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EBLIDA Newsletter
Issue No. 2. February 2018

The President’s Editorial

Jukka Relander, EBLIDA President In 2018, there are lots of reasons to put libraries in the spotlight.
A first one is that it’s the European Year of Cultural Heritage, and a second it that we are only one year before the next European elections!

And guess what? Elections are popping up all over the Continent.

In Germany, Merkel’s CDU and Schultz’ SPD just signed their GroKo that will also unlock some of the discussions on the table in Brussels, Czech Republic just re-elected President Milos Zeman, in Italy, March elections are under preparation, and so on and so forth.
From a European perspective, we would hope that for the upcoming elections, the question of libraries and cultural heritage institutions will be put on the political agenda, as an election is the perfect time for that: raising awareness and challenging the declaration of policy-makers.
Libraries benefit from the apple-pie effect (I will let you look up what that means!) and we would therefore really need to use this to lobby for the benefit of libraries whenever possible and especially during elections.
Speaking of elections, there are elections coming up at EBLIDA during our next Council meeting in May, so if you want to lobby for libraries, and would like to further develop your skills, this would be a good opportunity to you to run your own campaign. More to come in the next weeks for our members.
In the meantime, our team is busy scrutinising the development on the Copyright debate in Europe, and setting up the programme for our great Annual Conference.
But before that, I am thrilled to be heading to Sofia with my fellow colleagues of the EC to prepare our work for the coming months and to take part to a round table discussion with politicians there.
I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter!
Yours sincerely,

Jukka Relander
EBLIDA President  


Flanders hugs its libraries - Flemish libraries unite in a positive campaign: #bibvooriedereen

By Bruno Vermeeren (VVBAD Director) and Klaartje Brits (VVBAD Communication Officer)

Een bibliotheek voor IEDEREENThis month, we are happy to highlight an amazing activity from our colleagues from Flanders in Belgium.
With thanks to Bruno Vermeeren (VVBAD Director) and Klaartje Brits (VVBAD Communication Officer) for the news piece below.

A library in every town, for every citizen. That is what the campaign #bibvooriedereen (a library for everyone) is all about. Until 2016, there was a decretory obligation for every municipality to accommodate a library. But the Flemish government decided to abolish that obligation. Nowadays, every municipality can decide whether they accommodate a library, how they support their library and which topics the library should focus on.

VVBAD (the Flemish library association) is worried that after the coming local elections of October, some local authorities might consider closing their library. But that is not the only worry. Even when the decretory obligation was still in place, numerous Flemish libraries were confronted with cuts to their budget: a 10 % decrease of their collection budget between 2009 and 2015, and in the same period a loss of more than 130 full time jobs.
Een bibliotheek voor IEDEREENAnd still, VVBAD believes that libraries continue to play an important role, even (or especially) in this rapidly changing digital age. They provide a community space for everyone to interact. They provide people with the necessary tools to manage information in a sensible way. A library is open to everyone, and thanks to the efforts of well-trained library staff, everyone can fully participate in society.
In order to keep libraries healthy, and accessible for every citizen, the campaigners ask all municipal authorities to keep supporting their local library. With the campaign #bibvooriedereen, we ask all citizens to sign a petition, where we present the library as a four-leaf clover, bringing good luck to all.

In order to generate enough attention, we started the campaign with forming people chain literally hugging six Flemish libraries. Besides that, we encourage every library (and partner organisations) to organise their own actions and collect as many signatures as possible. A website where they can find banners, posters, logos and so on, a facebook page to inspire them and a digital newsletter is at their disposal.
Over thirty organisations, and over eighty ambassadors (actors, writers, journalists, academics, etc.) already support the campaign. Each and every one of them recognises the importance of a library that is accessible for every citizen. To quote Caroline Pauwels, rector of the VUB university in Brussels and one of the ambassadors: “It should be a human right: having access to a well-equipped library nearby, with dedicated librarians. If you can realize that as a society, all the rest will follow.”
More information at


Copyright reform – a round-up of information

A better copyright exception for education to support the library’s role in education for all

Copyright ReformOn 16 January 2018, a coalition of broad coalition for education published an open letter towards MEPs and other policy-makers to underline the necessity of adapting copyright rules to 21st century education needs.
As already underlined in a blog post, library representatives have constantly claimed for an education exception that:

  • Covers both digital and non-digital uses in order to maximise ease of use for educators;
  • Ensures that libraries and cultural heritage institutions, as entities providing informal and non-formal education to 24 million European citizens a year, are also covered by the exception;
  • Ensures that where compensation is offered to right holders, it is only where this causes unjustifiable prejudice to right holders’ legitimate interests;
  • Includes scientific research under the exception, given that this too is a public interest activity.

