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October 16, 2018
Forced Migrancy Caravan - 1000s of Hondurans and (probably soon) Guatemalans fleeing north: There is no mystery here, no plot or conspiracy

October 14: walking north through Honduras to the Guatemalan border
1000s of Hondurans are walking north, fleeing violence and government repression, endemic poverty and exploitation, organized crime, corruption & impunity - all enabled by the Honduran regime that maintains full political, economic and military relations with the U.S. and Canada, that is promoting an endless expansion of global investments in mining, hydro-electric dams, tourism, African palm and sugar cane, etc.

It is highly likely that many Guatemalans will join the forced migrancy caravan, for the same reasons, with the same type of regime in power, maintaining the same relations with the U.S. and Canada, and global companies and investors.

There no mystery here; no dark plot or conspiracy.

Why Hondurans and Guatemalans Flee North?
The U.S. and Canadian governments, the U.S. military, and North American businesses and investors (hydro-electric dams, mining, African palm, tourism, cattle, fruit, etc.) maintain profitable relations with corrupt, repressive governments in Honduras and Guatemala, turning a blind eye to and benefitting from repression, environmental devastation, human rights violations, corruption and impunity.
Once in a while, the mainstream North American media reports on the plight of tens of thousands of Guatemalans and Hondurans fleeing, year after year, decade after decade … ignoring why they flee.

U.S. and Canadian problems
Keep on sending copies of this information, and your own letters, to families, friends and networks, to your politicians and media, to your pension and investment funds, asking: Why our governments, companies and investment firms benefit from and turn a blind eye to the poverty, repression and violence, and environmental and health harms in places like Guatemala and Honduras?

Rights Action (U.S. & Canada)
Rights Action funds community human rights, environmental and development organizations in Guatemala and Honduras.  We expose and work to hold accountable the U.S. and Canadian governments, companies and investors, international actors (World Bank, etc.) that cause and profit from the repression, environmental harms and human rights violations.

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