Renegade seeking skilled manufacturing companies for future project. Apply within. 
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Renegade Game Studios Announces Sentient
The latest in advanced robotics for work and home.
San Diego, CA (March 28th, 2053) Today, Renegade Game Studios has announced an important discovery in artificial intelligence and biomechanical engineering.  Five robotics prototypes have been unveiled covering all the basic needs of a robust society. The recent breakthrough in programming technology will help complete everyday tasks, remove workers from dangerous industrial environments, and protect us from enemy forces.
The Information Bot model offers the ultimate in hands-free technology. As it glides alongside the user, important information will be displayed with constant updates about work, entertainment, breaking news stories, and more. With patented hover technology, they will easily avoid obstacles and can even alert users of danger. It will soon be unthinkable to leave the house without one.


While the Information Bots will keep citizens safe in the city, Military Units will defend the greater urban area. Using a unique energy force modulator, each unit will be equipped to handle minor uprisings without endangering law enforcement officials. For larger scale attacks, new classified modules are available.
In the current world of high-speed professional environments, time is one of our most valued resources. Realistic Service Androids will seamlessly integrate into society, alleviating the need for many dreary time-wasting tasks. There will no longer be a need to fold your own laundry, clean your house, or shop for groceries. Your Service Android can cover all your simple daily tasks while simultaneously keeping track of long-term maintenance needs and automatically scheduling repairs. This will leave you with more free time to work and play!
Traveling to nearby attractions has become much easier and enjoyable with the unveiling of the new Transport Automaton. Comfort and class are coupled with state of the art deep neural network that is constantly improving and adjusting for your ultimate safety and comfort. Interior sensors will detect your temperature, mood, and health, automatically regulating the environment as needed. External instruments will help navigate through even the busiest skies.
Manufacturing has seen a surge in artificially intelligence over recent years as tighter safety protocols make it untenable to allow workers near production zones. The latest Industrial Robot announced today will make it completely unnecessary to place valued employees in harm’s way while also increasing efficiency, improving quality assurance, and allowing new manufacturing processes that require increased precision.


Renegade is now seeking skilled manufacturing companies to apply for permits to be the first to produce these fine new machines as part of the Sentient project. It will require expertise in programming for artificial intelligence and implement deep learning. Interested parties should apply with the lead designer of the project, J. Alex Kevern here. More information will be sent as it is revealed. When the final project is fully unveiled, it will be available for 2-4 competing companies, should take about 45 min, and will be released this summer. 


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About Renegade Game Studios

Renegade Game Studios is a premier developer and publisher of original award winning board games, including Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, Lotus, and Kitty Paw. Our mission is to publish games that are fun, challenging, and unique.  We believe that gaming is for everybody and that everybody is a gamer; you just need to find the right games!

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