Originally signed by 34 organisations, the letter has now reached 54 signatories and continues to grow.

The updated letter is available here.

Additionally, Communia has produced a short infographic that captures the issue at stake and what’s needed.
Communia infographic

Libraries: a trio of European court rulings

EBLIDA would like to thank Teresa Hackett EIFL Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager for the invitation to submit a blog post.

In recent years, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), Europe’s highest court, has made three important rulings concerning digital library activities in Europe.

The first of the three CJEU rulings took place in 2014, and originated in Germany in a case known as ‘TU Darmstadt’ (Case C-117/13). The ruling in TU Darmstadt is seen as a significant boost for European libraries to digitise works in their collections and to make them available in library reading rooms.

In November 2016, in cases that began in the Netherlands and France, two equally important issues were adjudicated by the Court: the lending of e-books by libraries, and author consent for the digital exploitation of their works.
EIFLIn this guest blog for EIFL, Vincent Bonnet, Director, European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA) and Barbara Stratton, Chair, EBLIDA Expert Group on Information Law, discuss the two most recent cases, and examine what they mean for libraries in Europe and beyond.
Read the article in full here. You can also access to it on IP-Watch.

How can the EU make a balanced copyright framework for the DSM?

European Internet ForumThat was the title of the lunch debate organised on 23 January 2018 by the European Internet Forum (EIF).
As mentioned on the EIF website: The reform of EU copyright rules has been a long-running and hotly-debated topic within the European institutions. The extensive proposals for reform will have consequences for a whole range of stakeholders within Europe.

Hosted by the European Parliament’s IMCO Committee Rapporteur for the proposal, MEP Catherine Stihler, and co-chaired by digital advocate and longstanding EIF member MEP Brando Benifei, this debate will focus in particular on the copyright reform in the context of public interest, consumer protection and impact on citizens, looking at Title 2 (articles 3-6: TDM, education, preservation) and Title 3 (articles 7-9: out of commerce works).
To find out more about the event, check the #EIFAsks with short interview of the speakers here.

Check the interventions of the different speakers in the Copyright on the DSM:

  • Introduction by Brando Benifei MEP and EIF Steering Committee Member, here
  • Speaker 1: William Bowes, Director of Policy at The Publishers Association, on copyright in the DSM, here.
  • Speaker 2: Rosa Maiello, President of the Italian Library Association (AIB), here.
  • Speaker 3: Julien Roche, Director at Learning Center Innovation, University of Lille, here
  • Speaker 4: Annemarie Beunen, Copyright Lawyer at KB, National Library of the Netherlands, here.


European Parliament Strasbourg Plenary Setting vote on Ending of Geo-blocking on 6 February, but…

European ParliamentAlthough this bit of information could have been flagged under Brussels item as it is an European Union issue, it underlined here as the activity took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
Geo-bloking, as defined on the European Parliamentary Research Service webpage “usually refers to discriminatory practices that prevent online customers from accessing and purchasing a product or a service from a website based in another Member State, automatically re-route them to a local site, and refuse delivery or payment based on the location or place of residence of the user”.
To end this discriminatory practice, the European Parliament voted in Plenary Session on Tuesday 6 February 2018.
The objective is that “[u]nder the new rules, consumers will be able to choose from which website they wish to buy goods or services without being blocked or automatically re-routed to another website due to their nationality, place of residence or even their temporary location.”
And copyright slips in… or out!
As displayed on the European Parliament Newsletter briefing of 1st February, Copyright content is excluded for now.
An excerpt of the website reads as follow: Digital copyrighted content, such as e-books, downloadable music or online games, will not be covered by the new rules for the time being. However, Parliament’s negotiators inserted a “review clause” in the law, which requires the EU Commission to assess within two years whether the ban on geo-blocking should be widened to include such content. Audio-visual and transport services are also excluded from the scope for the time being.
The adopted text is accessible here.

