December 2022 - eBulletin - Issue 62 

December 2022 eBulletin
Giving Tuesday
Alternatives to Suicide Groups
Should BPD be renamed Trauma Disorder?
Project Air Conference 2022
ISSPD Congress 2023
Research: Skills-based Art Therapy
LE Leadership Award  eFriend
BPD Bandanna - Ideal Gift!
Festive Season & New Year 2023

Helplines & COVID-19 Information

Get Involved
Study - PD Screening Measures
Study - Supporting someone who has attempted suicide
Rep - Carer (ACT)
Study - BPD and Sleep
Study - Existential Concerns & BPD
Study - Attitudes behind BPD stigma
We Still Need Your Voice
Fundraiser - BPD Bandanna
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Consumers / Lived Experience
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Person-centred Care

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Giving Tuesday Logo
Thankyou for your support on Giving Tuesday Australia!
GivingTuesday Australia - 29 November 2022 - was an opportunity to give back to the organisations making a difference in people’s lives. For one day each year, individuals, communities and business come together to give their time, money, goods or voices, to celebrate and thank Australian not-for-profits. Read more Share on social media with the tag #GivingTuesdayAUS
Video ResourcesThese graphics were developed for a previous BPD Awareness Week campaign. We welcome your support on GivingTuesday to help us continue this work and change the narrative about borderline personality disorder. View slideshow and Download to print
You can still donate via Facebook via PayPal Giving Fund or directly at our website

Alternatives to Suicide (Alt2Su) Groups
Alt2Su GroupsAlt2Su (Alternatives to Suicide) is a peer-based group space approach to supporting people who have made suicidal attempts or who experience suicidal thoughts. Research on the model of peer-to-peer support groups as an alternative to medicalised models of response is discussed. This BPD Awareness Week presentation was directed at clinicians, people with lived experience, and those who support them. Alt2Su in NSW is proudly supported by inside out & associates australia

Should BPD be renamed to a Trauma Disorder?
BPD and cPTSDThis discussion by A/Prof Sathya Rao was presented at the Foundations AGM on 23 November 2022. We acknowledge that this topic may evoke strong reactions in some and to find the 'middle road' can be challenging. The foundation holds as one of it's core philosophies to truly listen and to communicate with each other in a way that is inclusive and welcoming with tolerance, compassion and without judgement. (37:53m) View video

Project Air Conference 2022
PA Conference presentersThe 16th International Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders: Person-centred Care was held in Wollongong on 4-5 November. The conference was opened by Natasha Swingler, BPD Awareness Week Ambassador 2022 (right), followed by a presentation from lived experience advocate Allison Li and carer Alex Li (centre) on the recovery experience, and then keynote Professor Anthony Ruocco from Uni of Toronto, Canada (right) discussed clinical and neurodevelopment factors in BPD and familial risk. More details

ISSPD Congress 2023 is open!
ISSPD Congress 2023The International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders is holding the 2023 congress in Australia! It will be held from 1-3 November in Sydney, and will be a great opportunity to hear from internationally renowned experts and show our international guests what we are doing here in Australasia! For the first time the family, carer and consumer day will be integrated into the congress. Project Air (NSW), Spectrum (Vic), BPD Collaborative (SA) and the Australian BPD Foundation will be combining their conferences with this very special event. We encourage you to register, submit an abstract and get involved. More details 

Research - Skills-based Art Therapy for Emotional Dysregulation
Art therapy for EDThis Australian study by lived experience practitioner Mahlie Jewell, et al. evaluated a peer-led art-based skills program for people living with BPD. It found that facilitation of DBT informed art therapy by a peer worker with lived experience of BPD could provide authentic validation, develop a sense of self in participants and assist recovery. Download

Lived Experience Leadership Award - eFriend
eFriend logoeFriend is a FREE service that allows people who are feeling low, lonely or isolated to access virtual peer support sessions via video or phone call. This virtual service is well executed, effective and helpful for consumers impacted by isolation and restrictions during a difficult time. Peer workers can offer insight, provide hope, and empathise from their own lived experience – whether you’re looking for support or just want someone to chat to. Read more

BPD Bandanna - Ideal Gift!
Dolly in BPD bandannaMolly is helping raise awareness of BPD and also funds for the Australian BPD Foundation with these gorgeous Bandannas. They cost $15, $20 for 2, or add $10 for each additional bandanna - postage included! Send in your pics of you or your pets wearing the bandanna for us to share! 
Order bandanna 

Festive Season & New Year 2023
Festive baubleW'ed like to acknowledge you - our members and readers - for your support during the year. We understand this time of year can be a difficult time for some people for a number of reasons. Please take care of yourself and we look forward to reconnecting with you again in 2023.

