Dec 2020 - eBulletin - Issue 41 

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GivingTuesday Australia
Myths and Facts on BPD
BPD Peer Support
Podcast - Flipping the Script
Extra MBS COVID sessions
How's Your Head Today?

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Survey - Eating & Personality
Survey - Diagnosis & Personality
Petition - 40 visits for BPD
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COVID-19 Information and phone lines
a comprehensive list at the end of this eBulletin in the Helplines section.

Giving Tuesday Logo

Thankyou for your support on Giving Tuesday Australia!

GivingTuesday Australia - 1 December 2020 - is an opportunity to give back to the organisations making a difference in people’s lives. For one day each year, individuals, communities and business come together to give their time, money, goods or voices, to celebrate and thank Australian not-for-profits. Read more Share on social media with the tag #GivingTuesdayAUS 

Video FtS ResourcesThese graphics were developed for our 2020 BPD Awareness Week campaign. We welcome your support on GivingTuesday to help us continue this work and change the narrative about borderline personality disorder. View slideshow and Download to print

You can donate via Facebook via PayPal Giving Fund or directly at our website

Myths and Facts on BPD
Myths and FactsEmotions Matter (New York) educational film addressing seven common misperceptions about borderline personality disorder (BPD) from the perspective of professional and those with lived experience. For a free Video Teaching & Discussion Guide to accompany the film, contact Emotions Matter at, or see View video

BPD Peer Support
MorganAn article from ABC highlighting the importance of peer support in group workshops. Natalie Malcolmson has grown BPD Awareness ACT over the past six years, supporting Morgan and others who live with borderline personality disorder. Read more

Podcast - Flipping the Script
Headspace Podcast

This Headspace Sessions Podcast discusses 'Flipping the Script: Changing the Narrative on BPD'. Sam, shares her lived experience of BPD, and mental health professional Kristy chats about BPD from a clinical perspective. Listen to Podcast

Mental Health Acronyms
CMHL logoThere are a bewildering array of acronyms are used by mental health services!  The Centre for Mental Health Learning (Victoria) has developed a handy list.
Read more

10 Extra MBS Mental Health Sessions during COVID-19
10 Extra MBSThe expansion of the Better Access Pandemic Support measure ensures Australians whose mental health is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can access an additional 10 Medicare subsidised psychological therapy sessions. This is in addition to the 10 sessions usually available. Visit your GP or psychiatrist for a referral. Read more or download flyer

How's Your Head Today?
How is your head today With the world turned on its head, many of us aren’t feeling like ourselves. But there are things you can do to feel better, like staying connected, being active and keeping busy. The national COVID-19 mental health campaign has developed a collection of resources available from including translated resources. View video 

Festive Season & New Year 2021
Festive DollyWe'd like to acknowledge you - our members and readers - for your support during the year. We understand this time of year can be a difficult time for some people for a number of reasons. Please take care of yourself and we look forward to reconnecting with you again in 2021.

The festive season is a time for us all to celebrate together and share special gifts. For some people this can unfortunately be a time of additional distress. If you are feeling apprehensive about the upcoming weeks we encourage you to develop a 'wellness plan' wherever possible in collaboration with your GP/family/friends/support network.

Holiday period 24 hr support services
We have listed some 24 hour crisis phone and chat lines at the end of this eBulletin where they will be easily accessible if you feel you need to reach out for support.

Foundation Branch News

Please send an Expression of Interest to the Foundation if you are interested in joining a State Branch Committees. Email

The SA Branch members are planning an end-of-year meal to celebrate the end of a challenging year. Keep up to date with SA BPD news on our Twitter account.

The Victorian Branch members are planning MHPN events for 2021.

The QLD Services Directory is still being collated – if you have any information you feel should be included please email us.

The WA Branch were presented with the first prize cheque for the Grill'd Local Matters community grant.  Keep up to date with WA BPD news on our Facebook page.
Support the Foundation - click here to DONATE now!
The Australian BPD Foundation is group of volunteer consumers, carers and clinicians passionate about encouraging a positive culture around Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and promoting the ready availability and accessibility of appropriate services for everyone impacted by BPD.

