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Study - Psychologist Perspectives
Study - BPD Relationships
Study - Peer Support for Carers
Study - Self Harm in Adolescents

Update - VIC Royal Commission
Update - Aged Care Royal Comm
Update - Productivity Commission
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BPD Awareness Week is here!
TriciaOur website reflects the boldness of the theme for 2019 - 'Best Practice Deserved'! Read our Lived experience and carer stories, offering real life tips to people walking this path. Also find the downloadable resources to support your BPD Awareness Week activities. If you or your organisation would like to host an event please contact us at
Order Postcards online Badges are also be available for events!

National BPD Conference - Register Now!
Conference 2019 logoRegistrations are now open for BPD: Best Practice Deserved Conference 14-15th November 2019
Download flyer and Register

Details in Conference section below.

National Communication Charter
TheCharterThe Charter is a unified approach to talking about mental illness and suicide. Take a minute to sign the Charter to demonstrate your commitment to reducing stigmatising language and promoting help-seeking and help-offering behaviour. Email us to request a mailed certificate for your BPD Awareness event here, or sign online.

All In The Mind - BPD Feature 6 Oct @ 12:30pm
All in the Mind logoABC Radio National's All in The Mind program is about the brain and behaviour, and the fascinating connections between them. During BPD Awareness Week the host Lynne Malcolm will speak with a couple about their relationship, and Dr Maria Naso, a psychiatrist with specialist knowledge and experience in BPD. The program will air on Sunday 6th October at 12:30pm (EST) and will be repeated Tues 8th at 1:30pm and Friday 11th at 2:00am. Find the ABC radio frequency for your region here. If you miss it, the Podcast will be available online. 

Accessing Practitioners for BPD Mental Health Support
Australian BPD Foundation, Project Air Strategy and 
Spectrum Personality Disorder Service for Victoria offer information on the different types of therapists who may be helpful in supporting people living with BPD. 'Finding a therapist that feels right for you can be a challenging process, although there are various resources out there to support navigating through this process. The various professions listed all have their own professional bodies and directories for locating their members.'

Mental Health Care Plans
A Mental Health Care/Treatment Plan can be used by GPs to refer to eligible clinical/registered psychologist, a mental health occupational therapist or a mental health social worker. This will provide up to 10 sessions per year.
Read more

Petition - 40 funded Better Access visits per year for BPD
ValidatedCurrently there are just over 12,800 signatures on Help us to make the next milestone – 15,000! Encourage your family and friends and colleagues (maybe even your GP) to sign and keep the momentum going. The petition is requesting an increase in the number of funded visits for treating BPD by the MBS Better Access to Mental Health Initiative, from 10 sessions to 40 sessions, for BPD and other complex mental illnesses.
Download & Print or Sign Online

BPD Awareness Week Events

BPDAW logoLet us know what you are planning for BPD Awareness Week so we can share it on our website and social media!


National calendarNATIONAL EVENTS
1 Oct - SANE Topic Tuesday 'BPD Awareness' Details
6 Oct - ABC Radio National 'BPD Awareness' Details

Find a collection of BPD Awareness Week events here.

6 Oct -  Family Fun Day Flyer
8 Oct - NSW Branch & MHPN Flyer and Register
21 Oct - NT Personality Disorders & TI Practice Register
1 Oct - SA Branch & MHPN - Anthony Bateman Flyer and Register
3 Oct - MIND Morning Tea Flyer
6 Oct - BPD Co 'Living Well with BPD' Flyer Register
9 Oct - Stigma Busting with Research - OASIS, Flinders Uni Flyer and Register
2 Oct - Best Practice Deserved and Delivered Flyer and Ipswich and Register
2 Oct - Best Practice Deserved and Delivered Flyer and Brisbane and Register
16 Oct - Hobart MHPN meeting Flyer and Register
1 Oct - Vic Branch Treatment Approaches for BPD Flyer and Register
2 Oct - MIND BPD Familes & Carers Support Group Details
3 Oct - BPD Community Celebration Night - Sth Melbourne Flyer and Register
4 Oct - Learning More BPD Families & Friends Workshop - Traralgon Flyer
5 Oct - BBQ/Picnic in the Park Flyer Email

Foundation Branch News

Australian BPD Foundation AGM
The Foundation will be holding the AGM on 15th November this year - at the National BPD Conference! Members will be receiving their notices in October.

The NSW committee are seeking to appoint a new Chair. Grant applications have been submitted, not successful so far.

