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New Class Schedule!

All Classes Enrolling Now!


Kid Programs

Kid's programs have 3 stages. Ages 4-7, ages 8-12 & and advance kids. Check out our full classes schedule at www.redlinebjj.come/schedule.

When you enroll your kids at Redline, our dedication instructors will guide them in a fun & safe environment; where they will be educated on bullies, how not to become a bully, and how to defend and stay safe against a bigger, stronger bully.

After we are confident they can defend themselves successfully, they will level up to the advanced kid's jiu-jitsu classes.

Adult Programs


Basic & Fundamentals Course:

At Redline, our programs are designed to help our students every step of the way at their own pace in a fun, safe, and healthy environment. We believe in safety first, so our basics program is created for anyone to learn the beautiful art of Jiu-Jitsu.

Blue to Black Belt Core Principles (Advance Adult Program):

Once you have your basics down, you can join our Blue Belt to Black Belt Core Principles Class. To participate in this class you must be an experienced grappler or meet our qualifications.

Check Out Our Full Class Schedule at

Redline Gi with Patches!

Break Point Gi's

Redline Patches on Breakpoint Gi's
Order your Gi today at the front desk or online!

Ty Gay In House Seminar!

Why Seminars Are Important


Amount of Information:

Seminars are a gold mine for a lot of information in a little amount of time. Normally, most classes through out the week are 1 hour in length. 2-4 techniques are seen and practiced. Seminars are normally 2-3 hours long training sessions, which equals more techniques. Advice.....bring a note book. Your brain will overload with information. 

Linear Format

The techniques shown will follow a structured order. You will be able to see how all these techniques are connected and learn how to use them effectively. This makes the process much easier to learn and fun to practice.

Be on the look out for future seminars at Redline!

Henry Akins

Do not miss out on your chance to train with a Rickson Gracie Black Belt! Henry is from Oklahoma and only does seminars at Redline! He will be here October 22nd & 23rd! Call 405-506-7445 for more information.

New Blog Post!

Redline News!

Redline Jiu-Jitsu Academy: Summer Belt Ceremony 2016

Jiu-jitsu is problem-solving, overcoming obstacles, and learning how to survive, on and off the mat, and those that are willing to pay the price know that it is something money can’t buy.

Over the weekend, students at The Redline Jiu-jitsu Academy gathered together at their semi-annual Belt Ceremony to witness their teammates acknowledged by being promoted to the next rank. Click here to see more.

This is Your Brain on Jiu Jitsu: Mental Benefits of BJJ

Most of us have heard the term “Runner’s High”, but “Jiu Jitsu Joy” is every bit as real, even if it’s not talked about as much.

It’s a fact that most physical exertion can bring about a flood of hormonal and neural benefits that your body and spirit reap the benefits of long after the workout is over. But Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has an added bonus that pushes its “feel good” potential beyond other exercise methods…physical contact. Click here for full story.

After Blue Belt: Continuing Your Jiu Jitsu Journey

For many jiu-jitsu practitioners, achieving the rank of a blue belt is a milestone.

It’s hard won, and afterwards, there can be a feeling of relief, and if you’ve been focusing on preparing for the test, there can also be the desire to take a break.

Unfortunately, many times that break becomes permanent. Click here to read the full article.

YouTube Channel!

Can't make it to class? No problem!

Over 30 different videos are FREE and available for your viewing. Redline's YouTube channel displays a variety of techniques. Self-defense, sport, and weapons techniques are all available for your viewing. 
YouTube Channel (Click Here)
Rickson Gracie Choke! Over 90,000 Views!
She-Jitsu is awesome! We have new proudcts out and ready to be shipped! Check it out at
First Generation Kimono is out now for sale! Only 250 are available for purchase!
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