One of our most vital rights is the freedom of speech, a component of the freedom of expression. This of course applies all the more to individuals questioning and challenging what is imposed upon the people as concepts deemed to be sacred and inviolable. The power that is held within the hand of one person by pen or keystroke is mighty. The fruit born of this exercise is the notion that we are not merely passive subjects, but rightful participants in a dialogue whose legacy we hold. 

The President of the Humanist Association of Nigeria was arrested and being held in Kano State. Mubarak Bala is in imminent peril and the Secular community has raised its voice. 

As details of Mubarak's condition and whereabouts are scant, we will be holding our first international conference call in a long while to discuss this matter. There will be an in-depth analysis of the social and political structural forces at play, the key players, the current situation in Nigeria, and the response to free Mubarak. 

Our call will be through Zoom and Thursday 21st May, recorded and shared via our social media outlets and on our Youtube page. The livestream is at 1 pm EDT (+4 GMT). The link for the one-hour sessions is: with a meeting i.d. of: 830 4569 9347. 

We will also be issuing a new sign on advocacy letter in support of Mubarak and opening up the document for public signature.

Following the call I will send out a bulletin explaining what is being done to help Mubarak and what is needed further. Until then, please check out an organization that we are proud to be a member of, Humanist International's coverage on this important situation. 

Have a great week. Wash your hands, don't touch your face, wear a mask, and stay safe. 



Jason Frye, CEO
Secular Policy Institute                             
International Update:

A law banning "Gay Conversion Therapy" was passed by the German parliament. 

Aatish Taseer, the son of a Pakistani governor that advocated clemency for Asia Bibi's blasphemy charges (Salmaan Taseer), penned an essay in The Atlantic on the effects fo India's Citizenship Amendment Act, "India is No Longer India: Exile in the time of Modi."

Iranians begin to return to mosques for Friday prayers. 

While the number of beheading by authorities has doubled in recent years, Saudi Arabia has decided to put an end to capital punishment for minors. 

The LA Times ventures into an issue before the courts in which a teacher was fired after getting cancer, and the school asserting a religious exemption in order to fire that teacher.  

National Day of Reason/Prayer
Thursday the 7th of May marked the annual federal observance of the National Day of Prayer and its corresponding Secular community's National Day of Reason. 

Stimulus Money
With churches filing for stimulus bailouts, a debate goes on in the U.S. over religious institutions and access to public funds. 

Update on SPI Fellows: Drs. al-Tamimi and McWhorter

Aymenn al-Tamimi
Dr. al-Tamimi was quoted by the Irish Times on the pandemic and Daesh.
Read more....

John McWhorter
On his podcast Lexicon Valley, dr. McWhorter discusses Native American Languages.
Listen here...

Science News

Organic Compounds in Martian Meteorite
Nitrogen bearing organic compounds were discovered in a 4B year old Martian meteorite. 

New Black Hole Discovered
A new black hole was discovered 1,000 light years away.

Sign On Letter

A new letter will be here for preview in next week's newsletter. 

We are concerting our efforts to help in the campaign to #FreeMubarakBala.

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