Trump trumps and Bernie upsets. Syrian "truce" talks under pressure.


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#pnut4prez: All Sorts Of Surprises On The Campaign Trail 

Donald Trump delivered a knockout punch in Indiana yesterday, winning the state by such a wide margin, it forced Ted Cruz to drop out of the race. John Kasich, another contender for the Republican nomination, is currently fourth in a two man race. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders pulled off a major upset, winning Indiana despite most polls putting Hillary in the lead. 

What does this mean?

The Republican Party will begin the painfully awkward process of trying to coalesce behind The Donald. RNC Chairman Reince Preibus, a former Trump opponent, tweeted that it was time to unite behind Trump to defeat Hillary. Meanwhile, the Democratic race is far from over as it shifts to favorable terrain for Bernie, meaning he could win most upcoming races but still lose the nomination, an odd dynamic that threatens to divide the party even more. 

Pnut Read: Our Guide to the Campaign Trail

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'Ceasefire' Continues In Aleppo With Another Rocket Attack

At least three people were killed in a rebel rocket attack, destroying yet another hospital in Aleppo as medical resources dwindle. The attack was part of a shelling that left at least 19 people dead, and happened to take place the same time Staffan de Mistura, UN special envoy for Syria, met with Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow. What did they talk about? A ceasefire, of course. 

Nutshell: Pnut on the Syrian Civil War

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Umbrella Revolution Activists Go On Trial In Hong Kong

Four pro-democracy activists appeared in court yesterday after being accused of obstructing justice in what became known as the Umbrella Revolution of 2014. Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Albert Chan and Raphael Wong were protesting Chinese interference in Hong Kong's electoral process. Wong, who was a teenager during the protest, became something of a face for the movement in demanding free elections for the Chinese-controlled city's top leader. All four have denied the charges against them.

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Panama Papers Might Claim Another Politician

When Iceland's Prime Minister was forced to resign after being implicated by the Panama Papers leak, the country's president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson stepped up to the plate. Claiming “a strong demand for stability" in the country, Grímsson offered to run for president again, after already serving five terms. How thoughtful. Sadly, his 20-year presidency may be challenged now that the Panama Papers have revealed his wife’s considerable fortune held in offshore tax havens. Ever the gentleman, President Grímsson threw the First Lady Dorrit Moussaieff under the bus by claiming he had no idea her family had an estimated fortune of $290 million. 

Good Read: Newer Sealand, The World's Smallest Republic And A Tax Haven

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Afghanistan's Young Messi Fan Can't Catch A Break

The family of Murtaza Ahmadi, the young Afghani boy turned internet sensation, has fled to Pakistan after receiving numerous threats. Five year old Murtaza became an internet celebrity after being photographed wearing a makeshift Lionel Messi soccer jersey fashioned from a plastic bag. With the help of UNICEF, Messi was able to send the boy a real jersey and an autographed ball. However, since the heartwarming photo-op, Murtaza's father began receiving 20-30 threatening calls a day. The Taliban must be Real Madrid fans. The family is now living in Quetta and has submitted an application with the United Nations seeking asylum in Pakistan.

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Keeping Our Eye On...


Chinese President Wants People To Stop Calling Him 'Big Daddy Xi'

Since Xi Jinping took office in 2012, there has been a push to portray the Communist leader as a people-person. So at first, promoting him as "Xi Dada," meaning "Big Daddy Xi," seemed like a good idea. But now that there is an entire genre of Big Daddy Xi-themed songs, the government is worried that people have taken the joke too far. China’s official news agency, Xinhua, and the leading 21st Century Business Herald newspaper have received instructions to ban the name, but anyone who has been to high school knows that it's hard to shake off a nickname. 

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