The festive season is a time for us all to celebrate together and share special gifts. For some people this can unfortunately be a time of additional distress. If you are feeling apprehensive about the upcoming weeks we encourage you to develop a 'wellness plan' - wherever possible in collaboration with your GP/family/friends/support network. This article from St. John of God offers some ideas to cope with stress and anxiety at Christmas. Read more

Holiday period 24hr support services
We have therefore listed some 24 hour crisis phone and chat lines at the end of this eBulletin where they well be easily accessible if if you feel you need to reach out for support.

Helplines & COVID-19 Information
See more information at the bottom of this eBulletin

Membership is FREE for individuals - click here to JOIN now!
Australian BPD Foundation logoThe Australian BPD Foundation is group of volunteer consumers, carers & clinicians passionate about encouraging a positive culture around borderline personality disorder (BPD) and promoting the ready availability and accessibility of appropriate services for everyone impacted by BPD.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible (DGR status)
P.O Box 942, Bayswater, Vic 3153
0458 469 274
Support the Foundation - click here to DONATE now!
Facebook Facebook
Twitter - OzBPD Twitter - OzBPD
Website Website
YouTube YouTube

Get Involved

Study - Personality Disorders Screening Measures
Orygen logoScreening measures are questionnaires  to figure out whether someone needs an assessment interview and/or a particular type of treatment. We are inviting 500 young people to complete the recently developed screening measures (online questionnaires) for personality disorder to find out how they work with young people, previously only used with adults. Participants will receive $30 for their time. More details

Study - Supporting someone who has attempted suicide
Minds Together logo Everymind are assessing a newly developed online program for family and friends supporting someone who has attempted suicide. Minds Together is a short, self-paced program aiming to build skills, knowledge and confidence to support a family member/friend. This research aims to learn how people engage with the program and to identify benefits. More details

Representative - Carer (ACT)
Carers ACTThe ACT Mental Health Commissioning Group is seeking a lived experience carer representative. Meetings held Thursday fortnightly 1-3:30 PM to provide guidance and leadership in relation to the Mental Health Commissioning Project. This is your opportunity to influence how NGO mental health services are delivered. Remuneration provided for successful candidate. EOI due by 9 December. More details

Study - BPD and Sleep
Spectrum logoIf you identify with having the diagnosis of BPD you are invited to take part in a research study looking at your experience of sleep. Sharing your experience will improve how we understand BPD and sleep which may help us to better assist people who are seeking support. Online survey that will require about 10-20 minutes of your time. Details and complete survey

Study - Existential Concerns & BPD
Uni of Sydney logoResearchers at the Uni of Sydney are conducting a study with people over the age of 18 looking at how concerns about existential issues (meaning, identity, isolation) may play a role in BPD. For each participant referred, the Australian BPD Foundation will receive a donation of $5:00. Complete survey

Study - Exploring attitudes behind BPD stigma 
ANU logoResearchers at ANU are seeking to explore the experiences of prejudice of people living with BPD. The interviews are part of a larger research project aimed at understanding the stigma surrounding BPD and developing a framework to better inform stigma-reducing interventions and policies. Participants will be given a $50 Mastercard gift card as a thank you for sharing their time and knowledge. Closes March 2023. Complete survey 

We Still Need Your Voice
We need your voicePlease help make Australia’s political leaders sit up and really take notice of the challenges and opportunities facing people with BPD and their families.  We know that every individual contact by people living in their electorate is powerful. 
With our new Federal Parliament now elected, we are now asking you to please email your newly (re-)elected federal MP and Senators, as well as your State MPs, to ask them to take our ‘National Consensus Statement: By, With and for People Impacted by BPD’ forward on your behalf asking them to advocate for a national approach. Find State and Federal email templates here in case helpful.  