The SA committee are participating in 2 BPD Awareness Week events, and have recorded a Podcast for Mental Health nurse training at UniSA.

The VIC Branch organised an evening in BPD Awareness Week for people with lived experience of BPD, their carers and those clinicians and others working with them towards recovery. 
Support the Foundation - click here to DONATE now!
The Australian BPD Foundation is group of volunteer consumers, carers and clinicians passionate about encouraging a positive culture around Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and promoting the ready availability and accessibility of appropriate services for everyone impacted by BPD.

Mailing address: PO Box 942, Bayswater, Vic 3153.
P: 0458 469 274
Membership is FREE for individuals - click HERE to join now!
Facebook Facebook
Twitter - OzBPD Twitter - OzBPD
Website Website
YouTube YouTube
Email Email

Get Involved

Study - Psychologists' Perspectives
Monash UniThis BPD research project by Monash University is for registered psychologists. It will be looking at psychologist' views on the concept of 'recovery', and the main relationship issues relevant to therapy with clients living with BPD. Online/phone interviews offered, participants receive a $40 gift card. Details

Study - BPD & Romantic Relationships
Researchers at Deakin University are conducting a study to learn what factors are important to the success of long-term romantic relationships where one of the couple has BPD. If you are Melbourne-based, over 18 and interested, please complete an initial 10-minute survey to be involved in an interview (participants receive a $25 voucher). Contact Dr Helen Mildred (03) 9843 5867 Flyer and Survey

Study - Peer Support for Mental Health Carers
ANU Survey"How could consumer involvement enhance carers’ perceived social support and mental health in adult mental health services?" This study is about peer support for Mental Health Carers. so you may be interested if you have participated in a BPD Carer Support Group and/or the Family Connections Program. The e-survey takes 20 minutes to complete online. Participants may choose to enter the draw to win $50 Coles gift-cards! Participation is completely voluntary and participant may withdraw from the study at any time. It is not compulsory to provide any identifying information. Email Yin for more details. Survey

Study - Adolescent Self-harm
Project Air Self harm studyProject Air Strategy are inviting parents who have a child under 18 to participate in a study exploring adolescent self-harm. Resources will be developed for parents in similar situations. Participate

Update - VIC MH Royal Commission
Online submissions and public hearings have now closed.
Register to be kept up to date.
The Foundation's submission is available for download.

Update - Aged Care Royal Commission
The Royal Commission will continue to accept submissions until the end of April 2020. Online submission form.
The Foundation's submission is available for download.

Update - Mental Health Productivity Commission
The Draft Report will be released on 31st October 2019. Public Hearings will be held in Nov, Dec and early Jan 2020. Register to be kept up to date.
The Foundation's submission is available for download.

ACNC logoWe welcome your donations to assist the Foundation to Support, Promote and Advocate for people impacted by BPD, and to bring you this eBulletin and BPD Advocate Newsletter. You can choose from any of these platforms, or donate directly to us at:
Australian BPD Foundation
My Cause
My Giving Circle
Good to Give (employer pre-tax deductions)
Beyond Bank (earn high interest, while the bank donates to us)

The Foundation is a registered Charity and has DGR status, so your contributions over $2 can be claimed as a tax deduction.

For Consumers / Lived Experience

Resources - Australia Wide

Put Stigma Aside
CarissaOne thing Carissa learnt through therapy was to not let the stigma get to her, that was when she excelled in areas of her life. She also found self acceptance and validating her own emotions to be turning points towards recovery.
Find Carissa on Instagram: @embracingbpd & @caristopherrobbins 
This video is part of the #WeSpeakUp series by Consumers of Mental Health WA and Neami National (1:43m) View Video

Tips and Tricks for Lived Experience Advocacy
Tips & TricksThis fact sheet from the Australian BPD Foundation has been co designed by people with lived experience of BPD. It aims to guide  advocates who are sharing their stories and breaking down stereotypes and stigmas. The tips will help people to share safely being mindful of the impact of their stories on others, and importantly on themselves. Download

SANE Special Events - Topic Tuesday - BPD!
Image Topic TuesdayBPD Awareness
Featuring Spectrum BPD clinicians as facilitators

Tues 17 Sept, 7-9pm AEST
For this Topic Tuesday we will be talking all things BPD with special guests from Spectrum BPD Service, Victoria.
Read transcript for last 'Topic Tuesday' Navigating work life and mental health

