Sandy's favourite tools + Lucy Boston Block 17
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Hello to everyone....

I hope you've all been finding some sewing time.

Surrounding myself in all things patchwork, and more specifically being a total English Paper Piecing addict, I was reminded this week that although I'm "into it", there are still some people who haven't investigated all there is to love about English Paper Piecing.

And then I got thinking that it's been a while since I shared in a newsletter, info about all the tools etc that I use all the time when paper piecing. In my little business, I only sell the gear that works for me and that I love and have test-driven. So you can be certain, my tool choices work, are hard-wearing, well manufactured, and are useful. This is important............... How many times do we get demonstrated a gadget that looks so amazing that we must have it NOW, only to find it's really not that useful, doesn't really make life easier etc.....and remains in the drawer, till we actually forget what its purpose was at all ? Well I can guarantee that you won't find that with my favourite tools.

There aren't many, you don't need many tools for English Paper Piecing....all you need will fit in a small bag and you're set to sew on-the-go!

Obviously we will need papers and templates, I have these here.........more on those in a later newsletter........

My favourite English Paper Piecing tools

......for the designing.......

Don't we all just love to fussy cut our fabrics?
A Fussy Cutting Viewer (FCV), used in conjunction with a Fussy Cutting Mirror makes this job 'Oh so easy' by enabling you to see what the finished result will be, so you can move to exactly where you want to cut on the fabric to create the desired result. No more wasting fabric by failed attempts.

Just place the folding mirror along the edges of your Fussy Cutting Viewer's cutout and 'voila' you can see the magic. Pictured here is the Kite shape FCV.
Choose from Hexagon, Pentagon, Kite, Jewel, 6 Pointed Star, 8 Pointed Star, and the honeycomb shapes. Each FCV has individual templates in a variety of sizes.

......for the cutting....
As well as a cutting template to fit your desired paper shape, I just love my pink rotating cutting mat.

This mat eliminates the risk of cutting towards you as it rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to always cut away from yourself without having to re-position your work and re-align your template etc........just marvellous.

.....and I love the 28ml cutter....small and manouvreable...
.........for the basting........
No more agony of sewing through the papers........if you havent tried the glue-stick method of paper piecing, then I suggest you give it a go.

The Sewline Glue Pen allows basting of fabric to paper, for as long as it takes to sew your project, and then it is easy to remove the papers by simple using your fingernail to lift the fabric from the paper.....AND then you can re-use the papers......fantastic.

Refills available too.
........for the sewing.......
For near-to-invisible stitches I think the trick is in the thread and needle choices. For me, that is still Size 11 Milliners needles, the PWBF brand, and I've tried heaps!

To go with those needles I am still in love with Bottomline thread, it's fine, tough, and resists shredding as it glides over the papers endlessly. My colour choice is 617 taupe, it looks like a shadow in the seam and I use it with nearly all fabrics.

And just to feel special when you sew check out these hand-made wooden spool holders made to fit these Bottomline spools are wonderful, complete with a magnet to park your needle on too! My Dad makes these for me and I am hoping that after a major fall he had last year that he can manage to re-stock my supplies soon.

Addicted now?? if you become addicted, you will be happy that I have the solution for sore spots that develop on your fingers, and it isn't an awkward thimble!
Try a Thimblepad, an adhesive, re-usable little leather dot to pop on your problem spot.
Ta more pain, and you don't know it's there. These are a life saver for me with all the piecing I do.

I often use Wonder Clips to hold pieces together as I sew, to save on hand strain.

And that about sums up my favourite EPP tools.

You can see a little picture tutorial on my EPP method in the newsletter section of the website. 
Now to show off another beautiful  Lucy Boston Block.

Ladies are still joining in the Lucy journey with new names being added each week. 
Here she is...
Lucy Boston Block Seventeen

As usual the Kit includes the fabric, papers, and a photo of the block and a photo displaying the fussy cutting requirements.

Kit price is $14

Enter the coupon code "block 17" at the cart and you'll get FREE SHIPPING on this kit
What a great block to get you started on English Paper Piecing if you haven't caught the bug yet....
Now just in case you wanted some of the beautiful  Cloverdale House  fabric, be aware it is selling fast and I only have limited fat quarter bundles of all the range available, as some bolts are almost sold out.

I'll leave you with the 'eye candy' that is Cloverdale House....beautiful range designed by our very own Aussie, Di Ford....

Be safe, have a great weekend, and set yourself some sewing time......

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