For Consumers / Lived Experience
Resources - Australia Wide

Webinar See the Person
EvelynEvelyn shares their journey with BPD in this webinar held during BPD Awareness Week 2022. Evelyn shares how DBT and Schema therapy have been helpful to learn skills, unpack deeply held beliefs, and be with others who share a similar experience.(1:05 hr) View video

Holiday HeArts - Art Sessions
Holiday HeArts flyerMahlie Jewel is offering 5 free open access art sessions between 24th Dec-1st Jan for people who may struggle during the holiday period due to service shut-downs, high emotions, family issues, loneliness or financial pressures. An online space to come together, make art and chat with others who experience mental health issues. More details

This Christmas Remember to...
This Christmas posterThis poster reminds us to check in and keep connected during the holiday season. If this is a difficult time for you, you may like to prepare by being aware of which support services are open at this time of year and to remember to be kind, compassionate and understanding. Download

Alternatives to Suicide - Alt2Su
Yellow suicide ribbonAlt2Su meetings use a peer-based approach to supporting people who have made suicidal attempts or who have experienced suicidal thoughts. Peer-to-peer mutual support groups provide a space for voicing, sitting  with, understanding and moving through suicidal thoughts. Meeting details

The importance of Connection
BlueKnot logoBlueKnot shares some thoughts on the need to withdraw to feel safe and after experiencing hurt, with the need to balance isolation with the importance of connection to foster healing. If you would like to speak to a trauma counsellor the Blue Knot Helpline and Redress Support Service will be open during the holiday season between 9am-pm 7 days/week on 130 657 380

BPD Recovery Discovery Support Group
My PotentialMy Potential is running a free peer support group for BPD or a trauma-related condition. Meets monthly, online, and has a focus on ways to use occupational strategies in our lives. More details Facebook group

Beyond Blue Forums
Beyond blue logoBeyond Blue have a range of Forums - Staying Well, Relationship and family issues, PTSD & Trauma, Suicidal thoughts and self-harm (not BPD specific) Read more

SANE Special Events 
Topic TuesdayNext topic - To be confirmed
7:00-8:30pm AEST, 4th Tuesday of each month
Read transcripts of previous Topic Tuesdays
Sept 26 'See the Person' BPD Awareness Week
Oct 25 Adjusting to Covid Normal

SANE Peer Group Chat 
Online - Thursdays - 7:00-8:00pm
Add a question for discussion in the next Peer Group Chat
SANE Lived Experience Forum
Safe, anonymous online discussion for people living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Forums are text based - no software needed! The first post of the thread will give you an idea of the topic.
Check out their Guides

Please contact organisations directly to confirm their COVID-19 responses to meeting schedules.

DBT Skills Group Program 2022
These 10 wk psychoeducational skills groups cover mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance & interpersonal effectiveness. (not a complete therapeutic treatment). Contact Natalie 0415 111 894 or email 
Online OR Belconnen, Canberra.

Safe Haven Café
Belconnen - 0421 154 147 Details

AGA Intersex Support Group
A Gender + Agenda is a safe space for intersex folks to meet, trainings, support groups, etc.

Turner - Details

Safe Haven Cafes
Macarthur - Details
Broken Hill - Mission Australia Details 0418 442 767

NT Lived Experience Network
The NT Lived Experience Network have compiled a Service Navigation Resource to help Territorians navigate the NT mental health and related service system. Download

NT Mental Health Coalition
My Recovery is a peer led education and support program for people living with mental health challenges or alcohol and other drug issues. 

Mental Illness Fellowship - NT
Mi PlaceDrop in Centre for training and education. (Not BPD specific) Details
Darwin (08) 8948 1051 or
Alice Springs (08) 8953 1467 or 
Tennant Creek (08) 8962 1931

TEMHCO - Top End Mental Health
Activities in Palmerston and rural areas. Details 

MHACA Mental Health Association of Central Australia
'Pathways to Recovery' providing support with living skills. Drop in Centre open during the week. 'Partners in Recovery' offers care coordination for people with complex needs. Men's Yarning Circle Not BPD specific. More details.
Alice Springs (08) 8950 4600  

Living and Learning Centre
Coaching and wellbeing support for people living in North Brisbane and Pine Rivers areas experiencing mental health concerns. DBT groups or Details
Strathpine - Dec 01 - DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness

Head to Health Drop in Centre (07) 4766 8444
Caring, friendly and helpful mental health and wellbeing support in a calm, safe, and welcoming environment at 32 Walker St Townsville. Details

