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BPD Awareness Week
NSW Gold Card Clinics for PD
Prescribing for BPD
Self-Harm, Suicide and BPD
LGBTI Support

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R U OK? Day
Trial - The Alison Project
Survey - Stigma for people 12-21yrs
Forum - Mental Health Tribunals

Forum - WA Chief Psychiatrist
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Board Bulletin

BPD Awareness Week

AusImage BPD Awareness Week logotralia-wide events are planned for BPD Awareness Week
1-7 October 2017
See for more details.

BPD Conference - 'From Stigma to Strength'
Image BPD Conference logoThe 7th National BPD Conference 2017 is shaping up to be a major event in Perth this year! Register now
More details in Conference section below.

Launch of national 'BPD Webinar Series' for Mental Health Professionals
The Australian BPD Foundation is pleased to announce that Dr Peggy Brown, CEO, National Mental Health Commission will officially launch 'Upskilling and engaging clinicians working with people with BPD and their families' - stage 1 of the National BPD Training and Professional Development Strategy.
Melb - Oct 4 - Email Julien for more Details

Launch of national 'BPD Consumer and Carer Survey' results
Email Janne for more Details

BPD Awareness Forum
Canberra - Sept 26 (5-7pm) Email Natalie for Details

BPD: Stigma to Strength Art Exhibition & Opening Evening
Image ACT Art Exhibition flyerSeeking submissions of drawings, paintings, sculptures, poetry, photography and other artistic creations. Submit entries by Sept 29, see Details.
Canberra - Oct 4-20
Opening - Oct 4 (5pm) Details

BPD Family Fun Day - Aboriginal Traditional Weaving and BBQ
Canberra - Oct 7 Details

Awareness Event
LImage NSW Awareness event blyeraunch of the NSW BPD Mental Health Professionals Network and information from Project Air clinicians (Brin Grenyer & Fiona Ng). Hear about the recovery journey of consumer (Mahlie Jewel), and carer (Peter Heggie). Presented by the NSW Branch in conjunction with Mental Health Carers NSW and Project Air Strategy.
Sydney - Oct 5 - Flyer Email Laura for more details.

Movie & Discussion Night - 'Borderline (A Film)'
'BordeImage SA Awareness eventrline (A Film)', released 2016 in the US, is a documentary/movie of a of woman with BPD, starring experts such as Gunderson, Linehan, Zanarini and Poor. Supper &   after-movie discussion with a panel including Martha Kent, a psychiatrist who has specialised in treating people with BPD. Review
Adelaide - Oct 5 Details

BPD information display at 7th International Carer's Conference
Adelaide - Oct 4,5,6 - Details
See the MIND booth at the Conference.

Celebration Night!

Image VIC Awareness Week flyerLisa Webb, Lived Experience presenter, and entertainer Zeke Ox, will be raising awareness for BPD on this special evening at The Theatrette, South Melbourne Town Hall.
South Melbourne - Oct 5 Details

BPD Community Information and Support Session - for people who care for someone living with BPD
Presented by Dr Peter McKenzie from Bouverie Centre, Vic.
Ballarat - Oct 3 Register by Sept 27

Launch of WA Branch of the Australian BPD Foundation
Perth - Oct 6 - Email Sharon or Samantha for more details.

If you have not as yet planned an activity for National BPD Awareness Week, please talk with your colleagues, networks and friends about planning something - big or small it all helps to raise awareness! Contact us at
Logo BPD Foundation
We are a group of volunteer consumers, carers and clinicians passionate about encouraging a positive culture around Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and promoting the ready availability and accessibility of appropriate services for everyone impacted by BPD. Contact us by email
Join now!
Twitter - OzBPD


NSW Gold Card Clinics for Personality Disorders

Image Gold Card ClinicsMinister for Mental Health Tanya Davies recently launched four new Treatment of Personality Disorder "Gold Card Clinics" - making over 12 Clinics now in operation across NSW. Read more

Medications and BPD

In the research paper 'Prescribing and borderline personality disorder' Andrew M Chanen and Katherine N Thompson summarise their findings as
'The first-line management for borderline personality disorder is psychosocial treatment, not drugs. There are major prescribing hazards including poly-pharmacy, overdose and misuse. Drug treatment might be warranted for patients who have a co-occurring mental disorder such as major depression. If a drug is prescribed ... it should only be as an adjunct to psychosocial treatment. There should be clear and collaborative goals that are regularly reviewed with the patient'.  Read more

Self-Harm, Suicide and BPD

People with Borderline Personality Disorder may harm themselves or behave in a suicidal way. Some find self-harm brings temporary ‘relief’ from their distress. This is a symptom of the illness and requires treatment from a health
professional. If you’re worried about someone who is feeling suicidal seek professional support or advice from your local doctor or agencies listed here.

