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December 11, 2019
Dear Aura Minerals:
Please give the remains of Angela Sanabria back to her family!
As the climate and contamination crisis continues across the planet, Aura Minerals (Canadian-U.S. company) plows corruptly and violently ahead, trying to take its mountain-top removal mining operation through the Azacualpa cemetery in western Honduras, and on through the village of Azacualpa itself, which lies next in the path of Aura Minerals and of the endless international demand for gold.
Aura Minerals has stolen the remains of Angela Sanabria
On December 9, 2019, the Azacualpa Environmental Committee denounced that Aura Minerals (and its subsidiary MINOSA) illegally entered the Azacualpa cemetery in the wee hours of the morning, dug up and made off with the remains of Angela Sanabria, buried there 22 years before.
December 9, 2019, Azacualpa Cemetery: Javier Madrid and his 75-year old mother Gloria Sanabria inspect where Aura Minerals dug up the remains of Angela Sanabria, his grandmother/ her mother.
Gloria and Javier, who is president of the Azacualpa Environmental Committee, initiated a legal complaint in the (deeply corrupted) Honduran office of the Attorney General, and are demanding that Aura Minerals return her remains to be properly reburied in the Azacualpa Cemetery.
On October 23, 2019, Rights Action published a photo-essay: “U.S.-Canadian company Aura Minerals about to dig up bodies, again, in the Azacualpa cemetery, destroy the cemetery, then destroy the community of Azacualpa, Honduras”.
On November 27, 2019, Rights Action reported how Aura Minerals was directly associated with a heavy machinery company (INCOBE) involved in drug trafficking and money laundering in Honduras; and that SESER, the private security company hired by Aura Minerals, has been linked to the drug trafficking activities associated with Tony Hernandez, convicted drug-trafficking brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez

We posed the questions:

1. With the public exposure of alleged links to organized drug trafficking in Honduras, will Aura Minerals continue with ‘business-and-politics-as-usual’, supported by the U.S. and Canadian governments, strongly backed by the corrupt, repressive Honduran regime?

2. Will the U.S. and Canadian governments and judicial prosecutors investigate the alleged links between Aura Minerals, its contracted companies and drug trafficking and money laundering?
We have the answers. 
YES, it is ‘business-and-politics-as-usual’ for Aura Minerals and its supporters in the Honduran U.S. and Canadian governments.  NO, there are no investigations into the actions of Aura Minerals, neither related to the illegal exhuming of cadavers, nor related to its business ties to INCOBE and SESER, companies accused of involvement in and having links to drug trafficking and money laundering.
La Fiera de Azacualpa: Resistiendo la avaricia y destrucción de Aura Minerals / Resisting the greed and destruction of Aura Minerals
Please watch this moving 20 minute film about the people of Azacualpa.
(For now, it is only in Spanish)
"Permitimos que nos roban hasta la muerte? En la comunidad de Azacualpa, en La Unión, Copán, la empresa estadounidense-canadiense Aura Minerals/MINOSA ha emprendido un ataque contra el Cerro El Cementerio, el panteón que hace más de doscientos años alberga los ancestros de Azacualpa y sus alrededores. Mujeres y hombres de la comunidad luchan para proteger su patrimonio de la fiera del extractivismo."
Azacualpa Environmental Committee
All respect to the family of Javier Madrid and his mother Gloria Sanabria, for their dignity and courage.  All respect to the Azacualpa Environmental Committee, working courageously and relentlessly to defend their territory and homes, their environment and local economy, and their deceased loved ones lying in the Azacualpa Cemetery.
Aura Minerals – please return the remains Angela Sanabria to her family, to be reburied properly in the Azacualpa Cemetery.
Grahame Russell, Rights Action
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More information:

Hector Antonio Trigueros, Comité ambientalista de Azacualpa (, +504 9622-3355
Lisbeth Jimenez, ASONOG (, +504 3308-2751
Grahame Russell, Rights Action (, +1-416-807-4436


Aura Minerals/MINOSA
+1 305-239-9332
155 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 4B6, Canada
78 SW 7th St, Aura Minerals @ WeWork, Miami, FL 33130, USA
Craigmuir Chambers, PO Box 71, VG1110, British Virgin Islands
Rodrigo Barbosa, President & CEO,;
Sergio Castanho,;
João Kleber Cardoso,;
Richmond Fenn,;
Monty Reed,;
Rodrigo Barbosa, President & CEO,;
Stephen Keith,;
Philip Reade,;


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