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EBLIDA Newsletter
Issue No. 5. May 2018

The President’s Editorial

Jukka Relander, EBLIDA President

Hola, This is my last newsletter editorial. After three years as a president of this organisation it is time to say goodbye, and thank you very much! It has been a thrill. I have done my best to serve as an ambassador of our organisation, visiting as many countries as I have had time to do, or have been invited to. Accepting a day job two years ago, after 20 years of freelancing, has set some limits to my availability, and I am painfully aware that I should have been more active in the administrative side of the position I had. And I should have been in Brussels more often. The thing is that in an organisation with such limited resources as we have, there is a limit to how much one can do. I hope the next President will have an understanding and supportive employer – and family.

In 2016 I spent a bit more than two months travelling. Since that I tried to reduce it to half, but not so successfully. Personally the best thing has been a chance to visit places I would not have visited otherwise, such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Lebanon or Luxemburg. These were not on the hot list of my tourist destinations, although now they are. I think Sofia and Beirut are on the top of my list of kilos gained during a three night stay. It is a privilege to be hosted by librarians. They always provide a wonderful insight to the society in question, and are the best guides to local culture one can think of. Thank you guys. I would like to thank Vincent Bonnet for excellent co-operation, at least for his part, and Majella Cunnane for keeping me and EBLIDA on track. Executive Committee has been a wonderful playground for interesting discussions, and, afterhours, friendship. A Finland based company LM Information Delivery has kindly and philanthropically sponsored my travelling. It is difficult to express the extent of my gratitude. Now it is time to look forward. There is still the parlour game of the copyright reform going on. Be active, alarm the citizens, and win it. I will plant some herbs.

Looking forward to catching up with you in Strasbourg.
Yours sincerely,

Jukka Relander
EBLIDA President  


Copyright reform – a round-up of information

Copyright ReformEuropean Parliament
The JURI Committee vote is still maintained for 20-21st June.
Due to the recent development, the library coalition sent comments on May 1st to JURI on the various articles still under negotiation. We continue to put a strong emphasis on the article directly linked to libraries, and keep commenting on the most controversial articles 11 and 13.

Council of the European Union
The discussions in Council have reached a COREPER level, i.e. a political level with Ambassadors discussing the proposal directly, and not the legal experts anymore. However, our understanding is that there could be an additional experts meeting in a few days.

Again, most of the discussions here revolve around articles 11 and 13.
To be continued.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPRAs announced on the EU Commission webpage on data protection “the new data protection package adopted in May 2016 aims at making Europe fit for the digital age. More than 90% of Europeans say they want the same data protection rights across the EU and regardless of where their data is processed.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The regulation is an essential step to strengthen citizens' fundamental rights in the digital age and facilitate business by simplifying rules for companies in the digital single market. A single law will also do away with the current fragmentation and costly administrative burdens.
The regulation came into force on 24 May 2016 and will apply from 25 May 2018.
We are looking at the best way to comply with this new rule without creating too much complexity.

Statement of Culture Committee Chair on new proposal for the post-2020 EU Budget

Petra Kammerevert, Culture and Education Committee Chair reacted to fresh proposals for EU long-term budget (MFF), as presented by the European Commission on Wednesday.
Following the presentation of the proposals by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker during a plenary debate in Brussels, Ms Petra Kammerevert (S&D, DE), issued the following statement:

“It is positive that the Commission is focusing much more on young people in the EU than in the previous MFF. I generally welcome the increase in funding for ERASMUS +, as well as the funding provided for the so-called ‘Solidarity Corps’. But the engagement towards young people is not nine times stronger, as EU Commission President Juncker asked for a few months ago. The Parliament originally asked for the funds to be tripled. I clearly disagree with financing an Interrail pass for young people out of ERASMUS+ money with 700 million Euros. This populist measure accounts for nearly 5% of the additional money for Erasmus+. Every youth organisation has to justify its request for funds with a detailed explanation of the added European and educational value in their project. This is necessary because we are spending public money. That is why I personally disagree with the idea of financing young people’s holidays to strengthen the European idea. We could still need more money in all strands of ERASMUS+, which is an education programme!”
Petra Kammerevert also added:
“The Commission has made the right decision, to keep the stand-alone programme ‘Creative Europe’. The Committee for Culture and Media clearly defended the need for an independent and visible programme to foster media and culture throughout the European Union. The increase in funding is reasonable compared to other budgetary headlines and recognises the need to support creativity in the EU.”
“It is also important that all the strands from the former ‘Europe for Citizens’-programme will be continued. Parliament formerly asked here for an increase of 500 Million euros. Unfortunately, we didn’t get this increase, but it is a positive sign that there are no further cuts in this important field to strengthen European values”, she added.
The statement from Petra Kammerevert, Culture and Education Committee Chair on the EU long-term budget (MFF) is also available at:


Preparation for the upcoming WIPO SCCR

The library and archives delegation is preparing the next WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and related rights, taking place in Geneva from May 28th to June 1st.
It will be the 36th edition.
More information at:


Candidates for EBLIDA President and EC members announced!

