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Welcome to Future Earth's November 2016 newsletter, where we bring you the latest news, events and opportunities in sustainability research. Please contact us to share your own news.

Watch the video from the Tyndall Centre of the University of East Anglia online.

Global Carbon Budget 2016 released

Almost no growth in carbon emissions for third year running

New research from the Global Carbon Project finds that emissions from burning fossil fuels barely increased in 2016 – despite booming economic growth in parts of the world. Learn more...


News & opinion

Data collection (Photo: WorldBankPhotoCollection)
Safeguarding fish - Study maps freshwater fisheries around the world – taking a global look at these critical sources of food.
Data collection (Photo: WorldBankPhotoCollection)
Life on the edge - A new Virtual Reality experience introduces viewers to Gereba, a Brazilian favela and "forgotten place."
Mountains as sentinels of change (Photo: Keltikee via Flickr)
Carnivore dilemma - Dietary guidelines for cutting down on meat consumption in China may not be a panacea for the environment.
New in Anthropocene magazine: Join the Conversation
Anthropocene Innovation in the Human Age, a new publication from Future Earth, is asking readers to share their thoughts: How can the world make progress on sustainability in a political era in which the focus of many nations has turned inward? Send in your ideas, then continue the discussion on the Future Earth Open Network.
South Asia Regional Office inaugurated
At an event in Bengaluru, India, leading scientists and government officials innaugurated the Future Earth Regional Office for South Asia. It will promote "scientific cooperation between India and neighbouring countries in Future Earth-related activities," says S.K. Satheesh, Executive Director of the new office. Read more...
Responding to disaster in Mumbai
Patricia Romero Lankao and her colleagues traveled to India to explore why some residents of Mumbai are more vulnerable to natural hazards, such as monsoon floods or heat waves, than others. The situation, they discovered, is more complicated than it looks on the surface. Read more...
Host cities and climate change conference
A diverse group of urban and scientific organisations, including Future Earth, are gearing up to support a landmark conference on cities and climate change in 2018. The #CitiesIPCC team is looking for cities to host this international event. Apply by 15 January 2017. Read more...
Plans to meet climate targets may fall short
Current plans to reduce carbon emissions globally may not be enough to slow climate change in line with international goals, a new report from the United Nations finds. “What we need now are tools that make [climate] research more accessible," says Farooq Ullah, Chair of the Future Earth Engagement Committee. Read more...
Rare good news for climate change
New research shows that land ecosystems, from forests to prairies, are absorbing more carbon dioxide than they did decades ago. This spike in the world's "carbon sink" has also slowed the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But there's a limit to how much plants can help people to combat climate change. Read more...

Events & opportunities

To see more upcoming events, and to share your own, check out the crowd-sourced events calendar on the Future Earth Open Network. Also visit the sustainability science jobs board.

Training workshop on co-design & transdisciplinary research

Watch the video online
See the live stream of a training event held during the Future Earth regional workshop for Europe.

Future Earth at the Convention on Biological Diversity COP13

1 - 17 December, Cancún, Mexico
Join particpants from the Future Earth community at a Science Forum and other events around this conference.

Call for nominations: Experts for two IPCC reports

Deadline 7 & 8 December
Future Earth is nominating experts to contribute to a methodology report and a report on global warming of 1.5°C.

International Conference for Conservation Biology 2017

23 - 27 July, Cartagena, Colombia
Take part in this meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology around "Insights for sustaining life on Earth."

The Science and Technology Alliance for Sustainability

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