Building Talent- Feb. 2016
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Treat people as if they were what they ought to be
and you help them become what they are capable of being

- Goethe –

New at InterKon:

Integrity Coaching is a program for leaders to build people instead of managing problems.

This team coaching program is tailored towards Managers and leaders in various levels. It will increase top performer engagement, recruitment, performance, productivity, and goal achievement.

Participants learn a five-step coaching process in a 1.5 day seminar and meet subsequently weekly for 8 weeks to reinforce their coaching skills, report on progress and learn from the experiences of their peers. Typical training programs only offer one-time classes. The problem with that is the so-called “Forgetting Curve” discovered by researches that says that 75% of the information received is forgotten within 48 hours.  

If you are looking for an organizational culture improvement, this is the ideal program because it can be rolled out to many at the same time. We support your leaders to create an engaging environment across your entire organization.

And all of this does not cost more than typical training/ professional education programs. According to independent research coaching initiatives yield an ROI of typically 500- 700% (5-7 times the investment).

We are proud to partner with Integrity Solutions® to offer their unique sales- and coaching programs. Over 2.5 million professionals and leaders have experienced Integrity Solutions training focused on  value that translates into long-term loyalty and profitable growth. For more than 45 years across 130+ nations, organizations incl. many Fortune 100 companies have selected Integrity Solutions® as their training/coaching system of choice in achieving mission-critical business results.

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Breaking the cycle of limited Engagement & Performance

Every year we see over $500B in lost productivity due to one main issue –  how we interact with and lead people.

Gallup’s annual survey on engagement at the workplace has identified employee engagement continuously around 30%, which means about 70% of today’s US workforce is either passively or actively disengaged (in other words “checked out”).
“Gallup categorizes workers as "engaged" based on their ratings of key workplace elements …, such as having an opportunity to do what they do best each day, having someone at work who encourages their development and believing their opinions count at work. …Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work. …Employee engagement is strongly connected to ….productivity, customer engagement and profitability. .... to read further click here

Complimentary Webinar:

Coaching: Breaking the Law of Limited Performance
Learn how to break the law of limited performance and how to stretch limiting beliefs. Help your managers/leaders uncover their fundamental motivations, and give them the tools to develop a more productive leadership style.

Join us for a complimentary webinar through Integrity Solutions ®  to uncover myths and to hear about practical strategies to increase performance. Steve deBree, at Integrity Solutions, will share how effective coaching bridges the gap between management and leadership.

This engaging, interactive webinar will provide insights on:
  • 5 “Myths” Common Barriers to Effective Coaching
  • Practical Strategies for Dispelling Those Myths
  • How beliefs about performance are formed- The 3 important dimensions often overlooked
  • 5 strategies for “breaking the law” of limited performance
February 25th, 2016
1:00 PM EST

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