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Atheist action continues to inspire and persevere around the world. In Kenya, new activism is bringing to light the injustice and persecution experienced by secularists in that area of the world. In the U.S., so-called health care "reformists" continue to throw darts at women's rights and access to birth control. Meanwhile, in Uganda, dictatorships are using dirty internet censorship tactics to prevent the free election of new rulers.

And that's just the half of it. At SPI, we believe a brighter day lies in wait for secularists - what the coming week brings might not be pretty, but we will be here to face it with bright perspectives, fierce determination, and unflagging optimism.

Edwina Rogers, CEO
Secular Policy Institute
Kenyan Government Targets Secularists

The Kenyan government has taken new action against secular groups seeking to educate and inform the local citizenry. In a stunning move, the government refused to register a local group due to concerns that the group might affect the “peace and order” of the government.

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SPI Advocacy Alert: End Child Marriages in Pakistan

Child marriages are an abominable practice that must be stopped - and Pakistan is the place to get started. 

Join our new advocacy campaign here.


SPI Advocacy Alert: Zika and Women's Rights

It sounds crazy, but abortion laws in Brazil and around the world must be loosened - otherwise, new fetal defects will proliferate in births in high-infection areas.

Learn how you can help in our new letter-writing campaign

Georgia Is Quite Offended That You Don't Love Jesus

Georgia is planning a “blasphemy bill” that will make religious irreverence punishable by law, prompting concerns about freedom of expression in the devoutly Orthodox Christian society.

Georgia, Why?

The New Program That Puts The People Back In Politics

CrowdPAC has recently partnered with SPI to provide a unique new platform for crowdsupporting congressional and other political candidates with humanist and secular interests. Learn more about them, and how your organization's cause can be supported through their quic and easy political engineering platform!

The New Political Paradigm

This Is What Happens When Government Controls The Internet

And it is not pretty. The Ugandan government shutdown Twitter and Facebook to keep in place an authoritarian dictatorship and impede new leadership initiatives. A sad day for Uganda - but learn how activists prevailed!

Technology Trumps Censorship Every Time

Join Us On The SPI Monthly Call!

Time for the March SPI monthly coalition call this Thursday March 3rd at 12 noon US Eastern.

Find the coalition call agenda and line information right here.
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