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October 24, 2018
“If I die, defending the remains of my loved ones, please bury me beside them.” (Manuelito Rodriguez, Honduran campesino)

October 23, 2014, Azacualpa, La Union, Copan, Honduras - Manuelito Rodriguez (middle, light blue shirt) blocks Aura Minerals machinery: “If I die, defending the remains of my loved ones, please bury me beside them” ("Si muero por defender los restos de mis seres queridos, que me entierren junto a ellos").
  • Ask Aura Minerals – a Canadian-U.S. company backed by Canadian, U.S. and Honduran governments -- if they know why 1000s of Hondurans are fleeing the country?
  • Ask the Canadian-U.S. media if they can figure out what are the underlying causes of tens of thousands of Hondurans and Guatemalans forced to flee year after year?

October 23, 2018: Hundreds of Azacualpa villagers resisting further devastation and environmental harm by Aura Minerals, desperately trying to defend their 200 year old community cemetery that Aura Minerals has been illegally digging up.  According to local residents, at least 40 people from the community of Azacualpa joined the most recent caravan of people fleeing poverty, hunger and destitution, government repression and corruption, organized crime and impunity.

Pending destruction of the village of Azacualpa
Not only do most community members want the destruction of their cemetery and digging up of their buried loved ones to stop, but they know that Aura Minerals wants not only the gold under the cemetery, but also on the other side of the cemetery, up the mountain ridge, including – a few kilometers away – under the village of Azaculapa.

Write the company directly -- with copies to your media and elected politicians in Canada and the U.S. -- calling on them to immediately suspend all aspects of the Aura/MINOSA mining operation in Honduras, including the digging up of bodies.
Aura Minerals
Rodrigo Barbosa, President and CEO;
  • Aura’s head office: 600 – 4770 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Florida 33137, USA
  • Aura’s operating office: 27 Fl. - 161 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2S1, Canada
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Since 2014, Rights Action has supported the Azacualpa Environmental Committee and their environmental, community, human rights and cemetery defense work.  To support their cemetery and community, human rights and environmental defense struggle, make check payable to "Rights Action" and mail to:
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