Suicide Prevention

Image suicide Prevention AustraliaSuicide Prevention Australia deliver national leadership for the meaningful reduction of suicide in Australia. They promote World Suicide Prevention Day, support R U OK? Day and Communities Matter, as well as provide advocacy, policy and access to research. Details

Support for Local Communities
Communities Matter provides suicide prevention support for small towns and local communities. The website has planning tools and templates to assist community members who want to take action to prevent suicide in their local area. Read more

LGBTI Support

With lots of public discussion about LGBTIQA+ lives and rights, it can sometimes be tricky to take a little time out. If you need to talk, you can contact QLife 3pm to Midnight, every day of the year, from anywhere in Australia, phone 1800 184 527 or webchat.

For a comprehensive list of other support services available to you visit Communities Matters/Suicide Prevention Australia LGBTI page here.

As well as talking to trusted people about how you're feeling, take time for you away from media and social media if it is getting too much for you.

Take care, the SPA team #selfcare   #youarenotalone

Get Involved

R U OK? Day - 14 September

Image R U OK? Day Simple steps that could change a life. This suicide prevention charity encourages more people to ask R U OK? and offers helpful tips on how to start meaningful conversations. Ask, listen, encourage action & check in. The website provides free promotional material for your school, workplace or community. View video (30 secs) More details

BPD Trial - The Alison Project

BPD/Complex Trauma Disorder (CTD) and the role of Memantine
There are no evidence-based medications currently approved for BPD, though memantine has been shown to improve CTD symptoms, and other medications may be useful for depression and anxiety which often co-exist.

This trial involves questionnaires and a randomised trial where people will be assigned to take either memantine or a placebo. Participants need to live close to Melbourne to meet regularly with researchers at the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre. Details

Survey - Stigma for people 12-21yrs

Today, many young people are diagnosed with a mental health disorder. We want to know how this impacts them as they develop their self-identity. If you are 15-21 years, and have a mental health disorder, please consider completing this anonymous 15 minute survey

Participants have the opportunity to win one of 10 $20 Coles-Myer or iTunes vouchers.

Forum - Vic Mental Health Tribunal Consumer and Carers

We're listening: improving Tribunal hearing experiences for consumers, their carers and families.
Invitation to attend forum. RSVP by Sept 27.
VIC - Melbourne - Oct 18 Details

Forum - WA Chief Psychiatrist

An opportunity for Consumers and Carers to provide feedback on mental health services in WA to the Chief Psychiatrist. RSVP by Sept 22. Ph 6553 000 or Register
Cockburn - Oct 11
Joondalup - Oct 12

For Consumers / Lived Experience
Beneficial Proactive Discussions

Online Resources Australia Wide

Road to Recovery - Hayley Peckham
Image Hayley PeckhamHayley talks about some of her struggles and triumphs with psychotherapy for symptoms of personality disorder. She now feels more in control of her life, is happier and has better relationships. Hayley encourages people to go on the journey of seeking experiences that will help you out. View Video (8:23 mins)

Personality Disorder Online Support for 18-25s
Image ReachOut NextStepReachOut have free articles, practical support, tools and tips to help young people wanting to learn about personality disorders and other mental health issues.
Read more

NextStep is an anonymous online tool accessed by computer, tablet or mobile phone using 4 easy steps. Based on what you type in, the tool offers articles, apps, peer forums, online chat, phone help or face to face support.  View tool

SANE Forum
A Lived Experience Forum is a safe, anonymous community for people living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Join here

SANE Topic Tuesday - Lived Experience Forum

Oct 3 - Living with BPD - your questions answered. 7-9pm AEST.
To get email reminders and updates Register here
These forums do not provide crisis counselling. If you need urgent help, call Lifeline on 13 11 14, suicide call back service on 1300 659 467, or in an emergency call 000.

SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263
All calls are answered by clinicians - available 9am-5pm.

