Lucy Boston Block 13 + all the info on joining your blocks
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Hi everyone.......I have finally decided (or more like agonised!!) on the joining fabric I think works best to set off our Lucy Boston Blocks.
I tried lighter grey, darker grey, a rusty colour, more patterned get the
In the end, I feel this lovely granite grey colour frames the blocks, isn't patterned to take over the beautiful block designs, and doesn't overpower in it's strength of tone. The lighter fabric just washed away the whole effect and looked pastel, and the more patterned fabrics became too much of a feature in amongst the blocks.
My fingers have been sewing away at every opportunity so I have an image which shows the joining in progress.
So how does it all go together? Referring to the top photo..........
Once you have added your background (cream) fabric surrounding each block, you can place the blocks out in the order you are happy with. Between each block there is a run of 4 x 1" squares of  the joining fabric (grey), in a diamond setting.
After you've worked out and planned the side joins, you'll be left with holes where the cornerstones should be. I have decided, for consistency, to create my grey cornerstones settings out of 1" squares as for the side joins. Basically, you will have a 2" square motif surrounded by double 1" grey square units on each side (as in photo).
Now here you will have a choice to can cut 2" square fabric pieces for the little cornerstone motifs, or do like I chose, and cut 4 x 1" squares (allowing some nice fussy cutting...of course!). You can choose to mix it up and make each cornerstone motif a different design (my choice) or pick a fabric and make them all the same. (When I placed the same fabric motif at each cornerstone, I thought it drew my eye to that aspect, and so I liked the scrappy look better.)  And even better.....if you have popped all your scraps aside from your blocks, the chances are you'll have enough in some to cut some 1" squares (4) to create a motif.
I have put together a pack of 12 lighter fabrics 
already used in our blocks, to create 12 lovely fussy cut motifs to get you started.............
What will you need?

*  35 cm of grey joining fabric....sufficient to join all the blocks so far
*  1"square papers,  (pack of 175).........$7
*  For fussy cut 1" squares motifs, you'll want a 1" square template.......$5
*  Motif fabric pack.... a pack of 12
 lighter fabrics from the blocks so far for creating some nice motifs......$10

All of these are available separately here

....or buy it all together in a pack........

Don't these little motifs look cute?

You can see here how the grey joining blocks wrap around the motif to create the cornerstone.

The fabrics in the packs include all you need to fussy cut the pictured motifs.

Buy the Lucy Boston joining kit
Lucy Boston Block 13

Well they just keep coming don't they?

Every week there are new ladies jumping on board with the Lucy Boston journey, so I'll be keeping up the momentum for a long time yet.
Block price is $14

This includes fabric, papers and photos to make the pictured block.

And don't forget to pop shipping code, "Block 13" in at the cart for FREE SHIPPING.  

......and just for you, I will post the joining pack along with your Lucy Boston Block 13 at no cost to you........Just order the joining pack along with your block and the shipping code will work for both.......
how good is that!? 
Buy Block 13
Well I hope the info I've given you on how to set about joining your blocks is clear.

If you need any questions answered please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

This month I have despatched an order to Denmark for an excited lady. It appears Australia is moving forward with English Paper Piecing and overseas is just catching up. If you are an overseas resident and wish to order from me, simply contact me (email via the contact form on the website works well), I will gather your goodies, weigh and calculate postage, and give you a total amount in Australian dollars which can then be paid by Paypal.......too easy......

There are still some Old Time Kaleidoscope Blocks available if your week turned out to be busy and ordering took a backseat.
Each Block is $30. Block one includes the joining kit and is $45
Included in Block 1 with Joining Kit
* All fabric as pictured
* papers (72)
* photos of block and fussy cutting images where required
* Full instructions for block construction, EPP instructions, cutting template

The size of each block measures 14″ across the diameter, and each side of the hexagon measures 7″, so these blocks are just about twice the size of each Lucy Boston Block. A LB block takes 24 papers, and each Old Time Kaleidoscope Block requires 72 papers to complete. Also with the Kaleidoscope quilt your background is being worked into each block so there's no added expense later for that.
Read more here
Well that about finishes off this newsletter.
I do hope life is being kind to you and offering up some time for you to sew.
Until next time....happy sewing
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