Eagle Permit Regulations

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Dear SOS Supporters,

If you have not already done so, please consider commenting on the Eagle Permitting Regulations at this link.

The deadline for comments is July 5, right after the holiday.  Some points you could make are below and more ideas can be found from the most recent SOS newsletter:


  • 30 year permits are not appropriate for an iconic species that was on the brink of disappearing in our country in the 1970s. 


  • Birds, and specifically Bald and Golden Eagles, are part of the public trust that the government is bound to protect.


  • Industrial wind corporations are notorious for failing to provide open access to information.  All their data is considered proprietary.  Settlements of lawsuits have gag orders.  The wind industry has completely failed at providing data on bird kill at existing projects.  The Federal, State and local governments cannot possibly have data to make a ruling of this magnitude!  10 years of good solid public data must be provided on every existing wind turbine in the country before these rules should be considered.  The public must also have access to all of the data to hold the government and the corporations accountable. 


  • Federal and State environmental agencies do not have the personnel and technology to adequately monitor existing wind projects for bird kill.  Proposed corporate funding is not adequate to secure adequate monitoring of new projects.


  • The Eagle Protection Act has a cumulative positive effect by also protecting other birds who benefit from the projects that are not built.  Creating such a massive loophole in this law will affect the status of many other avian species.


  • Payments for non-compliance need to be commensurate with the harm and, in this case, the inability of the public to get a remedy.  These towers once erected will not be taken down.  The price tag needs to be high enough to stop projects from being built if there is a possibility that they will go over permits.


  • Taller towers mean that wind projects are viable in most locations.  Local residents must have the ability to determine that a project has the potential for severe bird impact and to stop the project.   


Thank you!

Kate Kremer and Georgette Stockman

Save Ontario Shores Steering Committee Members

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