Nomination for EBLIDA President & Executive Committee 2018-2021

The Hague, 16 May 2018
The upcoming elections are taking place during the Annual Council Meeting, to be held in Strasbourg (France) on 30 May 2018.

According to the EBLIDA Constitution (Chapter VIII, Article 29), the members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Council for a period of three years, serving a maximum of two terms.
According to the EBLIDA Constitution (Chapter VIII, Article 34), the Executive Committee shall consist of:

  1. at least 4 and no more than 10 Full Members of the Association, subject to the decision of the Council;
  2. the President of the Association.

By 15 May 2018 (deadline for application), the EBLIDA Secretariat received 1 valid application for President and 8 valid applications for Executive Committee members.

Nominations for the position of Executive Committee Member 2018-2021
Candidates in alphabetical order:

Julie Calmus

Marina Encheva
Stefano Parise

Jean-Marie Reding

Natascha Reip

Alicia Sellés Carot
Anders Söderbäck

Join us for the 2nd edition of MEP Library lovers’ 60 BOOKS FOR THE SUMMER – followed by a joint reception together with EBLIDA & NAPLE, 30th May, European Parliament, Strasbourg


Reading Room, European Parliament Library Strasbourg, 16:00

Moderated by PL2020 Director,  Ilona Kish

  • Opening: welcome words by Jerzy Buzek MEP (3 minutes)
  • TBC: Launch the 60 books list: photo opp with all host MEPs (3 minutes)
  • Keynote by Patrick McGuinness (15 mins)
  • Panel discussion on 60 Books bridging borders – Libraries for social change  (20 minutes)

Anne Sander MEP
Patrick McGuinness, author
Alexandra Buchler, Literature Across Frontiers
Jeremy Lachal, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières

  • Closing remarks by the newly elected EBLIDA president (3 minutes)

16:45 – 17:30

  • Drinks and networking at Restaurant WIC


Registration closed!The registration for the EBLIDA-NAPLE Libraries bridging borders is now closed.
However, should you have missed the deadline, and still want to register, please contact us ASAP

Registration Fees

  • EBLIDA, NAPLE Member: € 180
  • Non Members: € 200
  • Students: € 50
  • Guests (organising committee): € 0
Registration Cancellation Policy
  • Notification of cancellation must be done in writing and sent to EBLIDA by email:
  • If the written notification of cancellation is received before 15 April 2018, the paid registration fee less an administration fee of  € 30 EUR will be refunded. Cancellations after this date will not be refunded.
  • In the event that you are unable to attend, please consider sending a replacement. In this case, an administration fee of € 30 will be charged.

There will be no refund for no-shows. EBLIDA recommends that you check that your travel insurance covers costs in case of cancellation, e.g. registration fees, travel booking costs.  

Please note that, for organisational reasons, eventual refunds will be done after the Conference. All refunds will be made at the exchange rate applicable on that date. EBLIDA cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting from alterations in exchange rates. To receive your refund, please send your complete coordinates and full bank account details to


RegisterLast minute opportunity  - Opportunité de dernière minute !

Strasbourg Eurométrople and the BNU are offering two libraries and 1 museum visit free of charge for up to 17 participants per tour on a first come, first served basis.