SANE Lived Experience Forum
Safe, anonymous discussion for people living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Forums are text based - no software needed! The first post of the thread will give you an idea of the topic. (Hit the 'refresh' button regularly to read the new posts.) Check out their Guides
Topic: Looking after Ourselves - BPD

SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
Talk to or email a mental health professional (weekdays 10am-10pm AEST)

More crisis and helplines are listed at the end of this eBulletin


Dialectical Behaviour Skills Group
BPD in ACTPlease let us know if you are interested in the Term 4 Group so we can arrange an intake session and can let you know further information. If you are interested call, text or email Natalie 0415 111 894 or
ACT - Canberra - Oct 16/17 (Term 4)

Recovery College
ACT Recovery College logoThe ACT Recovery College is a FREE, non-judgemental place for all Canberrans over 18 to learn about mental health, recovery and wellbeing. Book early for BPD specific courses. Flyer and Calendar

AGA Intersex Support Group
AGAA safe space for intersex folks to meet and chat with others, run by our Intesex Project Worker. A Gender + Agenda has many other events, c
heck out their calendar
ACT - Canberra - lots of activities in October!

Mental Illness Fellowship - NT
Contact the nearest office to find out more about their services and programs - Mi PlaceDrop in Centre, Cool Program, and training and education. Not BPD specific.  Details
Darwin (08) 8948 1051 or
Alice Springs (08) 8953 1467 or 
Tennant Creek (08) 8962 1931

MHACA Mental Health Association of Central Australia
Services offered include: 'Pathways to Recovery' providing support with living skills. 'Day to Day Living' is a community based program of structured activities for people living with mental distress. Drop in Centre open Tues-Thurs. 'Partners in Recovery' offers care coordination for people with complex needs. Not BPD specific. Details

This group therapy program is for women living with BPD during the child's first years. Adapted from DBT, it supports parenting skills early in the infant’s development.
Enquiries - 1300 898 213
Fax Referral 1300 580 249

For Carers / Supporters

Resources - Australia Wide

Strategies for Effective Communication 
Strategies for Effective CommunicationThis updated fact sheet from Project Air Strategy lists 5 key strategies to guide you in building healthy relationships with the person you care for who lives with BPD. Learn about the relationship dances, safety planning, and how to know when to call emergency services. Download

SANE Special Events - Topic Tuesday
Image Topic Tuesday logoBPD Awareness
Featuring Spectrum BPD clinicians as facilitators

Tues 1 Oct, 7-9pm AEST
For this Topic Tuesday we will be talking all things BPD with special guests from Spectrum Personality Disorder Service, Vic.
Transcript of recent 'Topic Tuesday' When Caring for Parents

Carers Forum
SANE Forums are a safe, anonymous discussion for people living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Forums are text based - no software needed! The first post of the thread will give you an idea of the topic. (Hit the 'refresh' button regularly to read the new posts.) See their Guides
Topic: Understanding BPD and Being a male in a caring role

Carer Supports
SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
Talk to a mental health professional (weekdays 10am-10pm AEST) or Email Email

More crisis and helplines are listed at the end of this eBulletin.

Family Connections
FC KnotFree 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences the symptoms of BPD.
Register for next group in your area

Register first, and if you would like to attend one of the NSW groups below, please also email to indicate your interest.
Oct 1 - NSW - Hyde Park - Tue 6:00-8:00pm  Details  Register
Oct 1 - VIC - Malvern East - Tues 6:00-8:00pm Register Waitlist

BPD Loved Ones Support Group
This is a carer support group for anyone who loves and/or cares for a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with BPD or who has traits of BPD. Contact Natalie by email or 0415 111 894. Meetings held at Carers ACT, on the first Monday of each month Details

Due to public Holiday on Monday, the next meeting will be
Oct 14 - Holt, Canberra (5:30-7:30pm)

Staying Connected when Emotions Run High
The workshop will provide families, foster carers and friends with additional relationship skills to support someone (between 12yrs to 100yrs) who experiences relationship difficulties, overwhelming feelings and can behave in a way that makes them a danger to themselves or others.

