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August 23, 2018
Your donations at work: Organizations, individuals & projects Rights Action has funded as of August 15, 2018
Dear friends, each struggle Rights Action supports is local and, at the same time, taking on the global economy, taking on the wealth and (oftentimes) violent power of companies, investors and governments, near and far.
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Thank-you for supporting this vision of what we are working against and working for.  Thank-you for your work in your own community in favor of an economic vision and model that is friendly to people, all life forms and Mother Earth.
Grahame Russell, director
"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle." (Martin Luther King)
Community, environment, human rights defense struggles
  • La Puya, resisting violent, illegal mining of Kappes, Cassiday & Associates: $1,100
  • CALAS (Centro de Acción Legal-Ambiental y Social), legal support for people suffering harms and violence linked to Tahoe Resources, KCA, CGN: $2,150
  • CODIDENA (Comision Diocesana Defensa de la Naturaleza), resisting harms and violence linked to Tahoe Resources: $2,525
  • FREDEMI (San Miguel Ixtahuacan defense front), advocacy related to Goldcorp’s massively deficient mine “closure” plan: $545
  • Q’eqchi’ territorial, rights and environmental defense committee, resisting harms and repression by CGN mining company, owned by Solway Investment Group (formerly by INCO, Skye Resources, Hudbay Minerals)
    • Support for Choc/Ich families, after killing of nephew: $7,695
    • Legal team, criminal trial against Mynor Padilla, former Hudbay/CGN head of security: $8,159
    • Q’eqchi’ plaintiffs travel to Toronto (November 2017, July 2018) for Hudbay Minerals lawsuits depositions: $13,217.36
Community development
  • Lote 8 women community re-building and humanitarian relief: $6,890
  • La Union women’s pig cooperative: $795
Truth, Memory, Justice
  • Commemoration, February 12, 1982, World Bank/IDB’s Chixoy Dam/Xococ massacre: $1,045
  • Commemoration, March 13, 1982, World Bank/IDB’s Chixoy Dam/Rio Negro massacre: $800
  • Commemoration, May 14, 1982, World Bank/IDB’s Chixoy Dam/Los Encuentros massacre: $1,045
Emergency responses
  • Maria Cuc, illegally detained and “criminalized” for Chaabil Choch community land recuperation: $10,545
  • Chaabil Choch community land recuperation: $1,927
  • German Chub, health support, victim of Hudbay-linked shooting: $1,620
  • Refugee support, Jose Ich: $4,093.31
  • Family support, Eduardo Bin Pop, death of child: $355
  • Family security, Choc/Ich family, purchase property: $11,440
  • Family support, killing of Eduardo Quevedo: $880
  • Rio Negro/Pacux refugee community - primary school, scholarships for children of genocide victims: $6,600
  • San Miguel Ixtahuacan, scholarship, law degree for Mam woman resisting Goldcorp mining harms: $1,595
  • El Estor, scholarships, children of Q’eqchi’ people seeking justice for mining harms: $7,827.80
  • Santa Maria Tzeja, primary and middle schools, scholarships to high school and university: $7,135
  • Azacualpa community resisting harms, violations, cemetery destruction caused by Aura Minerals company: $3,445
  • Siria Valley Environmental Committee, denouncing health harms from Goldcorp Inc.’s mine (2000-2009); resisting plan to build geothermal energy plant in communities harmed by mining: $1,490
  • Berta Caceres family, demanding justice for her assassination: $3,287
  • Family security, victim/eye-witness in Berta Caceres assassination: $3,000
  • Commemoration, March 3, 2016, assassination of Berta Caceres: $1,845
  • Honduras Solidarity Network, support for families of victims of killings and political prisoners, after fraudulent elections of November 2017: $1,600
  • COFADEH (Comite de Familiares de los Desaparecidos y Detenidos), support for victims of killings and human rights violations, after fraudulent elections of November 2017: $2,545
  • ASOPDEHU (Asociación por la Democracia y los Derechos Humanos), support for victims of killings and human rights violations, after fraudulent elections of November 2017: $2,045
  • Simcoe County Honduras Political Prisoners Project: $4,500
  • Refugee support, Felix & Benjamin, in Canada: $2,450
  • Reporting on November 2017 electoral fraud and repression in Honduras: $1,500
  • Berta Caceres, 2nd anniversary assassination, accompaniment: $2,317
  • Edwin Espinal, political prisoner, accompaniment: $926
  • Doc-film, health harms in Siria Valley linked to Goldcorp mine: $400
  • Doc-film, illegal detention and “criminalization” of Maria Cuc: $400
  • Doc-film: political prisoners in Honduras: $1,736
  • Mining Injustice Solidarity Network: Education and activism related to Canadian mining repression and harms: $1,000
  • Education presentations, Canada/U.S.: $500
  • ‘Experiential learning’ delegation to Guatemala, UNBC-RA: $9,759.22
  • Political prisoners delegation to Honduras, Simcoe County-RA: $3,946.28
  • Human rights delegation to Guatemala, RA-Mir Centre: $7,744.09
  • Film-crew to Guatemala, justice for Hudbay-linked nickel mining harms: $2,252.48
  • Tropico Seco (Peru), disaster and flood rebuilding: $5,000
  • AYNI (peru), community development: $11,550
  • COMPPA (Chiapas), community radio and communication: $7,580
Thank-you for your trust and support
Grahame Russell, director Rights Action (Canada & U.S.)
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