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Board Bulletin

WA Branch to be launched!

The Board of the Australian BPD Foundation are delighted that Mental Illness Fellowship WA (MIFWA) and Teresa Stevenson from the Rockingham Peel Group Mental Health Services WA have offered to support the development of a West Australian Branch of the Foundation. We have already had expressions of interest from people with lived experience of BPD and family members. If you are interested please contact

QLD BPD information needed

Image Vic BPD ServicesThe BPD Foundation are developing an urgently needed Guide to Accessing Services for all people with lived experience of BPD in Queensland, whether consumer or family/carer.

View the Victorian Guide here which we are currently updating. We welcome any suggestion for additions or changes to the presentation.

Please contact Estelle at or phone (03) 8803 5588 with your ideas.
Logo BPD Foundation
We are a group of volunteer consumers, carers and clinicians passionate about encouraging a positive culture around Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and promoting the ready availability and accessibility of appropriate services for everyone impacted by BPD. Contact us by email
Join now!
Twitter - OzBPD


Stigma Watch

BPD has been one of the most stigmatised mental illnesses around, which is why the BPD Conference theme chosen for 2017 is From Stigma, to Strength. The conference aims to update people on the new research findings and correct damaging myths and stigmas.

Film and television portrayals of BPD, movies like 'Fatal Attraction', 'Girl, Interrupted' and more recently 'Welcome to Me' use the condition to simply create an edgy plot or ignore the reality of the disorder entirely.

Image SANE guide reducing StigmaIf you find media coverage that stigmatises BPD or other mental illnesses, you can report the media item in the form below. The SANE Guide to Reducing Stigma explains the harm stigma causes people affected by mental illness,
examines the role played by the media, and gives
practical suggestions on what you can say and do to reduce stigma. Download guide or Report media stigma here


Image reimagine is a new free online resource designed to help you to gain confidence navigating the NDIS and understand how it can support mental health recovery aspirations. The website is funded by the NDIA and produced by the Mental Health Coordinating Council. View website

Be Medicinewise Week  21-27 August

Image Medicinewise WeekThe seventh annual Be Medicinewise Week (21–27 August) promotes the safe and wise use of medicines, whether prescription, over-the-counter or complementary medicines. This year the focus is on reminding Australians that medicine misuse can happen to anyone. Details

BPD is not treated with a specific medication, though some co-morbid conditions such as anxiety, depression, or drug and alcohol addictions may be. Many clinicians have found themselves prescribing for their BPD patients to provide temporary relief, but ultimately this may create dependencies, weight gain or other side-effects. Many studies show that evidence-based therapies offer skill building and more likelihood of long-term recovery.

Image MedicineWise AppThe National Prescription Service (NPS) has developed a new MedicineWise App to create a medicine record and dose reminders. Details

Get Involved

BPD Awareness Week

Exciting events are being planned for BPD Awareness Week Australia-wide:

Celebration Night!
Lisa Webb, Lived Experience presenter, and Zeke Ox, entertainer, will be raising awareness for BPD on this special evening at The Theatrette, South Melbourne Town Hall.
VIC - South Melbourne - Oct 5 Details

BPD: Stigma to Strength Art Exhibition
Seeking submissions of drawings, paintings, sculptures, poetry, photography and other artistic creations. Submit entries by Sept 29.
ACT - Belconnen - Oct 4 to 20th Details

BPD Family Day - Aboriginal Traditional Weaving and BBQ
ACT - Canberra - Oct 7

BPD Fostering Hope and Optimism Program
VIC - Ballarat - date to be confirmed next eBulletin.

If you are able to organise an event or activity to raise awareness of BPD during the first week of October, please let us know by emailing

Equally well - Physical care and Mental Health

image Equally WellPeople with lived experience of BPD can have their physical health issues overlooked by clinicians who focus only on their mental health. Organisations are now being asked to support Equally Well and look at ways to work differently to improve health outcomes for people living with mental illness. Get Involved here

Make your Mental Health Pledge

'Mental Health Begins With Me'
Image Mental Health Pledge In the lead up to World Suicide Prevention Day in September, and Mental Health Month in October, it is an important reminder for us all to look after our mental health each day. Everyone’s mental health commitment – or pledge – will be unique to them. When you’re ready to make your pledge, fill in the form in the link below, and in 6 months Beyond Blue will email it back to you – as a reminder of your commitment, or a pat on the back for your achievements! Pledge here

Consultation - National Mental Health Commission
The NMHC is extending their Consumer and Carer Engagement and Participation Consultation until 31 August. Consumers, carers, families, support people and other stakeholders are invited to share your knowledge and experience through this consultation. Let them know what is happening for you, what is working, what is not, and what you need. Contribute here