Mailing address: PO Box 942, Bayswater, Vic 3153.
P: 0458 469 274
Membership is FREE for individuals - click HERE to join now!
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Twitter - OzBPD Twitter - OzBPD
Website Website
YouTube YouTube

Get Involved

Eating Disorders and Personality Characteristics
Monash Uni logoAre you aged 16-30 and live in Australia? Our study involves answering an online survey which will ask about your eating behaviour and what you think about yourself, in particular your personality characteristics. The study will take around 30 minutes and you can choose to enter a draw to win one of two $50 Coles-Myer gift vouchers. More details from Dr Gemma Sharp on or 03 9076 5167. Complete Survey 

Survey - Bridging the Gap between Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Difficulties
Sydney Uni SurveyThe University of Sydney is seeking participants for a research project exploring personality traits in relation to the skills targeted in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).  Please note that for every participant recruited through the Foundation, we will receive a $5 donation. Read more 

Petition - 40 funded Better Access visits per year for BPD
ValidatedSoon to be presented to government! Currently there are just over 16,750 signatures on Help us to make the next milestone – 20,000! Encourage your family and friends and colleagues (maybe even your GP) to sign and keep the momentum going. The petition is requesting an increase in the number of funded visits for treating BPD by the MBS Better Access to Mental Health Initiative, from 10 sessions to 40 sessions, for BPD and other complex mental illnesses. Please sign before the end of 2020 when the petition will be closed, and presented to the federal Mental Health minister. 
Download & Print or Sign Online

BPD Bandannas
Bowie and BellaBowie and Dolly are helping raise awareness of BPD with these gorgeous Bandannas. They cost $15, $20 for 2, or add $10 for each additional bandanna - postage included! Send in your pics of you or your pets wearing the bandanna for us to share! Order on Etsy

For Consumers / Lived Experience
Resources - Australia Wide
Coz of COVID - Carissa
CarissaCarissa has lived experience of BPD and shares 3 health strategies that she used to manage emotions that arose from uncertainty during the pandemic. (4:40m) View video

Calm your Emotions
This Way UpThis great infographic takes you through the stages of calming your emotions. It provides tips on how to describe how you feel, breathe, check thoughts, resist impulsive reactions, and allow emotions to pass. It will take a bit of practice, but once you find a way that feels natural to you, it will become easier.... Read more

The Microscope of Analysis
Big Feels ClubThe Big Feels Club have a light hearted way of discussing important topics - such as 'Life is Terrifying. But are we Freaking Ourselves Out More than we Need To? How to check the facts with the Microscope of Analysis, and how to put it down. Read more

SANE Special Events - Topic Tuesday
Topic TuesdayRead transcript of Oct 6th 
Flipping the Script on BPD
Read transcript of Sept 29th
LGBTQIA+ & Mental Health
December topic TBC Details soon

Online SANE Lived Experience Forum
Safe, anonymous discussion for people living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Forums are text based - no software needed! The first post of the thread will give you an idea of the topic. Hit the 'refresh' button regularly to read the new posts.) Check out their Guides

SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
Talk to or email a mental health professional (weekdays 10am-10pm AEST)

More crisis and helplines are listed at the end of this eBulletin

Please contact organisations directly to confirm their COVID-19 responses to meeting schedules.

Dialectical Behaviour Skills Group
BPD Awareness ACT offers a variety of services including:
-  DBT Skills Training
-  Mentoring and Peer Support for people with BPD
-  DBT Information Seminars
-  BPD Awareness Raising Seminar
Contact Natalie 0415 111 894 or email or Facebook

Psychoeducational Workshops (Single sessions)
Skills Workshop flyerMindfulness Skills - How to stay in the moment and reduce suffering
Dec 5 - 10am-1pm
Distress Tolerance Skills - How to get through a crisis without making things worse
Dec 12 - Spence, Canberra - 10am-1pm Download flyer

DBT Skills Group Program 2021
These face-to-face psychoeducational skills groups cover mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance & interpersonal effectiveness. (An opportunity to practice and review skills, not a complete therapeutic treatment).
Online OR Belconnen, Canberra
Terms 1, 2, 3 & 4 (10wk modules) Download flyer

Recovery College
The ACT Recovery College is a FREE, non-judgmental place for all Canberrans over 18 to learn about mental health, recovery and wellbeing. Term 4 courses are booked out. We will share the 2021 course program ASAP. Email or follow Facebook 

AGA Intersex Support Group
A Gender + Agenda is a safe space for intersex folks to meet and chat with others. Conducts trainings, support groups and events.

