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This is just a quick update on what's been going on in the MASON world. Look out for our full newsletter with special offers, blog updates, and product news over the festive period. 
We're still a small business, and it's always especially meaningful to us when a review comes back on a more personal note and the writer really gets MASON. Earlier this month, The Times featured a company bio and review of our Resolution which were both written by Graham Hutson.

He rated the Resolution 4.8/5, and made us feel hugely proud with the following:

'A triumph in cycle engineering'

Going Deeper |

One of our philosophies is simply to make the best bicycles that we can. This really is the reason behind the agonising details, the long hours deliberating over tubesets, and the obsessive design that has, and will, go into every bicycle we put our name on. Everyone who is involved with MASON lives and breathes this passion to commitment and progressive design.
It really warms our hearts to see that enthusiasts such as Graham Hutson can see deeper into our story than the final product.

On Your Bike |

The article is available on The Times Online, but Graham has generously given us permission to share the article here. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we have.
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