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Bonjour friend,

The other day, after having finished a wonderful session with a client, I went into the kitchen for a cup of tea. My husband looked at my face and said “It’s so nice to see someone who truly loves her job.”

It’s true. I’m blessed by making a living with a work I love and enjoy more than I could possibly tell. As you probably already know, I credit transforming my home for many of the successful transformations in my life. Streamlining, lightening up and bringing my home to the next level has not only led me to my current work, but also helped me to connect to my creativity and to take on exciting projects I would have never dreamt about falling into my lap!

Let’s play together!

It’s May, it’s Spring, it’s time to get moving! With the fabulous ladies in our #MyTimeFirst community, we are going to go on a journey and discover all the exciting things our homes can do for us:

I’m spring-feverishly giddy with excitement to offer to my Facebook tribe an exclusive free five-day home-transformation challenge! Why do I call it a challenge? Because we shall challenge old beliefs, limitations and struggles you might have with your home. Instead we shall introduce playfulness, plaisir, ease and elegance.

Between May 25 to May 29 we are going to cover every one of the five rooms of the MySpaceFirst program:

1) Room 1: Your purpose
2) Room 2: Order and Organization
3) Room 3: Simplicity and Stillness
4) Room 4: Energy, Health and Vitality
5) Room 5: Beauty and Feminity

I shall post all the details in the MyTimeFirst Facebook group (and only there). During the challenge you’ll receive a daily audio and a playsheet with exercises, and of course, we shall all play along together, share experiences and mix and mingle.

So if you are not yet part of the community, do come and of course bring your friends! The ladies in the group are an awesome bunch from all over the world and I’m honored that they should be a part of the #MyTimeFirst movement!

See you there and have a sunny week,

PS: Remember: this free offer is exclusively for the members of the MyTimeFirst group. I’m drawing on my more than decade-long experience with working on my home and it’ll all be new and unpublished content!

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