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2015 Summer Belt Promotion Day!!!

Congrats to all the students receiving new belts and stripes in their Jiu-Jitsu journey. A lot of hard work and time is put in by students to receive promotions. Next Belt Promotion Day will be held during the winter months! Hope to see every one next time!

Kids Promotions:
  1. Aneiran Truong -Yellow Belt
  2. Michael Fredrickson - Yellow Belt
  3. Emily Newhouse - Green Belt
  4. Ben Newhouse - Orange Belt
  5. Jacquelynne Self - Yellow belt
  6. Will Brown - Yellow Belt
  7. Ethan Troung - White-Yellow Belt
  8. Ameria Bizzell - White-Yellow Belt
  9. Kolten Webster - Green Belt
  10. Tad Surratt - 3rd Stripe White Belt
Adult Promotions:
  1. Jennifer Gray - Purple Belt
  2. Chasen Hill - Purple Belt
  3. Scott Newhouse - 4th Stripe Blue Belt
  4. Armando Ramirez - 3rd Stripe Blue Belt
  5. Shannon Newhouse - 3rd Stripe Blue Belt
  6. Jonathan Rubenstein - Instructor Bars
Photos are available on Redline's Facebook account. Click here to view them.

Connected But, Not Attached!

Redline Changes

Redline members may be wondering, after hearing talk of changes in the air (and receiving an email from the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy) what the adjustment in status for Redline means for them.

As of May, 2015, Redline will no longer be a Gracie Certified Training Center.

This does not mean that students won’t be studying Gracie Jiu Jitsu–as Redline owner/head instructor and Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt Ty Gay says, “We’ll be a Gracie Jiu Jitsu school, I’m a black belt under the Gracies, I’ll always teach Gracie Jiu Jitsu.”.....  Read the full article here.

Owner & head instructor Ty Gay explains the changes at Redline.

New Blog Post!

Redline News!

Redline Team Profile: Chase Hill:

Redline Instructor Chase Hill has an important job as the Administrative Manager at Redline, but his other title is one that is probably one of the most impactful, even if it’s less glamorous…Head Instructor of the Kids’ Team.

The ability to solidly coach adults is a valuable skill, as is the capability to engage and truly teach children. The person who can do both well is rare, and Redline has one of those individuals in Chase.....  Read full story here.

The Road to Blue Belt at Redline:
You’re a regular in class, and things are beginning to come together–you recognize names of techniques, and maybe even have favorites.

Boxes on your attendance card are getting checked off, and you’ve started to think about when you’ll be a blue belt, instead of if.

So, what now...... Read full story here.

New Redline Store!

Don't live near Redline? No problem!

Redline now has an online store to order t-shirts, tank tops, gi's, and much more to come. Check out all the new merchandise!
Shop Store Now!

New YouTube Video Out!

Can't make it to class? No problem!

Over 30 different videos are FREE and available for your viewing. Redline's YouTube channel displays a variety of techniques. Self-defense, sport, and weapons techniques are all available for your viewing. 
YouTube Channel (Click Here)
Video with UFC fighter & Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Brain "T-City" Ortega!

Upcoming Closing Dates!

Redline will be closed July 3rd - July 5th to celebrate the 4th of July holiday weekend. Classes will continue again Monday, July 6th. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

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