Inclusive peer run community in Brisbane with four centres. Services include DBT groups, support for suicidal distress, warm phone referral line, counselling and more. Contact (07) 3343 9282 or  Details

Youth Empowered Towards Independence (YETI)
YETI supports young people (12-25) who live in Far North Queensland from our safe, free and friendly space in Cairns. Details

Safe Space - Chermside
Located next to Prince Charles Hospital ED in Chermside near Common Good Cafe, open 2-8pm, Monday to Thursday and 5-8pm Friday. Details

Safe Space - Strathpine NEW
Safe Space is open at 32 Gympie Rd, Strathpine (just north of Brisbane) from 5pm - 9pm on weekdays and 3pm - 7pm on weekends. Details

Safe Haven - Penrith NEW
Run as a drop-in service, Safe Haven is staffed by peer-support workers who offer emotional support and provide information on local services. Open 1pm to 9:30 pm Mon & Wed-Sun (inc public holidays), and 1pm - 5pm Tues. Details

BPD Co - Info Session for Men
BPD Co logoThis online BPD Info Session is especially for men living in SA. It will cover what BPD is, contributing factors and treatments. Presented by a clinician and a person with lived experience. More details ph (08) 7425 6500 or email or flyer
Online - Dec 08 @ 6:30pm Register

Urgent Mental Health Care Centre - 24/7
Walk-in service in Adelaide to support you through a mental health crisis as an alternative to going to ED. Peer-led with clinical support in a caring, safe and inclusive environment. Open 24/7. Read more

Lived Experience Telephone Support Service -  1800 013 755
LETSS provides information about mental health topics, navigation of the SA mental health system, and real time support when you need it. Phone service and online chat available 365 days a year 5pm to 11:30pm 

Coming up for AIR 
Free 4-week parenting program for parents (18+) living with BPD currently parenting a child (0-5yrs). Contact BPD Co on (08) 7425 6500 or email
Plympton & Enfield - Details

MI-DBT (Perinatal program)
Adapted from DBT, this group therapy program is for women living with BPD during the child's first years to support parenting skills early in the infant’s development. Details
Glenside - Helen Mayo House 

The Safe Place Mobile Café
East Coast (mobile van) Details and Facebook

Head to Health - Walk in Mental Health Service
Launceston Details

The Peacock Centre
Opening early 2023 Read more

Spectrum logoOnline Psychoeducation for Individuals with BPD
This course is for people 18-65 recently diagnosed with BPD and have accessed mental health services in Victoria. Provides an overview of BPD, symptoms, therapies, self-care and more.
Online - Dec 16 Register

Discovery College
A place where people come together, learn, share experiences and reach new understanding of mental health. Courses are co-produced and co-facilitated. (Not BPD specific) Details

Lifeline WA - DBTeen Program
The DBTeen Program is a 12-wk DBT based skills groups for young people, run in the Northern, North Eastern, South Eastern, Central and Southern suburbs. Referrals (08) 9261 4402 Details

WA Recovery College 
WARCA courses offer opportunities to gain understanding of self and meaning through positive experiences. (Not BPD specific) Details

Safe Haven Café 
Lived experienced peer-based support for people who might otherwise attend busy and stressful EDs, but do not need intensive clinical and medical support.
Royal Perth Hospital -  Fri-Sun - 3:00pm-7:45pm Details
Kununurra District Hospital - Wed-Sat 4:30pm-10:00pm Details

Consumers of Mental Health WA (CoMHWA) provides education, peer support and systemic advocacy for people with lived experience of mental health issues. (not BPD specific) Details or phone (08) 9258 8911

My Recovery program is for people with lived experience of mental illness who are interested in taking steps toward recovery. Details

WA Peer Supporters’ Network (WAPSN)
Free education and group supervision to build skills, sustain and thrive in your peer support role. (Not BPD specific) Ph (08) 9258 8911 or email or view Events

Helpline - Peer Pathways - (08) 9447 2809
CoMHWA’s Peer Pathways is a WA statewide helpline for people with mental health challenges to find the supports and services needed to promote mental and physical wellbeing. Peer Navigators are trained clinicians.
Phone - 9am-5pm M-F (AWST) Details

