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Dear <<First Name>>

"ECCE TEMPUS VERNUM AMORIS" as Seneca once remarked in the service of Nero...

Alternatively ..
"Pheeew, what a scorcher !" ... as some irrelevant tabloid hack once famously wrote.

These past couple of weeks we have been catapulted into the most glorious early Spring weather, and the "Romantic" that lurks in even the most cynical of us cannot help but be bowled over by the beauty of the Sussex countryside at present, perhaps most perfectly encapsulated by the views over "The Sussex Serengeti", shortly to become a National Park if I have my way !
On Safari in the Sussex Serengeti
As ever we are offering a panoply of hedonistic and sybaritic entertainments over the coming weeks to ensure that we are " match fit " for the forthcoming Endless summer,
starting with....
14th April, from 6pm to very late indeed !

By an amazing feat of magic our outside bar/lounge area The Sheffield Bar has landed in a whole new location on the upper lawn opposite the Griffin barbecues and wood oven. With a commanding position on the ridge overlooking Sheffield Park itself, you will find yourself sipping on Sundowners shaken up by Oli "The Mesmerist" Streeter whilst wildebeest migrate across the plains below and the Sussex sun drops like a stone into the ancient woodlands of the Ouse valley etc etc (that's quite enough of the pastoral drivel !)

To celebrate the launch of the new sheffield Bar on the above date, we are introducing a whole new range of cocktails concocted by the doctor of mixology Oli washed down by many a crucial tune spun by DJ Colonel ( Tim Reeves, who else?). We will be providing serious "blotting paper " in the form of wood roasted tapas and pizza....
Defibrillators at the ready, readers.....  the "tucker" is on us !!

Absolutely all welcome, just let us know if you can make it.
DJ Colonel having a Salvador Dali moment.
The new location of the Sheffield Bar will be in the back of righthand shot.
"Ken Does Barbie !"  The legendary Ken Forrester Wine Club Barbecue last Summer, started at midday, still going at 2am !
With the weather gods being unexpectedly benign towards us we anticipate plenty more of the same this Spring and Summer- starting on Good Friday evening as above.
The fantastic new "Blistering" wood oven on the terrace is already fired up, the barbecue, spit-roast and wood oven on there upper lawn are good to go, factor in the new Sheffield bar, mind-bending cocktails, a few crucial tunes and frankly why bother going on holiday ? (apart from the crumbling value of sterling !)

Chateau Ste Michelle, Thursday 11th May, 7.30pm
Greetings GWC members, fellow oenophiles and bon viveurs,
You would be forgiven for not picking the relevance of the Beach Boys anthem to Chateau Ste Michelle. Somewhat surprisingly given its name , this iconic winery is to be found on the West Coast of USA, in Washington State. 
This is the first "visit" across the pond for the GWC and we are honoured that the somewhat eccentric winemaker Craig Mitchell (aren't they all ?) will be personally guiding our by now finely tuned palates through their extensive range of cool climate reds and whites. Their wines routinely win prizes and accolades at competitions across the globe !

 A four course banquet with a nod to the cuisine of the West Coast will accompany the wines and , given half a chance , the wood oven will feature prominently !

The full food and wine race card to follow shortly, please book in early for what promises to be a most "innovative" evening.          
                                                                                                       £65 per person.

Chairman of Dotties C.C, raconteur , bon viveur and F.O.G.
Guest of Honour at the Dotties/ Griffin C.C. Dinner,
Wednesday 3rd May, from 7pm in Sheffield Bar
With every year that passes many Griffin cricketers find themselves eligible for membership of the Dotties, and with that in mind we have seen an organic merging of the two clubs so it makes perfect sense to combine the Griffin C.C. pre-season "Cockers P" with the annual Dotties Dinner.
And of coursed we are double delighted to welcome back our esteemed chairman "Blowers" who will be presiding over the proceedings after a well deserved sabbatical from the stresses and strains of Dotties chairmanship !
The format ( in the loosest sense of the word ): Gather in the Sheffield Bar from 6.30/7.00 pm onwards for mutual back-slapping and gratuitous "prinking" and thence through for 3 course dinner in the Restaurant and Gun Room.  
Our members always perform/ behave better when the WAGS are supporting and this evening is no exception!?! So please all get on board for this marvellous hurrah in celebration of the long awaited start of the season.

The Perfect Present ?
"Why, It's a Griffin Gift Voucher, Darling , you think of everything ! "
I don't know about you , Dear Reader, but personally I often find myself at a loss when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries,  weddings etc as to what would make the perfect gift for the loved one who has everything !
Worry no more because The Griffin Gift voucher is the answer to ...
Well practically everything really.
Available either by phoning/e-mailing us or , from next week , directly through the website, you choose the value and the lucky recipient can choose how he/he spends it here at The Griffin Inn.
It may have occurred to some of you that this could also be construed as a "present to self", especially if , for instance, you were taking advantage of our ongoing Spring Dinner, Bed & Breakfast deal at £ per couple, which runs from Sunday to Thursday until the end of May.
Anyway, from the gentleman's perspective,it is a less obvious "present to self" than say a voucher for Agent Provocateur !

I leave you with the words of Orson Welles :
"Ask not what you can do for your country, Mrs Sturgeon,
Ask whats for lunch !"


High Street, Fletching, East Sussex TN22 3SS
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