Wagga Wagga - Oct 24 Register
Wagga Wagga - Oct 25 Register
Queanbeyan - Nov 28 Register
Queanbeyan - Nov 29 Register

My Sanctuary Support Group

For carers of people who live with BPD. Contact ARAFMI by email or ph (02) 4283 3993 or  4283 3499. New time - 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm
New address - ARAFMI, 17 Princes Hwy, Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519

NT Carers
Not BPD specific, but carer activities include counselling, music therapy, and peer support groups weekly in Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine. Details

Mental Health First Aid Courses
Not BPD specific, but can assist with confidence in responding to self-harm, psychosis and suicidal ideation. Register

Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences the symptoms of BPD. Register


Sanctuary BPD Carer Support Group
Contact us by email website facebook or (08) 8276–4552
Meet 2nd Tuesday of each month
Oct 8 - No session due to BPD Awareness Week events
Skylight, 5 Cooke Tce Wayville (4:30-6:30pm) NEW TIME !

Lived-Experience Telephone Support Service (LETTS)
This after-hours service supports people with mental health issues as well as their carers, family and friends. It is available between 5:00pm-11:30pm every night. 1800 031 755


Mental Health First Aid Courses
Not BPD specific, but can assist with confidence in responding to self-harm, psychosis and suicidal ideation. Register


Learning more about BPD: Workshop for Families & Friends
Information about BPD and how to best support the person you care about whilst still caring for yourself.
Richmond - Nov 21 - Register
Richmond - Dec 10 - Register

BPD Family and Carer Support Group
Meet 1st Wednesday of each month from 7pm–9pm. Free. Contact MIND Carer Helpline 1300 554 660 for venue details.

GROW Carer Support
This group is for carers of people with a mental illness and can help with support and connection to other services if needed. Details


Helping Minds
Caring for a family member or friend with a mental illness can be confusing, frightening, exhausting and isolating. No matter how well-meaning, sometimes your friends and family may not know how to support you. However, you do not have to go through it alone. Read more

For Clinicians

BPD: Diagnosis and Management in General Practice
RACGP logoThis GP only training is designed to assist GPs in identifying the risk factors and clinical features of BPD. It reviews effective management, appropriate prescribing, involvement of families/carers and crisis management. (60 mins, CPD: 2 points) Details
Available to RACGP members via

National BPD Training Strategy
Stage 1 - Webinars
Training Strategy logo
Six webinars available online. View webinars

Stage 2 - eLearning Modules
Stage 2 logo‘Effective Psychological Treatment for BPD’ is a series of 5 free online modules.This e-learning program for mental health workers and service providers will assist in gaining the knowledge and skills to provide evidence-based treatment and support to the person with BPD and their family/carers. Completed sequentially, each module takes approx 60 mins. Certificate issued. View Modules

Conferences & Forums

9th Annual National BPD Conference - Nov 14 & 15 (Vic)
BPD - Best Practice Deserved
Registrations are open for the 20Conference Flyer19 National BPD Conference. We will
explore the various facets of what is Best Practice for supporting/treating people impacted by BPD and looking at 'what works' and current research.
Sponsorship opportunities are available.

VIC - Melb - Nov 14 PreConference Workshop:
A/Prof Sathya Rao will present a workshop for mental health professionals exploring “Working with Complexity (psych-social problems as well as BPD, or co-existing problems, co-existing diagnoses)". Register
VIC - Melb - Nov 15 Conference:
For people with lived experience, families, friends & clinicians. Register

13th International Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference - Nov 7 & 8 (NSW)
Personalising Effective Treatment
PA Conference FlyerProject Air Strategy Conference - Fri 8 Nov Flyer
Family and Consumer Day - Thurs 7 Nov Register
Professor Ueli Kramer, Lausanne University Hospital - Institute of Psychotherapy and General Psychiatry Switzerland, will present a keynote on Effective processes in treatment for personality disorder: what science teaches us and an all-day Saturday workshop on "Case formulation for personality disorder.
NSW - Wollongong - Nov 7 & 8 Details

45th International Mental Health Nursing Conference
Integrated Care: People, Practice, Policy
ACMHN ConferenceBPD Awareness Week Ambassador Professor Mike Hazelton will give the opening Oration at the ACMHN 2019 Conference. This event will bring a range of speakers to explore the concept of integration - what is it, where we are up to, what the barriers and enablers are, and what the vision should be.
Day 1 - Understanding the attitudes of emergency department staff towards people who self-harm presented by Karen Edward
Day 1 - Eurella: Establishing an innovative Step-Up, Step Down Community Based Hospital Alternative Service presented by Bridget Hamilton
Day 3 - An innovative approach to integrating research into practie: Supporting adolescents who experience episodes of distress
NSW - Sydney - Oct 8-10 Details

Auspath 2019
Myth busting: Sorting Fact from Fiction in Trans Healthcare
The Australian Professional Association for Trans Health Conference sessions will cover mental health, endocrinology, strengthening Community and more.
WA - Fremantle - Oct 24-26 Details