New Zealand
Info Hub - Mental Health Foundation of NZ 
This library info hub has been collated so kiwis can be aware of the latest books, videos, articles and findings about mental health and wellbeing.
(not BPD specific) Read more

Friday Peer Recovery and Support Group
For men and women with mental health issues and their whānau. Ph +64 (09) 279 8233 or Email and Details
NZ - Papatoetoe -12:00-1:30pm

For Carers / Supporters
Resources - Australia Wide

DBT for the Holidays
Sashbear logoLearn DBT skills from this Sashbear (Canada) webinar to increase connection and joy during the holidays while balancing and thriving in the emotions that come during the holiday season. Participants will be provided information to ensure relationships deepen and grow in meaningful and skilful ways as they spend time with their loved ones. Toronto Wed 14 Dec 7pm = Thu 15 Dec 10:00am AEDT or 10:30 AECT Time Converter Register

Planning for the Holiday Season
Magic PleaseDecember can be especially difficult for those living with BPD, and for their families who love them. Rita Brown, carer consultant at Spectrum spoke to Sanctuary BPD Carer Support Group last year and shared some great tips for managing the challenges of the festive season. Read more

BPD Loss Support Group
Emotions matter logoEmotions Matter (NY) offer a monthly support group for people who have experienced the death of a loved one with BPD. This time of year can be difficult, and people may find comfort in being able to express their thoughts with peers in this judgment free space. Read more

Mental Health Carers Australia

MHCSAMHCA is the only national advocacy group solely concerned with the wellbeing and promotion of the needs of families and carers supporting someone with mental ill health. Read more

SANE Special Events - Topic Tuesday
Topic TuesdayNext Topic 27 Dec
Read transcript of previous Topic Tuesdays:
Nov 29 Caring for the Carer
Sept 26 'See the Person' BPD Awareness W 2022
Jan 25 Supporting loved ones living with BPD, 2022
Oct 3, 2021  BPD for Friends, Families and Carers, 2021

Carer Supports
SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
Talk to a mental health professional (weekdays 10am-10pm AEST) or Email

More crisis and helplines are listed at the end of this eBulletin. 

Please contact organisations directly to confirm their COVID-19 responses to meeting schedules.

Family Connections
FC KnotFree 12-week program providing education, skills training & support for people in a relationship with a person who experiences the symptoms of BPD. Register

New Zealand - Contact details

Sign up for the NEABPD newsletter to receive updates via the webform at the bottom of the website homepage. You can also join their FC Alumni Community on Facebook 

TranscendA parent led, peer support network for the families of transgender children in Australia. Download their Guide for Parents and Carers, and find appropriate professional support for your state here  Read more

Mental Health First Aid Courses
MHFA logoNot BPD specific, but can assist with confidence in responding to non-suicidal self-harm, psychosis and suicidal ideation. Designed for specific groups such as youth, older person, aboriginal and for teens assisting their peers. Register

Loved Ones (family & friends) Support Group
BPD Awareness ACTBPD Awareness ACT offer a carer support group for anyone who loves and/or cares for a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with or has traits of BPD. Contact
 email or 0415 111 894 or Facebook for details
Meet 1st Monday of each month 5:30pm at Carers ACT 

Holt, Canberra - Dec 5
My Sanctuary Support Group 
My SanctuaryFor carers of people who live with BPD.
Contact ARAFMI Illawarra by email or ph (02) 4283 3993 or text 0450 414 597 or Facebook for details
Meetings held 2nd Tuesday of each month 5:30-7:00pm
Fairy Meadow - Dec 12

ARAFMI Hunter BPD Support Group for Carers
ARAFMI Hunter MH CarersSupport group for carers and families of a person with BPD. More details or read Flyer or Contact ARAMI Samaritans on email or ph (02) 4922 1546 or 0429 397 178
Meetings held 2nd Tuesday of each month 4:00-5:30pm
Broadmeadows - Dec 12

Staying Connected When Emotions Run High
Full day workshop for families, partners and friends supporting a person who has overwhelming emotions, impulsive or aggressive behaviours, self-harm and suicidal behaviours. Photo: Stonemeadow Photography Details  
Dates for 2023 currently in planning

NT Carers
Carer activities include counselling, music therapy, and peer support groups weekly in Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine (not BPD specific). Details