Dec 25 - Festivus Event Details & RSVP (COVID-19 catering numbers)

Mental Illness Fellowship - NT
Mi PlaceDrop in Centre, Cool Program, training and education. (Not BPD specific) Details
Darwin (08) 8948 1051 or
Alice Springs (08) 8953 1467 or 
Tennant Creek (08) 8962 1931

TEMHCO - Top End Mental Health
Events in Palmerston and rural areas. December Calendar includes Computer games, gardening and online chair exercises. Details 

MHACA Mental Health Association of Central Australia
'Pathways to Recovery' providing support with living skills. Drop in Centre open Tues-Thurs. 'Partners in Recovery' offers care coordination for people with complex needs. Not BPD specific. Details

MI-DBT (Perinatal program)
This group therapy program is for women living with BPD during the child's first years. Adapted from DBT, it supports parenting skills early in the infant’s development. Supported by PHN in collaboration with Helen Mayo House and Dept Education and Child Services. Details
Phone - 1300 898 213 or Fax Referral 1300 580 249

Embracing BPD
Embracing BPD is a group for people with BPD facilitated by qualified Peer Support workers for sharing experiences and health coping mechanisms. Email and Facebook
Meetings held 1st Wed of each month
Northbridge, Perth - Dec 2 (6:00-7:15pm AWST)

WA Peer Supporters’ Network
Free education and group supervision to build skills, sustain and thrive in your peer support role. Calendar
Ph (08) 9258 8911 or email

For Carers / Supporters
Resources - Australia Wide

Phillis connects with other carers in an online Forum
PhillisPhyllis is a carer for her daughter who lives with BPD. She uses the online SANE Forums as her "lifeline". They are a place to share and learn from a community of real people going through similar things. View video

Tips for Talking about Mental Health
Time to ChangeSome great tips from Time to Change. We know talking about mental health is not always easy. But starting a conversation doesn’t have to be awkward, and being there for someone can make a huge difference. (Not BPD specific). Read more

SANE Special Events - Topic Tuesday
Topic TuesdayRead transcript of Oct 27th Topic Tuesday 
Our Rights as Mental Health Carers 
Dec Topic Tuesday TBC
Carers Forum
SANE Forums are a safe, anonymous discussion for people living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Forums are text based - no software needed! Hit the 'refresh' button regularly to read the new posts. See their Guides

Carer Supports
SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
Talk to a mental health professional (weekdays 10am-10pm AEST) or Email

More crisis and helplines are listed at the end of this eBulletin. 

Please contact organisations directly to confirm their COVID-19 responses to meeting schedules.

Family Connections
FC KnotFree 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences the symptoms of BPD. Register for next group in your area 
Register first, and if you would like to attend one of the groups in the Scheduled Programs please also email to indicate your preference. New Zealand

Relationship Trauma Support Group
The Mental Health Foundation Australia provides a free support group for adults, family or friends. Usually held face-to-face in Melbourne, now online until further notice. Read more
Meetings 3rd Thursday of each month 7:00-9:00pm AEST
Online - Dec 17 - Register

TranscendA parent led, peer support network for the families of transgender children in Australia. Download their Guide for Parents and Carers, and find appropriate professional support for your state here  Read more

Mental Health First Aid Courses
Not BPD specific, but can assist with confidence in responding to non-suicidal self-harm, psychosis and suicidal ideation. Designed for specific groups such as youth, older person, aboriginal and for teens assisting their peers. Register

Loved Ones Support Group
BPD Awareness ACT offer a carer support group for anyone who loves and/or cares for a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with or has traits of BPD. Facebook
Meet 1st Monday of each month at Carers ACT Flyer

Holt, Canberra - Dec 7- Confirm email or 0415 111 894
Psychoeducational Workshop
Carer Skills flyerMindfulness Skills (for Carers) 
How to stay in the moment and reduce suffering. 
Online OR Spence, Canberra 
Dec 13 - 10am-1pm Flyer

My Sanctuary Support Group
For carers of people who live with BPD. Contact ARAFMI by email or ph (02) 4283 3993 or 4283 3499. Fairy Meadows, NSW. 
Postponed - Meetings held 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm

NT Carers
Not BPD specific, but carer activities include counselling, music therapy, and peer support groups weekly in Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine. Details

Mental Illness Fellowship
Provides mental health services in Darwin, not BPD specific. Details and Flyer

Sanctuary BPD Carer Support Group
Sanctuary logoContact us by email website facebook
Meet 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm at Glenside Health Services