Ex-Libris, the New-York Public Library

Ex LibrisDutch organisations ProBiblio and EBLIDA member Vereniging van Openbare bibliotheken (VOB) organised a round of public screenings in public libraries in the Netherlands of the documentary Ex Libris: The New York Public Library, by the  world-renowned US documentary maker, Frederick Wiseman.
The documentary is a 3hr17 min tribute to the NYPL, an institution that dedicates itself to lifelong learning, community engagement and social inclusion of all New Yorkers.
It showcases the diversity of services offered at the library, as well as the strategic thinking behind the management and back office staff, enabling this iconic library to continue it’s service not only to New Yorkers, but to the thousands of tourists it attracts every year.
EBLIDA’s Director would like to thank the VOB and ProBiblio for the invitation to the public screening in the OBA (Public Library Amsterdam) and congratulates the Dutch for this initiative, showing positive developments for libraries and providing a source of inspiration to others.
At the 74th Mostra di Venezia the documentary was nominated for the Golden Lion and for the best realisation and actually received the FIPRESCI prize that welcomes a genre cinema that is risky, original and personal.


EBLIDA Executive Committee meeting in Sofia, 26-27 February

EblidaEBLIDA will host its 1st Executive Committee of the year in Sofia, Bulgaria, the country that currently runs the EU Presidency of the Council.

The event is being organised with the support of BLIA, the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies and Global Libraries - Bulgaria Foundation, and we would like to extend our special thanks to Snejanka Ianeva (BLIA President) to her dedicated commitment and support in organising the meetings and putting everything together and to Vasil Zagorov for having initiated the invitation last year in Aarhus by suggesting we hold our next meeting in Bulgaria.
EBLIDA is happy to strengthen our connections with our Bulgarian colleagues especially in organising a round table on Copyright that is open to policy-makers, MEPs, Presidency representatives and librarians of the country.
Executive Committee members also look forward the visits of both the Sofia Public Library, the Bulgarian National Library and the University Library.

EBLIDA supports Icepops, an International Copyright-Literacy Event with Playful Opportunities for Practitioners and Scholars

IcepopsThe team behind UK Copyright Literacy, Jane Secker and Chris Morrison, who will provide an interactive and inspiring workshop at our next EBLIDA conference in Strasbourg have recently announced the full programme for their exciting and not to be missed Icepops conference being held on 3rd April 2018 at the University of Liverpool!
The event features a great number of talented speakers and lots of interactive sessions including a World Cafe session, lightning talks, games pitches and a games hackathon.
Confirmed speakers will include librarians, copyright and IP specialists, publishers, rightsholders and teachers from around the world. Countries being represented at the event include: the UK, USA, France, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Hungary and New Zealand.
No need to be a copyright expert to attend Icepops, but places are filling up fast !
Bookings are available on the ILG Event page. If you are speaking at the event discounted ticket price of £80 are on offer – regular tickets are £100 to include all sessions and an evening social event.
You also qualify for the discounted price of £80 if you are attending the LILAC Conference which starts the next day. Students can purchase tickets for just £50.
Should you miss 3rd of April in Liverpool, then Strasbourg is delighted to be joined by one half of the team, giving you the chance to meet Jane in the session Copyright Literacy in a cross-border environment, a workshop to build Copyright Literacy in European libraries at EBLIDA Conference in Strasbourg on 31st of May.

EBLIDA -NAPLE 2018 – Strasbourg

26th EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting & EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference is "Libraries bridging borders"
Our Keynote speaker will be announced as soon as we have this news confirmed. In the meantime, book your hotel, see under hotel accommodation and have a look at the programme attached.

