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Rights Action
June 28, 2019
Bitter anniversary in Honduras
10 years of violence, oppression and corruption, since U.S. & Canadian-backed military coup, June 28, 2009

Today, we remember Berta Caceres and hundreds (perhaps 1000s) more killed for political reasons by the corrupt, repressive regimes and economic elites in power since the 2009 coup.  We honor the 100s of people who are or have been political prisoners; the 1000s who have been “criminalized” by the regime.  We acknowledge the suffering and courage of 100s of 1000s forced into exile by the regime, trying, desperately to get to safety.

Berta Caceres: unforgettable, loved, indomitable.  One of hundreds, perhaps into the 1000s of people killed for political reasons by the U.S. and Canadian-backed regime and economic elites since the 2009 coup.
This miserable, violent situation is far from over.  The U.S., Canada and Spain, the World Bank and numerous multinational companies and investors maintain full political, economic and/or military relations with the Honduran regime.  The courageous and dignified resistance and struggle of the Honduran people –taking on all this- are far from over.

Honduras at Ten Years After the Coup: a Critical Assessment
by James Phillips, June 28, 2019
 “The Frantic Pursuit of Neoliberal Extractive Development: There are many reasons for the popular anger that has been building in the decade since the coup. Underlying all is an extractive development policy that is selling the country’s resources to private and foreign interests and is at the root of much poverty and violence. There has been the systematic construction of a one-party state ruled by a president with nearly absolute power within a culture of official impunity. […]”
Missing from Phillips’ 10 year summary is an analysis of the equally complicit role of the Canadian government and economic interests, though always following the lead and dictates of the U.S. government.

Edwin Espinal, illegally detained by the regime January 19, 2018, for protesting the stolen November 2017 elections and regime killings of dozens of protesters.  Since then, Edwin has been kept in violent, punitive conditions in a max-security military jail, “awaiting trial” on trumped up charges.
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June 27-28: Bitter anniversary dates in Guatemala & Honduras

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