder, Rachel Wilson.

eBird is a worldwide, online birding checklist program operated by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. It is an extremely useful tool for birders and scientists, providing valuable information as to bird distribution. The site is simple to navigate and makes it quick and easy to record information and keep track of bird lists. 
      In order to log sightings you need to sign up for an account at Then after answering a few questions such as date, time, and location, a regionally appropriate checklist will come up on which to record your observations. If you have photos or sound recordings, those can be attached to your list as well. 
      Searching data on the site is fascinating and is easily done under the explore data tab. You can search photos, regions, birding hotspots, or by species and date, as well as some other options. Golden Hill State Park is a birding hotspot within the project area and 217 different types of birds have been logged there.
      There are several species of concern listed within the Lighthouse Wind project area and it would be helpful if anyone observing these or any other birds of personal interest logged their sightings. The more information gathered on eBird, the better the picture we can paint as to the prolific avian activity in our area. A few examples of the species listed are Bald Eagle, Black and Common Tern, Black Crowned Night Heron, Pied Billed Grebe, Short-eared Owl, American and Least Bittern, and Wood Thrush. And of course it’s great to log any Snowy Owl sightings we are fortunate enough to catch in this area, and any of the many raptors that can be seen in Somerset and Yates.
      Another great online resource for identifying birds, also brought to us by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is the All About Birds site. It contains a wealth of information including pictures, recordings of bird calls, and information as to habits and habitat. 



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