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January 15, 2016
Edwina Rogers
Edwina Rogers
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The Secular Policy Institute is working hard for you!

This week see our letter to all staff at the US Congress, emphasizing environmental reform and more through the SPI World Future Guide 2016.

Find SPI affiliates running for a US state senate and speaking publicly about group evolution, sex education, and psychology.

Meet the greatest philosopher of the 20th century and the coalition member behind African-American secularism. Get the "deets" on Millenials in our secular demographic analysis.

And why is it illegal for Egyptians to denounce Judaism but not Hinduism? Faith-based reasoning, you've done it again.

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Edwina Rogers, CEO
Secular Policy Institute

Policy: Advocating the Environment to the US Congress

Edwina Rogers
The SPI pushed environmental reforms to the US Congress in this week's report on secularism and government.

And help the secular Bangladeshi bloggers under attack.

Numbers: Millennials Lead Secularism

Jordan Auburn
Are young people more secular, or just more willing to say so?

Jordan brings the numbers in this week's original analysis. Guess how many UK youth believe in God.

Fellows: On Stage in 2016

Johnny Monsarrat
Species evolve, but do groups? SPI Fellow David Sloan Wilson will speak on the latest findings.

And hear Steve Hill at a fundraiser for kids. He's an atheist, a comedian...

Coalition: The 20th Century's Greatest Philosopher?

Johnny Monsarrat
In this week's SPI coalition report, meet a Canadian group and an African-American group.

And meet the activist and educator who advanced logic beyond Aristotle.

Egypt's Apostasy Laws Explained

You can't insult Christianity in Egypt, or Islam. But Buddhism is fair game, and denouncing atheist views is presumably applauded.

What's going on? Here's an analysis.

World Secular Calendar

  • SPI International Call on the Secular Movement, February 4.
  • Religious Freedom Day, January 16, global
  • Freethinkers Day/Thomas Paine Day, January 29, global
  • Freethought Cruise: Florida to Bahamas, February 5-8
  • Darwin on the Palouse, February 6, Idaho/Washington, USA
  • Secular Summit (Ohio), Feb 10, 2016, Ohio, USA

It's all on the SPI World Secular Calendar.

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