If you know of any other Consumer/Lived Experience personality disorder support groups in Australia, or if any of the information provided is out of date, please email us


Workshops Australia wide

blue knot foundation
Educational Workshop for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Abuse

Workshop will assist participants (over 16) to understand how trauma and abuse relates to current challenges, learn about their coping strengths and the biology of stress. It will also explore strategies to help manage emotions and possibilities for recovery. Register

NSW - Sydney - Oct 21
VIC - Melbourne - Oct 28
QLD - Brisbane - Nov 4
SA - Adelaide - Feb 10, 2018
NT - Darwin - Mar 17, 2018
QLD - Townsville - Apr 21, 2018
ACT - Canberra - April 28, 2018
WA - Perth - May 5, 2018
TAS - Launceston - May 19, 2018


Are you interested in being part of an informal online ‘community of peers’ group for raising awareness of BPD? This free online group is for South Australian people with BPD traits. Join here

For Carers / Supporters
Beneficial Proactive Discussions

Online Resources Australia Wide

Understanding Self-harm for Families
Image Headspace Self Harm FamiliesHeadspace advise 'There are a number of reasons why a young person may self-harm. It may be a way of telling other people about their distress and asking for help, a way of coping with stress or emotional pain, or a symptom of a mental illness like depression [or BPD]. Sometimes it suggests that they are thinking about suicide. Not everyone who self-harms is suicidal, but sometimes people die as a result of their self harm behaviour.' View video (7:31 mins)

Family Guidelines
These very practical guidelines were developed by BPD therapists John Gunderson, and Cynthia Berkowitz for families supporting someone living with BPD. Topics covered include goals, family environment, handling crises, addressing problems and limit setting. Read more

BPD Information from HealthDirect
Image HealthDirect BPD InfoQuick reference sheet explaining possible causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. Read more

SANE Carer Forum
The Carers Forum is a safe, anonymous community for the friends, family and carers of those living with mental illness, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals. Join here

SANE Topic Tuesday - Carer's Forum
No Carer Forums scheduled for September.
These forums do not provide crisis counselling. If you need urgent help, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or in an emergency call 000

SANE Helpline - 1800 187 263 - 9am-5pm

If you know of other carer personality disorder support services in Australia, or if any of the information provided is out of date, please email us



Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.
Sept – Canberra ACT  Register



Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.
Sept 19 – Sydney, Hyde Park (6-8pm) Register
Oct 31 - Sydney, Hyde Park (6-8Pm) Register
Jan 31 - Hunter (6-9pm) ARAFM
I Register

My Sanctuary Support Group
Contact ARAFMI by email or (02) 4254 1699
Meet 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month
Wollongong, NSW



If you know of any personality disorder support services in Northern Territory, please email us

Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.
Sept 18 – Logan (6-8pm) Register
Sept 20 - Inner South Brisbane (3-5pm) Register


Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.
Oct 18 -  Glandore (6:30pm-8:30pm) Details Register

Sanctuary BPD Carer Support Group
Contact us by email website facebook or (08) 8276–4552
Meet 2nd Tuesday of each month 4pm–6pm at MIFSA
5 Cooke Tce, Wayville, SA



Mental Health Carers Tasmania
Mental Health First Aid - Free
Queenstown, TAS - Oct 4  Details

Suicide Prevention Training - Free
Queenstown , TAS - Oct 5 Details

If you know of any personality disorder support services in Tasmania, please email us


Learning More About Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
Free 1-day Spectrum workshop for families and friends
Nov 15 – Fitzroy. Register. Email for more details.

Building a Future
Peer led education for families, friends and carers. $5 per session. Phone (03) 9784-6800
Aug 23-Oct 11 – Frankston.

Bouverie Centre
Contact Bouverie Centre (03) 9385 5100
Brunswick, VIC

Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.

MIND BPD Family and Carer Support Group
Meet 1st Wednesday of each month from 7pm–9pm. Free, just turn up.
Contact MIND Carer Helpline –1300 554 660 – for venue details.



Family Connections
Free 12-week program providing education, skills training and support for people supporting a person who experiences BPD symptoms.
Sept 4 – Fremantle (5:30-7:30) Register
Sept 21 – Collie (1-3pm) Register
Sept 22 – Busselton (10-12pm) Register
Oct 17 – Glandore (6:30-8:30pm) Register

For Clinicians

Online Resources Australia Wide


Therapists’ Metacognitive Monitoring of the Psychotherapeutic Process With Patients With BPD
This July 2017 paper by Brin Grenyer looks at the language therapists use and their own mentalization processes during therapy sessions with patients with BPD. Read more