Dec 8 - online - see Facebook for details

Lived-Experience Telephone Support Service (LETTS)
After-hours service supports people with mental health issues as well as their carers, family and friends. From 5:00pm-11:30pm every night. 1800 031 755

Mental Health Families & Friends Tasmania
MHF&F TASOnline Safe Space (Video Chats on Zoom)
Carer support, not BPD specific.
Meet online fortnightly on Wed at 6:30pm

Dec 2 - Headspace and Care Planning Register
Dec 16 - The Impact of Alcohol and Other Drugs Register

Hobart Clinic Support Group
Carer Support, not BPD specific. Phone (03) 6247 9960 or email 
Meet 1st Wed of the month Details

Learning More about BPD: For Families and Friends
This info session is for families, friends and others who support someone with BPD (or a likely diagnosis. It provides info about BPD and how to best support the person whilst still caring for yourselves. Held via Zoom, over 2 weeks. Read more
Online - Dec -  Check Eventbrite or email to confirm the date.

BPD Family and Carer Support Group
Meet 1st Wednesday of each month from 7pm–9pm Free. Contact MIND Carer Helpline 1300 554 660 for venue details. Via ZOOM.
No meeting in Jan 2021

Outer East BPD Carer Support Group
Meet 3rd Monday of the month 1:00pm-3:00pm
Coonara Community House. Contact EACH (03) 8720 2500

BPD Community Family & Friend's Group
Meet 3rd Tuesday of the month 6:30pm. Free.
South Melbourne. Details

eGROW Carer Support
Not BPD specific. Now available online. This group is for carers of people with a mental illness and can help with support and connection to other services if needed. Details

Mental Illness Fellowship of WA (MIFWA)
Family members can feel concern, guilt and fear. We can talk with you about your situation, offer information and support. MIFWA aim to provide mutual peer support, promote resilience and coping skills, and increase understanding. For more information contact MIFWA on 9237 8900 or see online Details

Online Parent Support Group (MIFWA)
This support group is for those parents/carer supporting young people (not BPD specific). Phone Caroline at MIFWA on (08) 9237-8900 or see Flyer
Online - 1st Thursday of each month (Zoom)

Helping Minds
Caring for a family member or friend with a mental illness can be confusing, frightening, exhausting and isolating. No matter how well-meaning, sometimes your friends and family may not know how to support you. However, you do not have to go through it alone. Read more

For Clinicians

Resources - Australia Wide
Webinar -  A Common Factors Approach
Common Factors ApproachThis presentation by Dr. Lois Choi-Kain reviews the major evidence based psychotherapies for BPD, distills their common factors, and presents the generalist Good Psychiatric Management (GPM) approach as one way to meet broader needs of the high prevalence of patients with BPD seeking care. (1:48:00) View video

Research - Music Therapy Groups and BPD
Music Therapy
This recent Australian paper Perspectives on musical competence for people with borderline personality disorder in group music therapy from the University of Melbourne explores perspectives on musical competence for 7 people with BPD participating in an 8-week music therapy program. Findings showed 'participants in this study were primarily oriented towards musical competence [although} ... as participants’ musical competencies expanded, emotionality decreased, and a healthier self-concept emerged. Download

Graduate Certificate of Telehealth
Grad Cert Telehealth
The Graduate Certificate of Telehealth is a new course developed in partnership with Turning Point to meet the growing demand for the delivery of healthcare beyond traditional faceto-face services. You will learn from local and international experts about the practical, legal, ethical and policy-related requirements of working at a distance and virtually with patients and clients. Download

BPD: Diagnosis and Management in General Practice
RACGP logoThis GP only training is designed to assist GPs in identifying the risk factors and clinical features of BPD. It reviews effective management, appropriate prescribing, involvement of families/carers and crisis management. Activity 181349 (60 mins, CPD: 2 points) Available to RACGP members with a login at 

BPD Training Strategy
Stage 1 - Webinars
Six webinars available online. View webinars
Stage 2 - eLearning Modules
‘Effective Psychological Treatment for BPD’ is a series of 5 free online modules for mental health workers and service providers. Completed sequentially, each module takes approx 60 mins. Certificate issued. Complete Modules

Stage 3 - Core Competency Workshops
Core Competency coverDue to the current situation with COVID-19, the roll out for these 2-day workshops is planned for March 2021. If you have already registered an Expression of Interest (EOI) we will contact you when details are finalised. NB: This is an EOI only
- numbers are strictly limited. You will receive an email to confirm your registration. 
Notify me about 2021 workshops