All visits require preregistration.
[EBLIDA reserves de right to cancel any visit due to lack of registrations.]
Strasbourg Eurométropole et la BNU ont le plaisir d’offrir des visites gratuites de 2 bibliothèques et d’un musée à des groupes de 17 personnes dans la limite des places disponibles.
Pré-réservation obligatoire.
En cas de manque de participants, EBLIDA se réserve le droit d’annuler les visites.
#1. Tomi Ungerer Museum / Musée Tomi Ungerer
One hour free visit (not a guided tour) for 2 groups of 15 persons (each day) / Visite libre d’une heure pour 2 groupes de 15 personnes maximum (pour chaque jour)
Dates and times / Jours et heures :
  • 31 May 2018 - 16.45 / 31 mai 2018 à 16h45
  • 1 June 2018 -  9.00 / 1er juin à 9h
Meeting point/Point de rendez-vous: Tomi Ungerer Museum; 2 Avenue de la Marseillaise, 67000 Strasbourg
Please note that the museum is a 5 minute walk from the BNU, and that it closes at 18.00.
Veuillez noter que le musée est à 5 minutes à pied de la BNU, et qu’il ferme à 18h.
#2. André Malraux Public Library / Médiathèque André Malraux 
One and a half hours guided tour (in English), for 2 groups of 15 persons (each day) / Visite guidée d’une heure et demie (en anglais) pour 2 groupes de 15 personnes (chaque jour)
Dates and times / Jours et heures:
  • 30 May 2018 - 18.00 / 30 mai – 18h
  • 31 May 2018 - 17.00 / 31 mai – 17h
Meeting point / Point de rendez-vous: Main entrance of the Médiathèque André Malraux / Entrée principale de la Médiathèque André Malraux,  1 Presqu'île André-Malraux, 67100 Strasbourg
Please be there 10 minutes before the tour starts / Merci d’être sur place 10 minutes avant le début de la visite.
#3. Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire (BnU) / National and University Library visit :
One and half hour guided tour (in English) for 2 groups of 17 persons / Visite guidée d’une heure et demie (en anglais) pour 2 groupes de 17 personnes
Date and time / Jours et heures:
  • 1 June – 09:00 / 1er juin - 9h
Meeting point / Point de rendez-vous: Main entrance of the BNU / Entrée principale de la BNU;  6, Place de la République – 67000 Strasbourg

Please be there 10 minutes before the tour starts / Merci d’être sur place 10 minutes avant le début de la visite.


EBLIDA-NAPLE 2018 – PROGRAMME OUTLINE for 30th and 31st of May

26th EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting & EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference
30 May - EBLIDA Annual Council meeting and NAPLE General Assembly
Time:                     9.00 – 14.30
Location:              Council of Europe
N.B.1: if you can’t be attend the Council for the votes on the Constitution and elections, please be sure to send the proxy vote form for Constitution and the proxy vote form for the election of President and EC member at your earliest convenience.
Please contact the and for further information.
N.B.2: between 14.30 and 16.00, the time is booked for accessing the European Parliament on foot and passing the security checkpoints.

30 May – Reception at the European Parliament after the launch of 2nd edition of 60 books for the summer
Time: 16.00 – 17.30
Location: European Parliament, Strasbourg
30 May – Conference dinner
Time: 20.00 – 22.00
Location: Restaurant de la Victoire, Strasbourg
31 May – EBLIDA Conference
Time: 8.30 – 16.30
Location: Bibliothèque national et universitaire

