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April 29, 2019
Blood flowing in the streets of Honduras. U.S. & Canadian-backed government firing directly at citizens

From “Libertad Digital” facebook page, April 29, 2019:
“Breaking news: Sharp-shooters fire against students and teachers …”
Live coverage, April 29, 2019
U.S. and Canadian complicity and silence
The U.S. & Canadian governments maintain full military, economic, political relations with the corrupt, anti-democratic and repressive Honduran government that is "open to international business & investment", that is a "democratic ally" in illegal efforts to overthrow gov't of Venezuela.
In Washington and Ottawa, there is virtually no political oversight or accountability for this on-going U.S. and Canadian government complicity with Honduran repression and corruption.  In the North American media, there is almost no honest reporting about the depth of the complicity of the U.S. and Canada in all this.
This will not stop
As long as the U.S., Canada and the “international community” maintain full economic, military and political relations with the corrupt, repressive government in power in Honduras, this will not stop.
Why Hondurans and Guatemalans Flee
The U.S. and Canadian governments, U.S. military, North American businesses and investors (hydro-electric dams, mining, African palm, tourism, cattle, fruit, etc.) maintain profitable relations with corrupt, repressive governments in Honduras and Guatemala, turning a blind eye to and benefitting from repression, environmental devastation, human rights violations, corruption and impunity.
U.S. and Canadian problems
Keep sending copies of this information, and your own letters, to families, friends and networks, to politicians and media, to pension and investment funds, asking: Why our governments, companies and investment firms benefit from and turn a blind eye to poverty, repression and violence, environmental and health harms in places like Guatemala and Honduras?

 Rights Action (U.S. & Canada)
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