Conferences & Forums

Dr Tracy Westerman - Aboriginal Mental Health Workshops
Aboriginal Mental Health Assessment &
Suicide Prevention in Aboriginal Communities Combined Workshop
Tracy WestermanQLD - Townsville - March 10,11,12
SA - Adelaide - March 24,25,26
NSW - Sydney - April 21,22,23
QLD - Brisbane - May 5,6,7
VIC - Melb - May31, June 1,2
NT - Darwin - June 15,16,17

Cultural Competency for Supervisors of Aboriginal People Workshop - PERTH ONLY - ALMOST SOLD OUT
WA - Perth - Feb 11&12, 2021

NDIS & Mental Health Conference - Online - Feb 2021
NDIS conferenceWhat comes next? The transition of people with primary psychosocial disability into the NDIS resulted in changes to mental health supports & services. Topics to be considered will include Innovation, Interface, Human rights, and the Lived Experience Workforce. Details

TheMHS Perth Conference - Perth - Feb 2021
Balancing the System
TheMHS Perth ConferenceIn addition to keynote presenters from Wales, USA and Germany, we will hear lived experience presenters from WA speaking about BPD. Details
WA - Perth - 9-12th Feb 2021

ISST - Schema Therapy Conference - Denmark - June 2021
Inspire 2020 - Reinventing the Therapeutic Relationship

Inspire 2020 logoThe in-person 2020 biennial conference has been rescheduled to June 2021, and current participants have been automatically enrolled in original selections. Details
DENMARK - Copenhagen - 24-25th June 2021

Save The Date! 
ISSPD - 17th World Congress - Norway - Oct 2021
Kaleidoscope Perspectives 

ISSPD Conference 2021The International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders have announced the dates for their next Congress. Pre-congress workshop on Oct 12. Further details will be announced as they become available. Details
NORWAY - Oslo - 13-15th Oct 2021

ESSPD - 6th International Congress on BPD and Allied Disorders 2020 - Belgium - Sept 2022

Change for a better future: Perspectives beyond symptom
ESSPD logoThe European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ESSPD) have rescheduled their Congress, and have listed the abstract topics for submission guidance. Details
BELGIUM - Antwerp - September 2022


Please contact organisations directly to confirm their COVID-19 responses to training schedules.

AADANT Assoc of Alcohol & Other Drug Agencies NT 

Mediation Skills for Managers
Darwin - Nov 5 - Register
Australian Psychological Society
Five steps to successful treatment of borderline personality disorder: Findings from the Project Air Strategy
Presented by Brin Grenyer MAPS, this webinar covers how to implement effective treatments for BPD, and understand the broader context upon which effective care depends. (1.5 CDP)
Online - Dec 3, 7pm AEDT Register
Bouverie Centre
My Early Relational Trauma Informed Learning (MERTIL)
In this Australian-first program you will learn the identification of and response to early trauma in the parent-child relationship, stemming from parent mental illness, grief, family violence, substance abuse, and related experiences.
Details and Register
Online  - Self-Paced learning
Family Sensitive Practice in Working with Disability
Online - Dec 2 Register

Blue Knot
Three Phased Approach - Safety and Stabilisation
SA - Adelaide - Jan 29 Register
Trauma Responsive Leadership
ACT - Canberra -  Jan 2926 Register
Trauma Informed Diversity Awareness (Masterclass)
QLD - Brisbane - Jan 29
Building Trauma Awareness Webinar Series
Online - 2021 webinars available soon here

Emerging Minds
Supporting Children through Understanding Regulation
Podcast - Part 1
Podcast - Part 2 

LGBTI Professional Development, Education & Training
The National LGBTI Health Alliance have created a database of training opportunities available across Australia. They also have created a checklist for an Inclusivity Audit Tool to assist organisations to be LGBTI friendly. Download

MBT Australia
Online MBT trainings have been developed by the creators of MBT due to the current pandemic, and will be delivered at a time suitable for an Australian clinical audience. Read more

Mental Health First Aid Australia
Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Four hour face-to-face course for anyone over 18 years. Flyer and Register
Contact for further details
MHFA also have courses for responding to someone who feels suicidal. Detalis

Mental Health Professionals Networks

Enhance your understanding of BPD by joining a BPD-focused network in your area. Networks meet face-to-face and offer you the opportunity to build practitioner relationships, improve referral pathways, benefit from peer support and professional development opportunities. Contact Ashleigh at to start or join a BPD network in your area.

