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Does Sunday School reverse the "selfless gene" in children? New research is proving that a religious upbringing might do a lot less good for our children than we ever imagined.

Bold new frontiers are being forged in the secular community this week. New research from our Fellows is bringing the elements of successful groups to the public, and offering a new service to stimulate cooperative action within and among groups. Staunch conservatives are leaping on the religious freedom bandwagon and having a big impact in the secular community.

We are not without our setbacks this week. The Supreme Court has taken a backward step for climate change, and our Fellows are not pleased. Learn why.

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Edwina Rogers, CEO
Secular Policy Institute
The Conservative Agenda Wants to Stop Religious Extremism, Too!
A new webinar from the Heritage Foundation offers an outstanding opportunity to learn how religious extremism is devastating South Asia - and what you can do about it! Join Heritage Foundation on Wednesday, March 2nd, at 10:30 AM EST and learn how the world is gearing up to promote relgious freedom in the most violent parts of the globe.

Heritage and Human Rights - Who Knew?
SPI Fellow Corner: David Sloan Wilson - 

Here Is How To Improve Your Group's Function And Cooperation

We all struggle to keep our baser, more primal urges at bay in the formation and collaboration necessary for our secular groups - after all, we are only primates! Fortunately, SPI Fellow David Sloan Wilson's new group "The Evolution Institute" has a solution. Learn more below about their clever tools for ensuring that your organization coincides with the tried and true principles that ensure higher levels of cooperative participation between all your members.

We Can All "Just Get Along" - Here's How

SPI Advocacy Alert: Saudi Arabian Atrocities

SPI is leading the charge to confront religious extremism in Saudi Arabia. Will you join us?

Sign onto our new letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, and learn more, here!

Sunday School and Selfishness

Surprising new research is proving that a religious upbringing just might do more harm than good for the children of our world. The next generation's ethics and ideas will influence and affect us all - and a selfless, secular world could be the answer.

Selfishness: Born and Bred in the Church?
Supreme Court Takes Another Stab At Climate Change

In a 5-to-4 vote earlier this week, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked President Obama's Clean Power Plan after more than half the states and a number of corporations and industries sued the E.P.A. over its new policies. The regulation, issued last summer, would cap power plant emissions nationwide; in a 2014 climate change survey, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) said they'd support placing stricter limits on vehicle emissions even if it results in higher car prices for consumers.

Here's How Our Fellows Feel About All This (Page 81)
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