Quick Programme Overview


Hotel accommodation - book your Strasbourg hotel as soon as possible!
We would like to issue an urgent message to those who intend to travel to Strasbourg in May. Some people have already registered online for the Conference and we would like to encourage early registration please.
However, what’s even more pressing at this time, are hotel bookings. We have received a notification from Strasbourg about the lack of bookings so far. As we have informed you previously, you can book through the platform below by clicking on the image or by booking directly with independent hotels.
EBLIDA has pre-booked a certain number of hotel rooms against specific deadlines but won’t be able to maintain those pre-booking beyond the deadlines.
With the European Plenary sessions happening at the same time, hotels are filling-up quickly!
So, please don’t wait any longer – go ahead and book!

booking from the ACCOR HOTEL Group
(ranging from 2* to 4* hotels)


  • Room availability is  subject to availability at the time of booking;
  • The language is automatically in English for connection outside France, and in French for connection within France;
  • Booking dates are set automatically for the night between 30 and 31st May. Guests wishing to book another date may change the date of stay at the top of the page.


Le Lodge Hotel - Brithotel Strasbourg ***

Single room: € 139 per night (breakfast included)
Local city tax: € 1,65 p.p.p.n.
Offer available until 15 March 2018
Upon booking, please use booking ID: EBLIDA
Maximum number of pre-booked rooms: 20.

Upon booking, please use booking ID: EBLIDA

Distance – 30 min (tram + by foot) from the Conference venue (BNU).
Location on the map

Hotel Victoria**

9 Rue du Maire Kuss, – 67 000 STRASBOURG
Single room: € 70 per night (2 rooms available)
Double twin room standard: € 96 per night (1 room available)
Double twin superior: € 102 per night (2 rooms available)
Buffet breakfast (7 to 10 ): € 9
Local city tax: € 1,65 p.p.p.n.

Offer for 5 rooms extended to 19 February 2018.

Upon booking, please use booking ID: EBLIDA

Distance - 11 min. by tram and by foot from the Conference venue (BNU) (or 20 min by foot).
Location on the map



Hotel D****

15 Rue du Fossé des Treize, 67000 Strasbourg
Double room: starting at € 212,50 per night

Distance - 9 min. by foot (900 m /985 yards) from the Conference venue (BNU)
Location on the map


Régent Contades, BW Premier Collection****

8 Avenue de la Liberté, 67000 Strasbourg
Double room: starting at € 190,50 per night

Distance - 4 min. by foot (300 m / 328 yards) from the Conference venue (BNU)
Location on the map here.



Hotel Au Couvent du Franciscain***

18 Rue du Faubourg-de-Pierre, 67000 Strasbourg,Hotel Au Couvent Single room: starting at € 123 per night / double room starting at € 128 per night
Local city tax: € 1,65 p.p.p.n.

Distance - 11 min. by foot (850m / 929 yards) from the Conference venue (BNU)
Location on the map


Le grand Hotel***

12 Place de la Gare, 67000 Strasbourg,
Double room: starting at € 160 per night
Local city tax: € 1,65 p.p.p.n.

Distance - 21 min. by foot from the Conference venue (BNU) (13 min with tram)
Location on the map.


Welcoming new member:
Tyrol University and State Library

Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek TirolAs a central service facility, the main aim of the ULB is the supply of information and essential services free of charge to university staff, researchers and students of the Leopold Franzens University, the Medical University and the Management Center Innsbruck as well as for all persons living in the Tyrol over the age of 16.

With a total of more than 3.5 million volumes, newspapers and magazines, e-journals, e-books and databases as well as a valuable special collection the ULB Tirol is Austria's third largest library. The library consists of 7 departments in Innsbruck, counts approximately 25,000 active library users, serves about 30.000 students and 4000 staff. In its role as a regional library the ULB collects all the works of the Tyrolean literature production.

Head of the Library: HR Mag. Eva Ramminger
How to become a Member?

Events and Dates


19 - 22 February Barcelona, Spain 13th International Digital Curation Conference

6 - 27 February

London, UK

Researcher to Reader Conference

26 -27 February

Amsterdam, Netherlands

12th International Workshop On Value Modelling and Business Ontologies (VMBO)
Stay informed, sign up today!

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