Mental Health Super Summit 5-22 Oct 2017
Image Super Summit 2017You decide what you'll pay - all proceeds go to Act for Kids charity! Twenty expert speakers and 20 hours of specialist training (with CDP). The Summit will be delivered via webinar sessions from 5-8 Oct, and will continue to be available on-demand until 22 Oct. Topics include:
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Personality Disorders (Judith S. Beck PhD)
  • Recent Advances in the Psychological Treatment of PTSD (Terence M. Keane PhD)
  • Early Intervention for Severe Personality Disorder: A Neglected Public Health Priority (Andrew Chanen PhD)
Details and Schedule

7th National Borderline Personality Disorder Conference
Perth – 18 Oct 2017
From Stigma, To Strength

The National BPD conference is shaping up to be a major event this year!
Registrations are filling fast so don’t delay! Register now

Keynote Speakers: Program
  • Professor Andrew Chanen (VIC) - 'Building a Healthcare System Response to Borderline Personality Disorder'
  • Ms Sonia Neale (WA) - Peer Support Worker 'Fighting Stigma and Finding Strength'
  • Ms Rita Brown (VIC) - Carer Consultant 'From Stigma to Strength a Carer Perspective'
  • Associate Professor Sathya Rao (VIC)
  • What's Worked for Me - Consumer panel
  • What's Worked for Us - Carer/Family panel
  • Building Bridges and Fences: Core Treatment Strategies for BPD - Clinical Workshop
  • Working with Strengths in BPD
Networking Event
  • Join us after the conference to discuss the day's events and support one another in changing stigma to strength. Cocktail finger food and tea and coffee provided.
Pre-conference workshop (17 Oct): Register (separate registration)
  • 'Early Intervention for Borderline Personality Disorder', presented by Professor Andrew Chanen.
Mailing list for Conference updates
Like us on Facebook
Follow on Twitter  #Stigma2Strength

This event is organised in partnership with the Australian BPD Foundation and the Western Australian Association for Mental Health and is gathering major sponsorship support.

Thanks to our sponsors:
Image Conference Sponsors
Corporate Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available via the Prospectus, and the full list of current sponsors can be viewed here.


11th Annual Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders
3 Nov 2017

Consumer & Carer Day (Thu Nov 2): Program
  • Consumer and Carer Lived Experience Stories.
  • Roundtable discussion to identify priorities for the future of services and care.
  • What consumer and carers need to know about diagnosis, effective treatment, and how to navigate the mental health system' by Prof Brin Grenyer.
  • 'What is a peer support worker?' by Rae Radican, NSW Ministry of Health.
  • 'How to run a peer led group program for BPD' by Fiona Ng & Ely Marceau.
Travel and registration bursaries available for Consumer & Carer Day. Applications close 2 October 2017. See flyer for details.

Conference (Fri Nov 3): Register
  • Opened by Peggy Brown, CEO of the National Mental Health Commission
  • Keynote: 'Understanding narcissistic personalities: what research and clinical experience teaches us' by Professor Elsa Ronningstam (Harvard, USA)
  • Consumer & Carer advocates
  • Clinicians from Australia, Singapore and UK
Clinician Workshop (Fri Nov 4):
  • 'Psychotherapy for Narcissistic Personality Disorder' by Professor Elsa Ronningstam (USA)


Spectrum - The Personality Disorder Service for Victoria

Spectrum supports the treatment of people who have personality disorders and are being treated by Victorian State Government-funded Area Mental Health Services (AMHS, CAMHS and other state-wide mental health services). Details
Mentalization based treatment for BPD (2-day workshop)
VIC - Fitzroy - Oct 23 & Nov 20 Register


Orygen – National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

National training program. Details

Orygen Youth Health – Training for Local Community Professionals

Local training program. Details

Working with Young People with Borderline Personality Disorder
This workshop aims to provide participants with an understanding of BPD, principles of practice and strategies for working with
young people with BPD.
VIC - Parkville - Oct 18  Register

Blue Knot Foundation

Safeguarding yourself - Recognising and Responding to Vicarious Trauma
TAS - Hobart - Sept 8 Register
NSW - Ballina - Sept 15 Register
NSW - Wollongong - Sept 22 Register
QLD - Wavell Heights - Oct 16 Register
QLD - Rockhampton - Oct 20 Register

A Three-phased Approach - Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma Clients - Two Days
QLD - Birtinya - Sept 14 Register

Integrating trauma-informed practice when working with clients affected by AOD
VIC - Melbourne - Sept 15 Register

Supporting Practice with Complex Trauma Clients
NSW - Sydney - Sept 15 Register
VIC - Melbourne - Oct 27 Register