For Consumers / Lived Experience
Beneficial Proactive Discussions

Online Resources Australia Wide

Living with a Borderline Personality - Sonia Neale
Image Sonia Neale “Some people don’t want to know their diagnosis," she says. "But, for me, I found it empowering. I embraced it to the point where now I feel very comfortable with my past and who I am today." View Video (4 mins)

Factsheets: What help is available to me?
Project Air have developed a series of Factsheets for people with BPD, and suggestions of other materials to read. View here
Image What treatment is available to me Project AirImage The Importance of self-careImage Managing Distress Project Air

SANE Forum
A Lived Experience Forum is a safe, anonymous community for people living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Join here

SANE Topic Tuesday - Lived Experience Forums

Aug 8 - Neuroplasticity for employment Join in
These forums do not provide crisis counselling. If you need urgent help, call Lifeline on 13 11 14, suicide call back service on 1300 659 467, or in an emergency call 000.

SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
All calls are answered by clinicians - available 9am-5pm.

If you know of any other Consumer/Lived Experience personality disorder support groups in Australia, or if any of the information provided is out of date, please email us



Are you interested in being part of an informal online ‘community of peers’ group for raising awareness of BPD? This free online group is for South Australian people with BPD traits. Join here

For Carers / Supporters
Beneficial Proactive Discussions

Online Resources Australia Wide

Recovery - The lived experience of a partner
Fred has been a carer/supporter of his partner with BPD for 18 years. Here he offers valuable insights into the role of supporter and some beliefs and behaviours that helped him. View here

Fred's Journey
Fred reminds us 'It is important to understand that as family members and friends that our role, primarily, is to support our loved ones in their recovery journey though there will be times when, due to acute unwellness, we will need to do things for our people. It is important to give back these responsibilities as soon as able so that they can maintain ownership of their recovery.'
Read more

Understanding BPD Factsheet
Image Well Ways Understanding BPD factsheetWellWays help families & friends find better ways.
This factsheet from Mental Illness Fellowship Australia explains BPD, symptoms, risk factors, treatments, and what family and friends can do to help. View here

SANE Carer Forum
The Carers Forum is a safe, anonymous community for the friends, family and carers of those living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Join here

SANE Topic Tuesday - Carer's Forum
Aug 7 to 11 - How to support a loved one through the NDIS Join in
Aug 22 - Women's Mental Health Join in
These forums do not provide crisis counselling. If you need urgent help, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or in an emergency call 000

SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263 - 9am-5pm

If you know of other carer personality disorder support services in Australia, or if any of the information provided is out of date, please email us



Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.
Aug  – Canberra ACT  Register



Staying Connected When Emotions Run High
Free Intervention suitable for anyone supporting someone who experiences BPD or emotion dysregulation.
Aug 29 – Port Kembla Golf Course. Enquiries email (02) 4229 7254

My Sanctuary Support Group
Contact ARAFMI by email or (02) 4254 1699
Meet 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month
Wollongong, NSW


If you know of any personality disorder support services in Northern Territory, please email us

If you know of any personality disorder support services in Queensland, please email us

Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.
Aug 10 – Murray Bridge, SA (Evening, Headspace) Register

Sanctuary BPD Carer Support Group
Contact us by email website facebook or (08) 8276–4552
Meet 2nd Tuesday of each month 4pm–6pm at MIFSA
5 Cooke Tce, Wayville, SA



Mental Health First Aid - Free
Kingston, TAS - Aug 10 & 11 Details

Suicide Prevention Training - Free
Kingston, TAS - Aug 18 Details

If you know of any personality disorder support services in Tasmania, please email us


Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.

Learning More About Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
Free 1-day Spectrum workshop for families and friends
Fitzroy, VIC - Sept 12 Register

Bouverie Centre
Contact Bouverie Centre (03) 9385 5100
Brunswick, VIC

MIND BPD Family and Carer Support Group
Contact MIND Community Services –1300 554 660
Meet 1st Wednesday of each month from 7pm–9pm. Free, just turn up.
Level 2, 76–80 Turnham Avenue, Rosanna, VIC

MIND & St Vincent's Mental Health
Challenging Behaviours
VIC - East Melbourne - Aug 15 Register

From Hospital to Home
VIC - East Melbourne - Sept 5 Register



Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.
Aug – Fremantle, WA Details and Register

For Clinicians

Online Resources Australia Wide


Borderline Personality Disorder, Stigma and Young People
Image Orygen StigmaThis Orygen research bulletin aims to review and integrate research relating to stigma, BPD and
young people. In comparing the stigma that various diagnoses attract, BPD appears the most stigmatised. This article concludes that BPD is a treatable condition. With effective, targeted treatment that appropriately acknowledges the particular difficulties that young people with BPD will bring to treatment, these young people, their families, and their clinicians can justifiably feel hopeful about the creation of a meaningful life. Read more


