Not a “Venezuelan” crisis
Letter to the Globe and Mail, by Grahame Russell, Rights Action
January 25, 2019

What is sadly and very harmfully occurring in Venezuela is not only a “Venezuelan” crisis. These are not only "Venezuelan" issues at play. 
By directly supporting - politically, economically & (in all likelihood) militarily - an illegal attempt at violent government change in Venezuela, this is a crisis and these are issues of the governments, media and people of the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Colombia, etc., that are pretending to "recognize" an opposition political activist as president.

In Canada, politicians, government officials and many so-called 'experts' are showing a transparent and depraved lack of honesty, and are exercising a complete abdication of legal and political responsibilities by supporting this latest attempt at illegal international interventionism.
This is being done in the name of the Canadian people, with tax-payers money.
The crisis in Venezuela is very much a “Canadian” issue.
We have seen this repeatedly in Latin America in recent history: Guatemala in 1954, and from there Cuba, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Grenada, Central America many times (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala), Panama, Haiti and Honduras in 2009.
These illegal interventions always goes bad and violently for the majority populations of these countries and their political and judicial institutions. Not surprisingly, these interventions usually go well for global corporations and investors, the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, etc.
Opposition to this illegal, destructive and violent attempt at government change must come from inside Venezuela, and from the people, media and honest politicians and government officials of each of these complicit countries.
Grahame Russell, Rights Action
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