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October 17, 2018
Honduran forced migrancy caravan
Honduran regime illegally preventing people from leaving
Vicious cycle: The U.S. and Canadian-backed regime forces people to flee, and now forces them to stay

(Oct.17: Honduran soldiers illegally close land border crossings)
On October 15-16, thousands of Hondurans entered Guatemala on foot, fleeing government repression, endemic poverty and exploitation, organized criminal mafias and street gangs, corruption and impunity.  As they continue their march across Guatemala (Oct.17) towards the Mexican border, the Honduran regime has been illegally closing land border crossings into Guatemala, as hundreds if not thousands more Hondurans are trying to flee. 
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The regime –through its violent and exploitative policies and actions since the 2009 military coup– is creating the very conditions that force people to flee, and is now forcing them to stay in the terrible conditions they were forced to flee.
There is no end to the repression, exploitation and corruption of the military-backed Honduran government.  There is no end, as of yet, to the complicity of the U.S. and Canadian governments that have maintained full political, economic and military relations with successive Honduran governments since the 2009 military coup and through 3 sets of fraudulent, violent elections.  There is no end, as of yet, to the silence of much of the media in the U.S. and particularly in Canada that simply have not reported on the roles of the U.S. and Canadian governments in enabling this terrible vicious cycle to continue in Honduras.
"Since the 2009 military coup, Honduran migration has intensified. The #migrantcaravan results from the destruction of Honduras’ institutions and the handing over of all resources to foreign investors and the political and economic mafia who control Honduras." (Miriam Miranda, indigenous Garifuna community defender, tweet, Oct.16)
"Today, 1000s flee, stampeding out of Honduras, looking for where to go. Honduras is not a "socialist" country. It is a dictador in service of the interests of mining companies from the U.S. and Canada. They flee hunger, poverty, uncontrolable violent gangs that serve the interests of the dictatorship, said dictatorship being protected by the U.S. and Canada, for their own mining interests. This is the country where they assassinated Berta Cáceres. None of this will be reported on in the national and international media." (David Roca Basadre, facebook post, Oct.15)
Honduran forced migrancy relief fund
Rights Action is raising funds to provide humanitarian relief to thousands of Hondurans forced to flee violence and government repression, endemic poverty and exploitation, organized crime, corruption & impunity.  Funds are being sent to Rights Action partner groups in Guatemala that are providing migrants with water, foods, clothes, shoes, medicine and minimal rain gear.  Humanitarian relief is being provided to all migrants, whether they continue fleeing or not.  The forced migrants need support.
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