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December 16, 2019
Rights Action 2019 Funding Summary
Environmental, human rights and territory defense struggles, development and education projects funded by Rights Action in Guatemala and Honduras

Almost every community group and person that Rights Action supports is involved in courageous human rights, environmental, territorial defense struggles that are suffering and resisting the inequality, injustice and violence of the local-to-global economy, and confronting the wealth and (oftentimes) violent power of companies, investors and governments.
Thank-you for supporting what we are working against and what we working for. Thank-you for your work and struggle in favor of a global economic-political model based on profound equality of power and wealth, and friendly to and supportive of all people, all life forms and Mother Earth.
Grahame Russell, Rights Action
Community Development
  • La Union Maya Q’eqchi’ women’s coop (community of Angelica Choc, plaintiff in Hudbay lawsuits): $250
  • Lote 8 Maya Q’eqchi’ women. Community re-building, education, drought relief for 11 women, gang-rape victims (plaintiffs in Hudbay lawsuits): $8,700
  • Rio Negro village. Re-building chapel in genocide-destroyed Maya Achi community: $600
  • Transitions. Comprehensive wheelchair building and training, personal health management, medical support for paralysis victims: $4,750
Transitions Foundation of Guatemala
  • Xesiguan Maya Achi community. Recuperating Achí culture and territory through education and traditional agriculture: $9,750
Community Defense Struggles
  • Buenavista Maya Achi community. Land claim struggle before the IACHR: $425
  • CODIDENA (Comision Diocesana Defensa de la Naturaleza). Resisting harms, violence, repression linked to Pan American Silver (formerly Tahoe Resource): $4,000
  • Gremial (union) of Maya Q’eqchi’ fisherpeople and campesinos. Resisting harms, violence, repression linked to Solway Investment Group’s nickel mining: $4,500
  • Legal defense work for Q’eqchi’ political prisoners, ‘criminalizations’: $2,000
  • La Puya. Resisting violent, illegal mining of KCA (Kappes, Cassiday & Associates) and their $300 million claim (extortion) before a World Bank “tribunal” for “lost potential earnings”: $1,050
  • Maya Q’eqchi’ territorial defense committee - Justice struggles
Maria Kuk Chok, Maya Q’eqchi’ land and human rights defender,
persecuted and ‘criminalized’
  • Mynor Padilla criminal trial (Guatemala). Reimburse expenses (travel, food, lodging) of victims and lawyers: $7,600
  • Hudbay Minerals lawsuits (Canada). Reimburse expenses (travel, food, lodging, preparatory meetings) of victims-plaintiffs: $12,000
  • Right Action accompaniment, education, activism trips. Learning from and supporting community defenders: $3,000
  • El Estor. Scholarships, children of Maya Q’eqchi’ community defenders resisting mining and African palm harms and violations: $11,500
  • Rio Negro / Pacux refugee community. School funding and scholarships, children of Maya Achi genocide victims: $6,000
  • San Miguel Ixtahuacan. Law degree, Maya Mam community defender, resisting and denouncing violations linked to Goldcorp Inc.: $2,600
  • Angelica Choc. Family security, living support, Maya Q’eqchi’ widow of Hudbay-linked murder victim, victim of on-going persecution and repression: $2,000
  • Aniceto Lopez. Health support, Maya Mam community defender (against Goldcorp Inc’s mining harms and violations): $410
  • Carlitos Chen. Child of Maya Achi genocide survivor, physical and mental health support: $700
  • Carlos Ernesto Choc. Health support, journalist targeted for reporting on harms and violence linked to Solway Investment Group’s mining: $1,200
  • German Chub. Health support, paralysis victim of Hudbay-linked shooting: $2,500
  • Jesus Tecu. Health support, surviving victim of Maya Achi genocide, truth and justice activist: $700
  • Ramiro Choc. Health support, Maya Q’eqchi’ territory and rights defender, former political prisoner: $1,800
  • Ramiro, Angelica and Maria Choc: Emergency support during ‘state of siege’ crackdown on Q’eqchi’ rights and territory defenders: $1,300
Truth, Memory & Justice
  • Commemoration. Feb.2, 1982, World Bank/IDB’s Chixoy dam massacre, Xococ village: $950
  • Commemoration. Mar.13, 1982, World Bank/IDB’s Chixoy dam massacre, Rio Negro village: $780
  • Commemoration. Mar.31, 2018, murder of Hector Choc, nephew of Angelica Choc (plaintiff in Hudbay lawsuits): $450
  • Commemoration. Sept.27, 2009 assassination of Adolfo Ich, husband of Angelica Choc (plaintiff in Hudbay lawsuits): $750
  • FAFG (Guatemalan Foundation of Forensic Anthropology), mass grave exhumations, search for the ‘disappeared’: $16,500
  • ASONOG. Report, Aura Minerals’ harms and violations: $1,045
  • Azacualpa Environmental Committee. Resisting harms, violations, cemetery destruction by U.S. and Canadian-based Aura Minerals: $6,600
    Berta Caceres family. Family security and struggle for justice for March 2, 2016 assassination: $5,000
  • Commemoration. March 2, 2016, assassination of Berta Caceres: $1,200
  • CIPPH. Indigenous community defense struggle: $1,000
  • Human rights violations victims and political prisoners. Support for family members, activists, lawyers: $7,000
  • OFRANEH (Garifuna & Afro-descendant people’s organization). Resisting harms and violations caused by (mainly) Canadian tourism operators, African palm producers: $4,500
Miriam Miranda, persecuted, attacked coordinator of OFRANEH.
  • Refugee support. Felix & Benjamin, victims of repression, granted asylum in Canada: $3,750
  • Right Action accompaniment, education and activism trips. Learning from and supporting community defenders: $3,000
  • Chiapas, Mexico. Health support, Gustavo Castro, victim-survivor of attempted killing, during assassination of Berta Caceres: $1,500
  • Northern Mexico. Grupo Vida, looking for "disappeared": $2,015
  • El Salvador. Annual human rights assembly, Congreso de Derechos Humanos, Herbert Anaya Sanabria: $2,500
  • “Roots of forced migration” education delegation to Guatemala: $7,500
  • Presentations (Canada/U.S.): $6,750
  • “Justice and human rights in Guatemala” speaking tour, Canada: $500
  • Journalist (forced out of Honduras): $350
  • Mining Injustice Solidarity Network. Education, activism related to Canadian mining repression and harms: $2,000
  • PRODH (Pro-Honduras Network), reporting on Tony Hernandez drug trial: $1,000


2019 tax-deductible deadline: December 31, 2019
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