Collaborative approach to working with children affected by grief
Online - Register - Dec 10 Register

Working collaboratively to address the mental health of people experiencing chronic pain
Webinar Library - session held Oct 20th View video

To join a network and receive their next meeting invitation, please visit:
Brisbane North  
Ipswich/West Moreton
Northern Territory
Perth - 2 Dec - The Borderline Warrior: Power of Lived Experience  Register

Mental Health Victoria
Semester 2 calendar - all courses online
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
Online - Dec 8 & 9 Register

NSW Health - Illawarra Shoalhaven 
Staying Connected When Emotions Run High - For Professionals and Carers
Workshops have been postponed, but registrations remain open. They will endeavour to deliver workshops when isolation has lifted. Details

Orygen – National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health
National training program. Details

Orygen - Youth Health
Local Community Professionals training program. Details
(North western and western metropolitan Melbourne)

Project Air Strategy
Trauma-Informed Care
Online - Register
Understanding and Managing Vicarious Trauma
Online - Register
Project Air Strategy
We are not currently taking registrations for face to face training. Please see our Webinars & Podcasts.
Effective Psychological Treatment for BPD 
Online - Modules
Adolescent Intervention - Guide for clinicians
Online - Modules

Rhythm to Recovery
This 2-day facilitator training teaches strongly evidence-based rhythm-based work. It is focused on creating a safe space to allow participants to reflect on social and emotional challenges. Training manual & video provided. Flyer
TAS - Davenport - Feb 11&12 Register
SA - Adelaide - Mar 4&5 Register
QLD - Gold Coast - Mar 4&5 Register
QLD - Townsville - Mar 11&12 Register
QLD - Brisbane - Mar 15&16 Register
NSW - Sydney - Mar 25&16 Register

Safe In Oz
Details of workshops for 2021 will be available on the 
Safe in Oz website or Facebook page.

Schema Therapy Society
Schema Therapy is an evidence-based therapy for BPD. The Schema Therapy Society provides links to Schema Therapy training providers around Australia. Details
Schema Therapy Standard
Online - Feb 11-12 Register
Group Schema Therapy: The Basics
Online - Feb 9 Register
Schema Therapy Learning Lab
Online - Feb 18 Register
NSW  SA  VIC  WA (Hayes & Simpson) and WA (Chris Lee)

Many workshops postponed please check website for details or Eventbrite
Foundation Training for Working with People with BPD (1 day)
VIC - Richmond - Dec 1 - Register

WAAMH Western Australian Association for Mental Health
NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach
Online - Dec 3 Register 


Please use this as a place to inform our community of any job vacancies or offers of mentoring. A fee may apply. Contact us by email

Helplines - 24 hour

COVID-19 Supports
National Caronavirus Helpline - 1800 020 080 
State information 
Telehealth - Bulk Billed appointments by phone/video until 31 March 2021
Beyond Blue
Are You OK?
Head to Health 

COVID-19 Resources
Translated printed resources and video/audio
Aboriginal languages 
Easy Read English 
Young people and their parents
Older Australians

Database of Helplines in Australia
Find a Helpline

Helplines - 24 Hour
Emergency Services 000
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467
Suicide Line Victoria 1300 651 251
Lifeline 13 11 14 or Chat
Kid's Helpline (5-25yrs) 1800 55 1800 or
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636  or Chat
MensLine Australia 1300 789978
Direct Line 1800 888 236 Immediate counselling & support,
Poison Information Centre
13 11 26
National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline 1800 250 015
Counselling Online (AOD)
Ice Help Line 1800 423 238
Family Drug Support Helpline 1300 368 186 or

Helplines - Limited Hours
SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
Mon - Fri 10am-10pm AEST.
Chatline Mon-Fri 10am-10pm AEST/AEDT Details

Blue Knot Helpline - 1300 657 380
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm AEST/ADST

QLife - 1800 184 527
Mon-Sun 3pm-12am AEDT Webchat

Eating Disorders Helpline - 1800 33 4673 (1800 ED HOPE)
Mon-Fri 8am-9pm AEST (except public holidays).
Donate, Submissions, Subscribe
Logo Registered Charity
We welcome donations to help us to continue to support, promote and advocate for BPD services in Australia.

The Foundation is registered as a charity by the ACNC with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donate with credit card/Paypal, or for EFT/direct debit please email.
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