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Is the future of action-based atheism looking brighter? It certainly looks that way in the Sunshine State!

This week we'll bring you a series of bold new developments in the secular community around the world. I'll share a sneak peek at some of the exciting work we're doing with PTCAN, the Parent Teacher Community Action Network, and its goal to begin a series of new secular-based community support networks in public schools around the nation. In the next few weeks, we'll be unveiling a series of exciting new projects to ensure that we can keep America's schools the way they should be - inclusive and inviting to individuals and families of all faiths, and lack thereof!

In addition, you'll learn about the legacy of one of the world's most "radical" atheist philosophers - a man who took inspiration from monotheism in his science-based, secular critiques of the mistakes of public policy. And, is racial prejudice preventing more atheists of color from joining our movement? Find out more, below.

Edwina Rogers, CEO
Secular Policy Institute
Can Christianity Inspire Atheism?
Perhaps one of the most controversial figures in both politics and atheist though, John Gray stands as a bit of an odd figure in the secular community. Most especially, his presence is confusing because his sources appear to have inspired political predictions that have shown clear and far-reaching results in the 21st century. 

The Atheist Even Christians Respect

SPI Fellows’ Corner

David Sloan Wilson in the DMV

On Thursday, February 11th, Fellow David Sloan Wilson, a SUNY Distinguished Professor at Binghamton University, will take his work to George Mason University to conduct a speech on cultural group selection. The speech will be held at the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, hosted by the economist Peter Boettke.

SPI Advocacy Alert: Saudi Arabian Atrocities

SPI is leading the charge to confront religious extremism in Saudi Arabia. Will you join us?

Sign onto our new letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, and learn more, here!

Is Inequality Driving Faith In African-American, Muslim Communities?

New thought leaders are presenting the idea that the strong presence of faith in both tight-knit African American communities in urban centers and Muslim extremism may be tied to racial injustice. While that might come as no surprise, what may is the growing movement of atheists of color all across the world.

Atheists Of Color Owning New Voice, Bringing New Ideas To The Movement
Chaz Bless Him

He's at it again. After a handful of unsuccessful and highly publicized attempts to promote new policy change to the opening prayer portion of local government meetings, Hallandale Beach resident Chaz Stevens has taken to the streets once again. This time, he's made the news in defense of a cross he erected in honor of and promotion of his new deity status. May all look upon the face of Chaz, and be so inspired.

It's Not Activism If It's Not Fun

World Secular Calender

University of Humanistic Studies Conference - January 30-31

Darwin Day  - Feb 12

Southern California Secular Humanist Conference - February 14-15

Darwin on the Palouse - Febuary 7

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