Foundation for Trauma-informed Care and Practice
SA - North Adelaide - Oct 20 Register
TAS - Launceston - Oct 23 Register

Bouverie Centre

No Bullshit Therapy (NBT)
Designed for clients who are therapy resistant, or have had traumatic experiences but don't trust 'do-gooders' to help them.
VIC - Brunswick - Sept 12 Register

Parenting Plus: Supporting Parents with Adolescent Substance Misuse
VIC - Brunswick - Sept 28 & 29 Register

Mini-Conference: Suicide-care, responsibility?
VIC - Brunswick - Oct 10 Register

Narrative Therapy - Approaches to Trauma
VIC - Brunswick - Oct 13 Register

Introduction to Family Therapy (4 day workshop)
VIC - Brunswick - Oct 23, 24, 25 & 26 Register
Centre for Community Welfare Training

Complex Trauma and Mental Health
NSW - Sydney - Sept 27-28 Register

Understanding and Working with Simple and Complex Trauma
NSW - Moruya - Oct 16 Register


Latrobe Regional Health, Alfred Health, Monash Health, Peninsula Health, & South Eastern
Foundational Counseling & Related skills for Experienced Mental Health Staff, with a focus on Trauma
VIC - Cheltenham - Sept 13 Register


Local Health District - Illawarra Shoalhaven, NSW

Staying Connected When Emotions Run High
Free Intervention suitable for anyone supporting someone who experiences BPD or emotion dysregulation.
NSW - Penrith - Oct 11 Register


Mental Health Professionals Networks

WEBINAR - Save the Date

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?
Image MHPN webinarFree BPD webinar series for practitioners. Registrations are opening soon for the first webinar in this professional development series, to be held on Tuesday 31 October, 7.15 – 8.30 pm AEDT.

Attend to hear an expert panel, facilitated by psychologist Dr Lyn O’Grady, explore a fictional case study. Through this discussion, you will learn to identify Borderline Personality Disorder, its underlying causes, and discover ways to discuss this diagnosis with patients and families.

Produced by the Mental Health Professionals’ Network,  in partnership with the Australian BPD Foundation and Spectrum, the webinar series will help practitioners to improve understanding of the complexities of BPD and better support people living with BPD and their families. Learn more.

Tuesday Oct 31
7:15pm - ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC & TAS
6:45pm - SA & NT
5:15pm - WA

Victorian BPD Network Meeting
Strike While the Iron is Cool: Supporting Family Members and Friends of Someone with BPD

Anna Banfai, Clinical Psychologist, has extensive experience specialising in BPD and complex presentations, in both the public and private sector. She has had extensive training in DBT and ACT, both evidence-based practices for people with features of BPD.  Details
VIC - Brunswick - Sept 19 Register

Adelaide BPD Network Meeting
'A BPD Conversation'
Panel discussion. Date to be advised.

BPD Network Meetings
The BPD Network is open to all GPs and mental health professionals & agencies working in the BPD area. Practitioners may be able to claim credit towards their continuing professional development. Video recordings of past meeting presentations can be viewed here.

Register here to join your network's mailing list and receive all future meeting invitations. Adelaide BPD Network   Victorian BPD Network

Contact Angela Miller on to start a BPD network in your area.
Schema Therapy


Turning Point

Putting the pieces together: Working with BPD clients in the AOD sector
Dr Yvette Vardy, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Delmont Private Hospital and Spectrum Senior Education Officer, Turning Point present this full-day workshop for AOD workers and other health professionals seeking foundation knowledge regarding working with people with BPD. Register
VIC - Fitzroy - Sept 14

VICSERV – Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria
Trauma Informed Care
VIC - Elsternwick - Sept 20-21 Register

WAAMH Western Australian Association for Mental Health

Safe Professional Boundaries
WA - Perth - Sept 12 Register

De-escalation techniques
WA - Albany - Sept 13 Register
WA - Bunbury - Sept 21 Register
WA - Kalgoorlie - Oct 25 Register

Drugs, Alcohol + Mental Health

WA - Bunbury - Oct 19 Register

Dual Disability: Mental Health & Disability
WA - Perth - Oct 31 Register


Please use this as a place to inform our community of any job vacancies or offers of mentoring. Contact us by email

Creative Corner
Beautiful Personal Designs

Art is emotion – please upload your ‘expression of emotion’ onto Instagram tagged with #bpdawarenessaustralia and it will automatically be showcased in the Mind Museum on the BPD Awareness website.

Your expression of emotion can be art in any form.

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