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September 7, 2017
Aura Minerals (Canadian company) digging up cadavers in Honduras, to get at more gold - Update
On September 5, 2017, Toronto-based Aura Minerals – supported by the Canadian government, Honduran government and military – began digging up the first of hundreds of cadavers, to entirely empty out this most sacred of places.  Watch film clip:
On September 6, 2017, Aura continued exhuming cadavers, using their armed security guards to keep the media and villagers away.

(Photos, community members with Azacualpa Environmental Committee, September 6, 2017)
This abomination comes after years of open-pit mining …

(Aura Minerals’ mountain-top removal, cyanide leaching gold mine. Photo, Karen Spring)
… that has caused health harms, deforestation, air-dust pollution, water pollution and depletion, destruction of the local economy, repression against and ‘criminalization’ of local community members – many with the Azacualpa Environmental Committee – who protest these harms, violations and repression.
Ever expanding mine
Not only do the community members want the illegal destruction of their 200 year old cemetery to stop – Aura plans to dig up hundreds of cadavers! -, but they know Aura wants not only the gold under the cemetery, but more importantly on the other side of the cemetery, further along and up the mountain range, including – 2 kilometers away – the village of Azaculapa.
Mining supporters
Aura Minerals is supported by investors and shareholders, the Canadian government, the office of the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor (Global Affairs Canada), and the repressive, military-backed government of Honduras.
Outcry and support needed
Since 2014, Rights Action has funded the Azacualpa Environmental Committee, supporting their environmental and human rights defense work.  To support them, see below.
Please share this information with family, friends, media, etc, to continually expose how Canadian companies (supported by investors and the Canadian government) are operating in other countries.  Until the home country of the mining companies – in this case Canada – holds their companies and investors legally and politically accountable for their environmental harms and destruction, human rights violations and business dealings with repressive, corrupt governments, these private-profit driven abuses are will continue.
Responsible parties in Canada
Ambassador Michael Gort, Embassy of Canada in Honduras
Tel: (504) 2232-4551,,
Global Affairs Canada, Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor
Jeffrey Davidson,
Esma Mneina,
Tel: (343) 203-5181
Aura Minerals
Rodrigo Barbosa, President and Chief Executive Officer
William Monti Reed, Honduras mine manager
T: 416-649-1033,,;
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