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Keeping <<First Name>> Connected

Weekly Blessing

May you grow in your capacity to quickly tune out the world’s noise and tune into the voice of Your Heavenly Father. May His presence be your greatest treasure, and His promises, your greatest security. May you develop the ability to turn from discouragement to courage in a matter of moments. May you learn how to go after peace until it rules and reigns in your heart, <<First Name>>. May God give you divine and powerful strategy to live your life in these uncertain times. May you have the grit and grace to stay encouraged, steward your perspective, and stand fiercely on the promises of God. You can do this. Blessings on your week!

*by Susie Larson

Read Through the Gospels

It's officially day two of our new reading plan! If you haven't yet, join the MyBridge family as we commit to spend daily time with God in His Word this year!

In 2023, we're reading through the Gospels, focusing in on Jesus' life – His miracles, His words, His interactions – in anticipation that it will radically change the way we live our lives. 

Are you in?

God of Possible

People unreached with the gospel are unreached for a reason! Sometimes they live in turbulent countries, which makes them hard to access! Other times, they live in extremely remote areas and are hard to find – like nomadic people in the Sahara desert.

Local believers in the city said, "It's impossible. They will never come to faith. If you are sending missionaries, they will die."

Activate Global, MyBridge to the Nations, believed God desired for this people group to know Him! They were connected to a believer whose mother was from that people group – so he knew the language and had acceptance. He found this people group in the desert and started sharing the gospel.

One man, Hamdan, came to faith and was equipped with a Kingdom Business so he can provide for his family while being a catalyst for the spread of the gospel in this community.

Hamdan has so much influence in this people group that hundreds of hardened desert dwellers are now believing in Jesus! We estimate there are now about 20,000 believers in this formerly "impossible to reach" people group! And now they are sending their own missionaries to share the hope of Jesus with others.

Where there are people unreached, in a place so hard to reach that very few are trying to reach them, God is on the move through Activate Global, MyBridge to the Nations, which is sending workers through Kingdom businesses.

Join the Conversation

Looking for another positive input to add to your rhythms in 2023? Subscribe today to Morning Conversation, the Podcast! 

Your time is valuable. Your listening space is limited. So, we cut to the chase! We share honest conversations that grapple with faith, following Jesus in a broken world, and living lives of eternal impact! Some names you’ll recognize, some you won’t. But all of them are on a common journey – striving to follow Jesus and join Him in the work He is doing in and around them. We invite you to join the conversation!

Search for "Morning Conversation: MyBridge Radio" and subscribe on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music or anywhere you listen to podcasts!


Kingdom Sports Minute: Grow In Christ

From the heart of Coach Ron Brown, we share a Kingdom Sports Minute. Coach Brown takes experiences and stories from sports, crafting them into parables that inspire you to apply scripture to life.

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