What is good Clinical Care for Young People with BPD?
This webinar follows on from the Rationale for Early Intervention for BPD webinar. (See June eBulletin or view here.)
The evidence from treatment trials in young people and adults with BPD is that structured, high quality treatments perform almost as well as the specialised BPD treatments.
Good Clinical Care is one such treatment that was developed for young people. In this advanced practice webinar we explore the question, what does Good Clinical Care look like for young people? View video. (1:01hr)


Free Online Course for Professionals

Image NEA BPD Training NEA-BPD Australia provide a link to this education series designed for professionals to learn basic principles for the diagnosis and treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder.  It is the result of a collaboration between Drs. Brian Palmer, Lois Choi-Kain, and John Gunderson and was supported by a grant from the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder to help promote its mission to provide education and build awareness on BPD.
Module 1: Making the Diagnosis
Module 2: Suicidality Course and Outcome
Module 3: Treatment Planning
Module 4: Treatment
Module 5: Psychopharmacology Management
Module 6: Family Involvement
View here

7th National Borderline Personality Disorder Conference

'From Stigma, To Strength'
Perth – 18 Oct 2017

Registrations are filling fast so don’t delay! Register here

Keynote Speakers
  • Professor Andrew Chanen - 'Building a Healthcare System Response to Borderline Personality Disorder'
  • Ms Sonia Neale (WA) - Peer Support Worker
  • Ms Rita Brown (VIC) - Carer Consultant
  • Associate Professor Sathya Rao (VIC)
Panel Discussions
  • What works for me?
  • Diversity of Carer Roles
  • Working with Strengths in BPD
Pre-conference workshop

'Early Intervention for Borderline Personality Disorder' presented by Professor Andrew Chanen. This workshop will cover the current research evidence about BPD in young people and present a model for best practice early intervention services for youth with BPD and associated problems.
Learning objectives are to:
  • Understand the rationale for early intervention for borderline personality disorder
  • Understand the key principles of early intervention for borderline personality disorder
  • Understand the structure of an exemplar early intervention program for borderline personality disorder
  • Distinguish factors that might make treating borderline personality disorder more challenging
  • Provide an overview of a relational model that can assist in working collaboratively with young people with borderline personality disorder.
Networking Event

Join us after the conference - an informal opportunity for peers and leaders to discuss the day's events and support one another in changing stigma to strength. Cocktail finger food and tea and coffee provided.

The 2017 conference is being organised in partnership with the Australian BPD Foundation and the Western Australian Association for Mental Health.

Corporate Sponsorship: Sponsorship Prospectus
Mailing list for Conference updates
Like us on Facebook
Follow on Twitter  #Stigma2Strength


TheMHS Conference
Sydney - 29 Aug to 1 Sept 2017

Embracing Change Through Innovation and Lived Experience
There will be six featured symposia held over the three days of the conference covering topics of Trauma, Warm Human Contact, Legislated Visitor Programs, Workplace Mental Health, Co-morbidity Updates and NDIS. Conference details


11th Annual Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders
3 Nov 2017

Thu, Nov 2  - Consumer & Carer Day
Fri, Nov 3  - Conference
Sat, Nov 4  - Clinician Workshop - Psychotherapy for narcissistic personality disorder by Professor Elsa Ronningstam (USA)
Conference details

Training & Events

Spectrum - The Personality Disorder Service for Victoria

Spectrum supports the treatment of people who have personality disorders and are being treated by Victorian State Government-funded Area Mental Health Services (AMHS, CAMHS and other state-wide mental health services). Details
Understanding and managing challenging BPD presentations
A workshop for private and public practice psychiatrists (1 day workshop + 12 months’ supervision for 2 hours once a month)
VIC - Fitzroy - Aug 16 Register

Understanding BPD presentations: A workshop for general practitioners (evening workshop)
VIC - Fitzroy - Sept 14 Register


Orygen – National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

National training program. Details

Complex Assessments and Case Formulation in Youth Mental Health
Engagement, assessment and case formulation are essential components of the first phase of working therapeutically with a young person.
TAS - Hobart - Sept 5 Register

Orygen Youth Health – Training for Local Community Professionals

Local training program. Details

ANZAP - Australia & NZ Association of Psychotherapy

The Divided Brain and Human Meaning
Dr Iain McGilchrist (UK) presents the evolving theory that the treatment of relational trauma is heavily dependent on the significance of right hemispheric function. Details
NSW - Sydney University - Aug 19
Join in person - or live stream the event


APS - Australian Psychological Society

Treating traumatic memories: best ways to facilitate change
Presented by Associate Professor Chris Lee from the University of WA who has extensive training in DBT EMDR and Schema Focused Therapy. Currently he is principal investigator in a randomised trial for complex PTSD and BPD. He will discuss different trauma focused models used to address trauma memories. Register
SA - Adelaide - Aug 25

