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news update # 52 01.2015


Land of the lush plains, meandering rivers and extensive forests. Therefore it's not surprising that the traditional architecture in Lithuania is wooden. Indeed, Lithuania of today is still rich with wooden architecture. A warm counterpart of the modern concrete, glass and steel structures that characterize contemporary architecture worldwide as also in present-day Lithuania.
To welcome Lithuania to the Eurozone, we hereby present you some great examples of modern architecture in Lithuania. From the brutalist architecture of Palace of Concerts and Sports to the wooden Rupert art center and the glass Baltic Hearts. These inspiring projects proof that Lithuania is not only the geographical centre of Europe *), but definitely one of the architectural hotspots of Europe as well.
*) In 1989, researchers of the French National Geographical Institute found that Europe's geographical centre was in Lithuania, 26km westwards from capital Vilnius. office

Vilnius (2014)

Inblum Architects designed an office for global IT company WIX in Vilnius, including most of the furniture such as working desks, lounge and windowsill seating, “W“- signed drawer units.
design by: Inblum architects
photo by: Darius Petrulaitis

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Rupert art center

Vilnius (2013)

The purpose of Rupert art centre is to provide the artists and researchers with space for workshops, lectures, individual projects and residency. The only opening in the main facade allows the visitor to look at the artists' world like through the keyhole.
design and photo by: Audrius Ambrasas Architects

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Kedainiai (2009-2011)

This is the first crematorium in Lithuania. Unaesthetical industrial environment provoked to create minimalistic and even ascetic scenario. It is one storey concrete building which external and internal quality and unity was created with concrete surfaces.
design by: Gintautas Natkevicius
photo by: Gintaras Cesonis

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VU MKIC library

Vilnius (2012)

Vilnius university library by Paleko ARCH Studija offers cozy inside spaces and with a view to the pineforest. Two glazed facades face the wood and illuminate the trees at night. At the daytime, the trees are sunlit and become a visual part of the interior.
design by: Paleko ARCH Studio
photo by: Raimondas Urbakavičius

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Palace of concerts and sports

Vilnius (1971)

The Palace of Concerts and Sports, built in 1971 in the southernmost part of Zirminai, in the middle of the former cemetery, is an example of Soviet Constructivism and Brutalist architecture, remarkable for its vessel-like exterior. The Palace was once one of the architectural icons of Soviet Vilnius.
design by:
Eduardas Chlomauskas, Jonas Kriukelis & Zigmantas Liandzbergis
photo by: Piotr Krajewski


Siauliu Arena

Siauliai (2007)

This sports and entertainment arena has been built for the European Men's Basketball Championship of 2011. The façade is applied with holographic glass and therefor shades change with the time of day: in the bright sunlight, the building looks like a vivid, playful rainbow. When it is cloudy, the building looks greyish and transparent.
design by: Miliuno Studija & Dvieju Grupe
photo by: Gintaras Balcytis

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Ali Chocolatier

Vilnius (2014)

The chocolate boutique founded by Ali Gadžijevas, Belgian chocolate ambassador in Lithuania, is situated in Bazilijonų street, in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town.
design and photo by: A01 architektai

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Education Centre of European Park

Vilnius (2014)

The roof of the sculptural building grass-lined and looks like a hill. Through the incorporation into the environment, the work of minimal plastic form expression becomes its integral part and explores a new stage of the development of the architecture in Lithuania.
design by: Gintaras Karosas
photo by: Piotr Krajewski

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Baltic hearts

Vilnius (2014)

The complex consisting of three office buildings is planned along the Ukmerges street, which is a highly important artery to the city centre of Vilnius. Important architectural detail: the exterior of ground floor ceiling slab as well as the shell-formed roof slab parapet are made out of cast-in-place concrete.
design and photo by: Audrius Ambrasas Architects

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Siluva square reconstruction

Siluva (2009)

Siluva is a provincial town in the centre of Lithuania with a population of 1,000. As one of the world's best known pilgrim destinations, Siluva hosts the biggest religious celebration in Lithuania every year in early September.
design and photo by: Gintautas Natkevicius

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Wine House Taskas A

Kaunas (2011)

Wine house is located in the main walkway street of Kaunas city - freedom alley. This small wine bar is run by a family, serving only ecological foods and high-quality drinks.
design by: Marius Scerbinskas
photo by: Simonas Prikockis

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Litexpo Pavilion

Vilnius (2006)

Located on a former flood plain of the Neris River, the original 30-year old pavilion and its newer, rather temporary-looking neighbours were judged too small to handle the crowds and an expansion project was established to boost capacity and revamp the entire site.
design and photo by: Paleko ARCH Studio

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LIJO hotel

Gargzdai (2008)

Hotel LIJO is situated in old part of Gargzdai city, surrounded by an old city park.This hotel is different because of its Scandinavian interior, natural materials, cosy and stylish atmosphere.
design by: DO Architects & aketuri architektai
photo by: Andre Baldi

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