Mental Illness Fellowship
Provides mental health services for carers (not BPD specific). Details and Flyer
Alice Springs (08) 8953 1467
Darwin - Casuarina - (08) 8948 1051

ARAFMI BPD Carer Support Group
Arafmi BPD carerArafmi coordinate a support group specifically to support the carers of those with BPD. 
Meets 3rd Thursday of each month @ 1pm.
Online - Dec 15 Register

ARAFMI Queensland
Arafmi provide a range of support services for families and friends of people with mental illness and/or psychiatric disability. unique challenges. Details

Sanctuary BPD Carer Support Group
Sanctuary logoContact us by email website facebook
Meet 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 6:00pm 

Face-to-Face at Glenside AND online
See website for details.
Online & Glenside - Dec 12 is an off-site Christmas Dinner (email for details)

BPD Collaborative Carer Program
BPD Co logoCarer Info Sessions (2hr) - Intro to BPD
These 2-hr online sessions for carers living in SA provide information and support to families and friends of people living with BPD. For more details phone (08) 7425 6500 or email

Online - Dec 06 Country SA & Metro Adelaide carers Register

Lived-Experience Telephone Support Service (LETTS)
After-hours service supports people with mental health issues as well as their carers, family and friends. From 5:00pm-11:30pm every night. 1800 031 755

Mental Health Families & Friends Tasmania
Carer support group meetings. (not BPD specific) Held online and in Launceston, Hobart, Devonport
Online - Dec 13 - Education & Info Session 'Speak up!' Suicide support
Online - Dec 14 - Peer Support 1:00pm or 5:30pm 
Hobart - Dec 21 - Peer Support 5:15pm
Launceston - Dec 7&8 MH & AOD 1-1 support email for info
Call2Connect Carer Phone Support Program Details or phone 0429 121 576

Learning More about BPD 
Spectrum logoThis 3-hour info session or 1-day workshop by Spectrum is for families, friends and others who support someone with BPD (or a likely diagnosis). It provides info about BPD and how to best support the person whilst still caring for yourselves. Flyer
Richmond - Dec 8 (1-day workshop) Register 

Outer East BPD Carer Support Group
Contact EACH (03) 8720 2500 Details
Meet 3rd Monday of the month 1:00pm Coonara Community House.
Upper Ferntree Gully - Dec 19

BPD Community Family & Friend's Group
Meet 3rd Tuesday of the month 6:30pm. Details
South Melbourne - Dec 20

BPD Support Group for Families, Carers and Friends (MIFWA)
WA BPD CarersThis peer facilitated group offers support to those in a caring or support role of a family member or friend who experiences BPD or similar traits. Contact MIFWA (08) 9237 8900 
Meet 2nd Wednesday of the month 5:30-7:00pm. Details
West Leederville - 14 Dec

Mental Illness Fellowship of WA (MIFWA)

Family members can feel concern, guilt and fear. We can talk with you about your situation, offer information and support. MIFWA aim to provide mutual peer support, promote resilience and coping skills, and increase understanding. Contact MIFWA (08) 9237 8900 
Midland - Details

Online Parent Support Group (MIFWA)
This support group is for those parents/carer supporting young people (not BPD specific). Meet 1st Thursday of each month Contact Caroline at MIFWA (08) 9237-8900 or see Flyer
Online -  Dec 1 (Zoom)

Helping Minds BPD Information & Support
Caring for a family member or friend with a mental illness can be confusing, frightening, exhausting and isolating. No matter how well-meaning, sometimes your friends and family may not know how to support you. However, you do not have to go through it alone. Read more

For Clinicians / Researchers

Online Resources
Where do you sit when offering therapy?
My PotentialOccupational therapist Laura offers some techniques of working with BPD and trauma. She considers where do you sit - physically and metaphorically - opposite/on a screen or with/alongside the person - delivering to, or travelling with the person through the therapy process, sitting with them in the distress? (5:27m) View video

Research - Late Manifestation of BPD
Late manifestation of BPDDr Rachel Jo, et al (Spectrum) recently had this scholarly project published in Personality and Mental Health. The study highlights that a range of stressful factors may precipitate the manifestation of BPD at different stages of a person's lifespan. Download

BPD Guide for GP's 
BPD for GPs book coverSpectrum is pleased to share their new book 'Borderline Personality Disorder - A Practical Guide for General Practitioners' edited by Josephine Beatson and Sathya Rao. For General Practitioners who treat patients with BPD. Read more & Flyer &  Purchase

BPD: Diagnosis and Management in General Practice
RACGP logoThis GP only training is designed to assist GPs in identifying the risk factors and clinical features of BPD. It reviews effective management, appropriate prescribing, involvement of families/carers and crisis management. Activity 181349 (60 mins, CPD: 2 points) Available to RACGP members with a login at 

Conferences / Forums New!