Programme outline in English and French

08.30 – 09.00 Conference Registration / Inscription à la conférence
09.00 - 09.20 Official Opening / Ouverture officielle
  • Alain Colas (Administrator/Administrateur BNU)
  • Camille Gangloff (Councillor / Conseillère, Strasbourg Eurométropole) (tbc/à confirmer)
  • Xavier Galaup (President / Président ABF)
  • Tine Vind (NAPLE Chair/Présidente) on behalf of / au nom de NAPLE & EBLIDA. 
Conference moderation by Lee Hibbard, Council of Europe / Modération de la conférence par Lee Hibbard, Conseil de l'Europe
09.20 - 10.30: Conference Session 1 / Session 1 de la Conférence
  • Bridging beyond borders - the Moon as a future location for archiving and preserving human data indefinitely? Keynote speech by / Discours liminaire de Prof. Chris Welch (International Space University)
Interactive Panel discussion / Table ronde intéractive with Prof. Chris Welch (International Space University), Jukka Relander (outgoing EBLIDA President/Président sortant) and Tine Vind  (NAPLE Chair/Présidente)
10.30 - 11.00 - Coffee break / Pause-café
11.00 - 12.30 Conference Session 2.
Working across border, practitioners’ point of view / Session 2. Travailler à travers les frontières, le point de vue des praticiens
Presentation on Italian ebooks across Europe by Nicola Cavalli (Media Library On Line, MLOL) / Présentation Livres numériques italiens à travers l'Europe par Nicola Cavalli (MLOL)
Presentations and panel discussion with / Présentation et table ronde avec
  • Camille Gangloff (Councellor, Strasbourg Eurométropole/ Conseillère Strasbourg Eurométropole),
  • Catherine Storne (Director, Mulhouse Public Library/Directrice des bibliothèques de Mulhouse),
  • Janosch Nieden (Eucor Director / Directeur d'EUCOR)
  • Christophe Didier (Delegate for Scientific Policy and International Relations, BnU / Délégué aux relations internationales et à la politique scientifique, BnU) 
12.30 - 14.00 - Lunch on site / Déjeuner sur place
14.00 - 15.30 Your turn to practice - workshops / À vous de jouer - ateliers
  • Regional collaboration driving global visibility to a worldwide audience (OCLC) /
  • Une collaboration régionale pour une visibilité planétaire auprès d'un public mondial (OCLC)
Axel Kaschte (Product Strategy Director OCLC EMEA)
  • Copyright Literacy in a cross-border environment, a workshop to build Copyright Literacy in European libraries / 
  • La littératie en matière de droits d'auteur dans un environnement transfrontalier, un atelier pour développer la culture du droit d'auteur dans les bibliothèques européennes
Chris Morrison (Copyright, Software Licensing and IS Policy Manager at the University of Kent) - video message (tbc)
Dr. Jane Secker (Senior Lecturer in Educational Development at City, University of London / Maîtresse de conférence en développement éducatif à City, Université de Londres).
  • The Multicultural Library, a model for Europe, an Erasmus + strategic partnership workshop to exchange practices and ideas /
  • La bibliothèque multiculturelle, un modèle pour l'Europe, un atelier de partenariat stratégique Erasmus + pour échanger pratiques et idées
Magdalena Krasowska-Igras (Project Coordinator / Coordinatrice de projet, Information Society Development Foundation)
Hannah Thominet (Project Officer / Chargée de projet, Public Libraries 2020)
15.30 - 16.00 - Closing session / Session de clôture
  1. Wrap up of parallel sessions / Résumé des sessions parallèles
  2. Announcement of next conference / Annonce de la prochaine conférence
16.00 - 16.30 - Farewell coffee / Café d'adieu

Hotel accommodation

Book your Strasbourg hotel as soon as possible!

(ranging from 2* to 4* hotels)
booking from the ACCOR HOTEL Group

  • Room availability is  subject to availability at the time of booking;
  • The language is automatically in English for connection outside France, and in French for connection within France;
  • Booking dates are set automatically for the night between 30th and 31st May. Guests wishing to book another date may change the date of stay at the top of the page.


Le Lodge Hotel - Brithotel Strasbourg ***
Single room: € 139 per night (breakfast included)
Local city tax: € 1,65 p.p.p.n.
Maximum number of pre-booked rooms: 20.
Distance – 30 min (tram + by foot) from the Conference venue (BNU).
Location on the map
Hotel Victoria**
9 Rue du Maire Kuss, – 67 000 STRASBOURG
Single room: € 70 per night (2 rooms available)
Double twin room standard: € 96 per night (1 room available)
Double twin superior: € 102 per night (2 rooms available)
Buffet breakfast (7 to 10 ): € 9
Local city tax: € 1,65 p.p.p.n.
Distance - 11 min. by tram and by foot from the Conference venue (BNU) (or 20 min by foot).
Location on the map
Hotel D****
15 Rue du Fossé des Treize, 67000 Strasbourg
Double room: starting at € 212,50 per night
Distance - 9 min. by foot (900 m /985 yards) from the Conference venue (BNU)
Location on the map
Régent Contades, BW Premier Collection****
8 Avenue de la Liberté, 67000 Strasbourg
Double room: starting at € 190,50 per night
Distance - 4 min. by foot (300 m / 328 yards) from the Conference venue (BNU)
Location on the map here.
Hotel Au Couvent du Franciscain***
18 Rue du Faubourg-de-Pierre, 67000 Strasbourg,Hotel Au Couvent Single room: starting at € 123 per night / double room starting at € 128 per night
Local city tax: € 1,65 p.p.p.n.
Distance - 11 min. by foot (850m / 929 yards) from the Conference venue (BNU)
Location on the map
Le grand Hotel***
12 Place de la Gare, 67000 Strasbourg,
Double room: starting at € 160 per night
Local city tax: € 1,65 p.p.p.n.
Distance - 21 min. by foot from the Conference venue (BNU) (13 min with tram)
Location on the map.

How to become a Member?

Events and Dates


13-18 May Belgrade, Serbia IFLA MetLib 2018 Conference
17 May
London, UK
CILIP Training: Marketing for Library and Information Professionals

22-25 May

Chania, Crete, Greece
10th Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference (QQML2018)
24 May Brussel, Belgium  
Inforum 2018

30-31 May Strasbourg, France  
26th EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting & EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference
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