Australian Assoc of Social Workers Conference 
Challenging Inequality: Working together for a Just Society - Nov 7, 8, 9
AASW conference logo
This conference will challenge inequality in your day-to-day work and will inspire you with new ideas and innovative practice. The 3 day program will include these sessions that may be insightful for your practice with people living with BPD. 
Day 2 - Partnering in our work with young people with complex needs (2G)
Day 2 - The first 1000 Days: Ensuring Early Intervention principles are inclusive of Adolescents at Risk (2G)
Day 2 - Skills Workshop 3 Using Creative Arts Exercises 
Day 2 - Challenging Inequality through Complex Discharge Planning (3F)
Day 3 - Trauma Informed Practice...Beyond the Words (4G)
SA - Adelaide - Nov 7, 8 & 9 Details

3rd WA Mental Health Conference 2019
Strengthening our Community

Focusing on the theme of Mental health starts where we live, lern, work and play, this conference will look at recovery & healing, balancing the mental health system and prevention, as well as service integration.
WA - Perth - Nov 19-20 Details


Bouverie Centre
17th Annual Mental Health Mini Conference
Family Involvement: Overrated or Underdone?
VIC - Brunswick - Oct 8  Register

Increasing Accessibility of Mental Health Services Through Walk-in Counselling
VIC - Brunswick - Oct 23 Register

No Bullshit Therapy
VIC - Brunswick - Nov 7 Register

Shame, Trauma & Family Relationships
VIC - Brunwick - Nov 14  Register

Blue Knot
Embedding Trauma Informed Care and Practice for Managers
QLD - Brisbane - Oct 25 Register
NSW - Sydney - Sep 19 Register

Foundation for Trauma Informed Care and Practice (Lvl 1)
WA - Perth - Oct 18 Register
SA - Adelaide - Oct 28 Register

Intro to Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma Clients (Lvl 1)
QLD Brisbane - Sep 11 Register
SA - Adelaide - Sep 20 Register
NSW - Sydney - Sep 27 Register

Managing Vicarious Trauma
WA - Perth - Oct 25 Register
QLD - Sunshine Coast - Oct 31 Register

Managing Vicarious Trauma for Legal & Justice Sectors
VIC - Melb - Oct 29 Register

Trauma Informed Care and Practice
QLD - Brisbane - Sep 6 Register

Trauma Informed Care and Practice - DV
QLD - Brisbane - Oct 8 Register
NSW - Sydney - Oct 25  Register

Trauma Informed Transgender/Gender Diverse
NSW - Sydney - Oct 23 Register

Working with Psychosis and Trauma - Masterclass (Matt Ball)
VIC - Melbourne - Sep 18 Register

Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma Clients (Lvl 2)
VIC - Melbourne- Oct 24 Register
NSW - Newcastle - Oct 31 Register

Working with Inter-generational and Collective Trauma
NSW - Sydney Oct 24 Register

Facilitator Training
Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts
DRUMBEAT is an evidence-based social and emotional learning program, incorporating hand-drumming and proven to build resilience and show measurable changes in social behaviour. Three day training.
VIC - Newport - Oct 22/23/24 Register

LGBTI Professional Development, Education & Training
The National LGBTI Health Alliance have created a database of training opportunities available across Australia.They also have created a checklist for an Inclusivity Audit Tool to assist organisations to be LGBTI friendly. Download

Lighthouse MBT Parenting Program
Mr Gerry Byrne and  Ms Clare Mein will be in Perth to deliver Lighthouse Groups, an MBT Parenting model of intervention for high risk parents.
WA - Perth - Jan 7-10, 2020 Flyer

Mental Health Professionals Networks
Enhance your understanding of BPD by joining a BPD-focused network in your area. Networks meet face-to-face and offer you the opportunity to build practitioner relationships, improve referral pathways, benefit from peer support and professional development opportunities.

MHPN have listed their BPD Awareness Week meetings here

To join a network and receive their next meeting invitation, please visit:
Adelaide - Oct 1 Anthony Bateman - Flyer Register
Brisbane North - Oct 2 - Flyer and Register
Hobart - Oct 16 - Flyer and Register
Ipswich/West Moreton - Oct 2 - Flyer and Register
Northern Territory - Oct 21 - 'Cross Cultural Approaches and Mental Health' Register
Sydney - Oct 8 - Flyer and Register

Contact Ingrid at to start or join a BPD network in your area.