NASSPD Conference
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA - April 2023
NASSPD logoSave the Date! From 21-22 April this conference will be presented by the North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders. It will feature oral presentations, data blitzes (5 min) and poster presentations. Abstracts due 12 Jan 2023. Details

ISSPD Conference
Sydney NSW - 1-3 Nov 2023
ISSPD CongressThe International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders conference will be held in Sydney in November 2023. 
More details 

Project Air International Treatment of Personality Disorder Conference
Sydney NSW - 1-3 Nov 2023

Project Air logoProject Air’s 17th International meeting will be inside the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders Congress, 1-3 November 2023 in Sydney. More Details

Please contact organisations directly to confirm their COVID-19 responses to training schedules.
Australian BPD Foundation
National BPD Training Strategy 
National Training Strategy logoThis professional development strategy has been completed and we are now seeking ongoing funding to continue offering the Stage 3 Core Competency & Train the Trainer Workshops. Meanwhile if you would like to provide this training to your staff please contact us on for a quote. Stages 1 & 2 are still freely available to view at your convenience.
Stage 1 - Webinars
6 online webinars View webinars
Stage 2 - eLearning Modules
5 online modules - ‘Effective Psychological Treatment for BPD’ for mental health workers and service providers. Completed sequentially, each module takes approx 60 mins. Certificate issued. Complete Modules


Bouverie Centre
My Early Relational Trauma Informed Learning (MERTIL)
In this Australian-first program you will learn the identification of and response to early trauma in the parent-child relationship, stemming from parent mental illness, grief, family violence, substance abuse, and related experiences.
Self-paced modules
Online Details
No Bullshit Therapy in Practice 

Blue Knot
Foundations for Building Trauma Awareness
Online - Jan 23 Register
Managing Wellbeing & Recognising Vicarious Trauma
Online - Dec 07 Register
Online - Jan 30 Register
Three Phased Approach: Safety & Stabilisation (2-day)
Online - Dec 09 Register
Trauma Awareness in Practice
Online - Jan 24 Register
Using a Trauma Lens when working with DV & FV 
Online - Dec 16 Register

Webinar Series - Trauma Awareness
Blue Knot WebinarsWellbeing and Emotional Awareness when working with complex Trauma (Webinar)
Webinar - Dec 13 Register
Creating Safety and Connection (Webinar)
Webinar - TBC Register
Building Trauma Awareness (Webinar)
Webinar - Jan 25 Register

Practical Alternatives to Self-harm 101
Online - Dec 9 Register
Befriending your Nervous System: Polyvagal Theory
NZ - Auckland - 2023 Feb 17 Register
Online - 2023 Feb 21 Register
Skills for Working with BPD 101
Online - Mar 17 Register
Online - 2023 May 26 (101) Register
Online - 2023 June 9 (201) Register

LGBTI Professional Development, Education & Training
The National LGBTI Health Alliance have created a database of training opportunities available across Australia. They also have created a checklist for an Inclusivity Audit Tool to assist organisations to be LGBTI friendly. Download

MBT Australia
Online Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) trainings have been developed by the creators of MBT due to the current pandemic, and will be delivered at a time suitable for an Australian clinical audience. Read more

Mental Health First Aid Australia
Four hour face-to-face course for anyone over 18 years. Not BPD specific.
Conversations about Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Flyer and Register
Conversations about Suicide Register

Mental Health Professionals Networks
MHPN logoEnhance your understanding of BPD by joining a BPD-focused network in your area. Networks meet face-to-face and offer you the opportunity to build practitioner relationships, improve referral pathways, benefit from peer support and professional development  opportunities. 
Contact or call 1800 209 031 to start or join a BPD network in your area. Details
Brisbane North
Hobart - EOI's open for BPD Network coordinator
Ipswich/West Moreton
Perth - Common Factors Approach for BPD 5 Dec Register
Perth Complex Trauma 
To join a network and receive their next meeting invitation, register via the new MHPN website portal.