Bouverie Centre

Families and Trauma: Advanced
VIC - Brunswick - Aug 11 & 18 Register

Breaking the Code: Working Relationally with BPD
VIC - Brunswick - Aug 24 Register

Healing Aboriginal Families
Many ATSI peoples have been profoundly hurt socially, emotionally and spiritually. This experiential workshop uses methodologies embedded in cultural practices and protocols.
VIC - Brunswick - Aug 29 & 30 Register

No Bullshit Therapy (NBT)
Designed for clients who are therapy resistant, or have had traumatic experiences but don't trust 'do-gooders' to help them.
VIC - Brusnwick - Sept 12 Register

Parenting Plus: Supporting Parents with Adolescent Substance Misuse
VIC - Brunswick - Sept 28 & 29 Register


Centre for Mental Health Education – Australia DBT Institute 

Skills Training in DBT
VIC - Melbourne - Aug 11 Register

Working with Youth in DBT
VIC - Melbourne - Aug 12 Register

Comprehensive Training in DBT (12 months)
WA - Perth - Aug 19 & 20 (Phase 1) Register


Centre for Community Welfare Training

Personality Disorders: A Psychodynamic and Attachment Theory Perspective
NSW - Sydney - Aug 22-23  Register

Personality Disorders (1 day)
NSW - Sydney - Sept 15 Register

Complex Trauma and Mental Health
NSW - Sydney - Sept 27-28 Register



Latrobe Regional Health, Alfred Health, Monash Health, Peninsula Health, & South Eastern
Foundational Counseling & Related skills for Experienced Mental Health Staff, with a focus on Trauma
VIC - Cheltenham - Sept 13 Register


Local Health District - Illawarra Shoalhaven, NSW

Staying Connected When Emotions Run High
Free Intervention suitable for anyone supporting someone who experiences BPD or emotion dysregulation.
Aug 9 – Paramatta, NSW – Register


MHLC - Mental Health Law Centre
See website for further details

Taboos - Masculinity, the law & suicide
This session, for men and women, looks at men’s socialization and how the structure and practice of law can reinforce this socialisation and result in less than optimal behavior ranging from bullying, mental health issues and suicide.
WA - Perth - Aug 24 Register

Mental Health Professionals Networks

WEBINAR - Live - Aug 17
Coordinating mental health care for people experiencing suicide bereavement
. CDP Points.

7:15pm - ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC & TAS
6:45pm - SA & NT
5:15pm - WA

Online - Aug 17 Register for Webinar

Strike While the Iron is Cool: Supporting Family Members and Friends of Someone with BPD
Anna Banfai, Clinical Psychologist, has extensive experience specialising in BPD and complex presentations, in both the public and private sector. She has had extensive training in DBT and ACT, both evidence-based practices for people with features of BPD.  Details
VIC - Brunswick - Sept 19 Register

Childhood Trauma: Research vs Clinical Experience
Dr Martha Kent is a senior consultant psychiatrist in private clinical practice in SA with a particular interest in women’s issues and BPD. Here is her PowerPoint presentation from the Adelaide BPD MHPN on Mar 30, 2017 View 

BPD Network Meetings
The BPD Network is open to all GPs and mental health professionals & agencies working in the BPD area. Practitioners may be able to claim credit towards their continuing professional development. Video recordings of past meeting presentations can be viewed here.

Register here to join your network's mailing list and receive all future meeting invitations. Adelaide BPD Network   Victorian BPD Network

Contact Angela Miller on to start a BPD network in your area.

Turning Point

Putting the pieces together: Working with BPD clients in the AOD sector
Dr Yvette Vardy, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Delmont Private Hospital and Spectrum Senior Education Officer, Turning Point present this full-day workshop for AOD workers and other health professionals seeking foundation knowledge regarding working with people with BPD. Register
VIC - Fitzroy - Sept 

VICSERV – Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria
Trauma Informed Care
VIC - Elsternwick - Sept 20-21 Register

WAAMH Western Australian Association for Mental Health

Co-existing disorders, Addiction and Mental Health
WA - Perth - Aug 29 Details

Trauma Informed Care
WA - Perth - Sep 6 Register

Safe Professional Boundaries
WA - Perth - Sep 12 Register

De-escalation techniques
WA - Albany - Sep 13 Register
WA - Bunbury - Sep 21 Register


Please use this as a place to inform our community of any job vacancies or offers of mentoring. Contact us by email

Creative Corner
Beautiful Personal Designs

Art is emotion – please upload your ‘expression of emotion’ onto Instagram tagged with #bpdawarenessaustralia and it will automatically be showcased in the Mind Museum on the BPD Awareness website.

Your expression of emotion can be art in any form.

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