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Wondering which politicians are looking out for your interests on Capitol Hill?

Well, wonder no longer! Last week, we shared information about CrowdPac, the exciting new digital platform that allows its users to create their own on-demand PACs in support of their own political interests. To that end, this week we are sharing the first-ever secular PAC. This new resource will provide critical information about your secular supporters in Washington, D.C. These are the men and women that you can rely on to support your interests in Capitol Hill, so be sure to read up on them!

There is a great deal more coming down the bend for the secular community. This week we have news from around the world, where new atrocities and new victories are emerging plain as day. As we move forward into the bright future, SPI remains here to shine the light.

Edwina Rogers, CEO
Secular Policy Institute
At the Corner of Church and State

The first-ever secular PAC is right here, showing the political leaders on Capitol Hill who take the time to support your voice. Learn how you can support and engage them on the issues of the day.

The Secular PAC

Secularism and Progressivism "Of Satan"

Not that it should surprise anyone, but the American Family Association is ramping up its rhetoric against the secular community. Take a look, and have a laugh, here.

Big Man, Small Words

Secular Victory in Alabama

Now same-sex couples can adopt children in one of the country's most conservative meccas: Alabama. Take some time this week to smile and reflect on how far we have come as a community.

Progress In The Heart of Dixie 

The Snowball One-Liner That Threatens Our Political Process

How dangerous, really, are the tiny little snippets of Christianity that persist symbolically on the cornerstones of the U.S. government? Tiny phrases like "In God We Trust" may be more dangerous than they appear, as pointed out quite clearly in the rhetoric of Republican frontrunner Sen. Marco Rubio.

Give 'Em An Inch, They Take A Mile

The Bold Stance of Secular Ethics

In this week's piece of stunning new original content, learn about the call of secular ethics and its mission to educate and inform the masses of the great potential they have for standing up for what they truly believe in - not just what is written down in a centuries-old text.

Atheists: Take A Stand!

World Secular Calender

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Il Valore Dei Fatti (The value of facts)
SCA Lobby Day and Summit
American Atheists National Convention
Astonish the World. Tell the Simple Truth: A Humanist Vision of Health & Happiness, Sustainability & Peace
Atheist & Secular Oklahomans Day
National Ask an Atheist Day, April 17
Perspectives on Death and Dying Symposium: Dying Without Deity
Freethought Festival
Rationalist International Conference
Christopher Hitchens Day, April 13
Reason on the Bayou
Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS)
Northwest Arkansas LogiCon
RavenCon Skeptic Track
QED (Question.Explore.Discover)

Foundation Beyond Belief: Week of Action
Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference
Skeptics Conference
AAI North American Convention
A Conference Called Wonder
IBKA International Atheist Convention
Women in Secularism
International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) General Assembly
Kentucky Freethought Convention
Balticon Skeptic / Science Track
Freedom From Religion Foundation Raleigh Regional Convention
American Humanist Association Annual Conference
Future of Ethical Societies Conference
Flag Down

American Ethical Union Assembly
Reason for Change
Atheist Pride Day, June 6
World Humanist Day, June 21
Unitarian Universalist General Assembly
Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference
FreeOK – the Oklahoma Freethought Convention
Imagine No Religion
British Humanist Association Annual Conference
Reason Rally 2016
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