NSW Health - Illawarra Shoalhaven 
Staying Connected When Emotions Run High - For Professionals
Full day interactive workshop outlines how to educate clients, families and carers about 5 key strategies of supporting a person in distress. Details

Orygen – National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health
National training program. Details
Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) in 2023
VIC - Parkville - Feb 8-9, Mar 10-11, Jul 12, Sept 13-14, Nov 15-16 Details

Orygen - Youth Health
Local Community Professionals training program. Details

Project Air Strategy
Please see our Webinars & Podcasts.
Effective Psychological Treatment for BPD 
Online - Modules
Adolescent Intervention - Guide for clinicians
Online - Modules

Psychology Training
Schema Therapy Advanced 
NSW - Sydney - Jul 18-19 Register
VIC - Melb - Jul 20-21 Register

Schema Therapy Society
Schema Therapy is an evidence-based therapy for BPD. The Schema Therapy Society provides links to Schema Therapy training providers around Australia. Details
NSW  VIC  WA (Hayes & Simpson) and WA (Chris Lee)

ST Workshop 1: Model, Methods & Techniques
SA - Adelaide - 2023 Feb 15-17 Register
QLD - Bris - 2023 Feb 22-24 Register
NZ - Auckland 2023 Mar 29-31 Register
VIC - Melb - 2023 May 3-5 Register
WA - Perth - 2023 May 10-12 Register
ST Workshop 2: ST Beyond the Basics
NZ - Auckland - 2023 Sep 23-25 Register
ST Standard Workshop
NSW - Sydney - 2023 Mar 28-29 Register
VIC - Melb - 2023 Mar 31-31 Register
ST Advanced Workshop
NSW - Syd - 2023 Jul 18-19 Register
VIC - Melb - 2023 Jul 20-21 Register
Forensic ST (FST)
VIC - Melb - 2023 Mar 20-21 Register
NSW - Syd - 2023 Mar 27-28 Register
ST for BPD/Complex Trauma
Online - 2023 Apr 26 Register
Child & Adolescent ST
Online - 2023 May Register

Training Calendar
DBT 10-day Intensive Training
Online - 22-26 May & 13-17 Nov 2023 Register

WAAMH Western Australian Association for Mental Health
Being Trauma Responsive
Online - Dec 06 Register
Online - Feb 23 Register

Helplines - 24 hour

COVID-19 Supports
National Coronavirus Helpline - 1800 020 080 
State information 
Telehealth - Bulk Billed appointments from Jan 2022
Beyond Blue
Are You OK?
Head to Health 

Disability Information Helpline

COVID-19 Resources
Translated printed resources and video/audio
Aboriginal languages 
Easy Read English 
Young people and their parents
Older Australians

Database of Helplines in Australia
Find a Helpline

Helplines - 24 Hour
Emergency Services 000
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467
Suicide Line Victoria 1300 651 251
Lifeline 13 11 14 or Chat
Kid's Helpline (5-25yrs) 1800 55 1800 or
13YARN First Nations crisis support line 13 92 76 (24/7)
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636  or Chat
MensLine Australia 1300 789 978
Direct Line 1800 888 236 Immediate counselling & support
Poison Information Centre
13 11 26
National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline 1800 250 015
Counselling Online (AOD)
Ice Help Line 1800 423 238
Family Drug Support Helpline 1300 368 186 or

Helplines - Limited Hours
SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
Mon - Fri 10am-10pm AEST.
Chatline Mon-Fri 10am-10pm AEST/AEDT Details
Blue Knot Helpline - 1300 657 380
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm AEST/ADST
QLife - 1800 184 527
Mon-Sun 3pm-12am AEDT Webchat
Eating Disorders Helpline - 1800 33 4673 (1800 ED HOPE)
Mon-Fri 8am-9pm AEST (except public holidays).

Helplines - New Zealand 24/7
Healthline - 0800 611 116 
Lifeline - 0800 543 354 or text 5347 (HELP)
Need to Talk? (Peer Support) text 1737
More NZ helplines here:

Helplines - Worldwide
Befrienders Worldwide
Facebook I need to find a suicide helpline for myself or a friend
International Database of helplines

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