MBT Australia
Professor Anthony Bateman will be delivering accredited  Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) trainings in Australia in 2019.

MBT for Families (MBT-F)
An adaptation of MBT suitable for applying mentalizing ideas to work with families. Core Skills and practice, including games and activities suitable for children.
NSW - Sydney - Nov 7, 8 & 9 Register

Mental Health First Aid Australia
Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Four hour face-to-face course for anyone over 18 years. Flyer and Register
SA - Golden Grove - Oct 4
TAS - Triabunna - Oct 10
NSW - Forster - Oct 
VIC - Warrandyte South - Oct 25
QLD - Gold Coast - Oct 28
QLD Brisbane - Oct 28

MHFA also have courses for responding to someone who feels suicidal. Detalis

Orygen – National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health
National training program. Details

Orygen - Youth Health
Local Community Professionals training program. Details
(North western and western metropolitan Melbourne)

Emotion management & problem solving
VIC - Parkville - Oct 23 Register

Responding to self-harm and suicide risk
VIC - Parkville - Oct 31 Register

Opening the Doors
VIC - Parkville - Nov 7 Register

Working with young people with BPD
VIC - Parkville - Nov 13 Register

Safe In Oz
Introduction To Working With Individuals Who Have Self-Destructive Behaviours Register
SA - Murray Bridge - Oct 3 & 4
SA - Adelaide - Oct 7 & 8
TAS - Deloraine - Oct 10 & 11
WA - Middle Swan - Oct 14 & 15
WA - Bunbury - Oct 17 & 18
WA - Manjimup - Oct 21 & 22
WA - Esperance - Oct 24 & 25
WA - Midland - Oct 28 & 29

Schema Therapy Society
Schema Therapy is an evidence-based therapy for BPD. The Schema Therapy Society provides links to Schema Therapy training providers around Australia. Details

Schema Therapy 1 - The Model, Methods & Techniques
This 3-day workshop will help attendees gain a understanding of the Schema Therapy model and provide an extensive platform for learning new skills and techniques used in Schema Therapy. 
ACT - Canberra - Nov 21/22/23 Register
TAS - Hobart - Feb 12/13/14 2020 Register
VIC - Melbourne - Feb 26/27/28 2020 Register
NSW - Sydney - Mar 18/19/20 2020 Register
QLD - Brisbane - Mar 18/19/20 2020 Register
WA - Perth - Mar 11/12/13 2020 Register

Schema Therapy 2 - Beyond the Basics
SA - Adelaide - Nov 5/6/7 Register
WA - Perth - Nov 6/7/8 Register
QLD - Brisbane - Nov 28/29/30 Register

Contextual Schema Therapy
A guide to integrating ACT and 3rd wave therapy approaches.
NSW - Sydney - Oct 11 Register
VIC - Melbourne - Nov 8 Register

Mentalization based treatment for BPD
Two day workshop
VIC - Richmond - Dec 5-6 Register

Voices Vic
Voices Vic is a dynamic peer-led network of voice hearers, peers, carers and professionals that work together to reduce the distress which can be associated with hearing voices. We facilitate groups, training and one on one peer work. Training Calendar Website
The Hearing Vices Approach
VIC - Prahran - Nov 12 Register

WAAMH Western Australian Association for Mental Health
Creating Recovery Plans
WA - Perth - Oct 2 Register

Safe Professional Boundaries
WA - Perth - Oct 16 Register

Power Threat Meaning Framework
WA - Perth - Nov 1  Register


Please use this as a place to inform our community of any job vacancies or offers of mentoring. A fee may apply. Contact us by email

Helplines - 24 hour

Emergency Services 000
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467
Suicide Line Victoria 1300 651 251
Lifeline 13 11 14 or Chat
Kid's Helpline (5-25yrs) 1800 55 1800 or
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636  or Chat
MensLine Australia 1300 789978
Direct Line 1800 888 236 Immediate counselling & support,
Poison Information Centre
13 11 26
Family Drug Helpline 1300 660 068 sharc
Ice Help Line 1800 423 238

Helplines - Limited Hours

SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
Mon - Fri 10am-10pm AEST.
Chatline Mon-Fri 10am-10pm AEST Details

Blue Knot Helpline - 1300 657 380
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm AEST/ADST

Eating Disorders Helpline - 1800 33 4673 (1800 ED HOPE)
Mon-Fri 8am-9pm AEST (except public holidays).
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