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Paris Attack: Over 100 Killed, Chaos In The Capital

Multiple terror attacks struck Paris last night leaving at least 120 people dead and almost 200 wounded. The story is still developing but here is what we know so far:
  • An attack, during a heavy metal rock concert, on the Bataclan theatre in the 11th arrondissement (district) left dozens dead. Four attackers were also killed, three by activating suicide belts.
  • Several explosions including what are believed to be suicide blasts left three people dead by the Stade de France. 
  • A Cambodian restaurant in the 10th arrondissement was attacked with almost a dozen killed.
  • At least three other attacks occurred. 
  • French President Francoise Hollande declared a State of Emergency, tightened France's borders, deployed military reinforcements on the streets of Paris and issued the first curfew in Paris since the Nazi occupation ended in 1944. 
There remains a lot of uncertainty and new facts continue to emerge. As of writing it is highly suspected, but not yet confirmed, that the attack is the work of Islamic extremists. It remains unclear if all those involved have been apprehended or if there is still a risk of further attack. An attack against the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January was followed a few days later by an attack on a Jewish supermarket. 

The attack comes at a delicate time as Europe tries to grapple with a large inflow of migrants from primarily Muslim nations. The risk is that an attack could provoke an Islamophobic backlash, placing millions of refugees in limbo and at risk. The attack also comes one day after a deadly attack by ISIS in Beirut and less than two weeks after a bomb took down a Russian airplane in the Sinai. 

We will continue following the story and provide a fuller update on Monday. In the meantime our thoughts and prayers are with Paris and victims of terror everywhere. 

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