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At the end of the year, most PR professionals fit into two camps, either they have spent their entire budget for the year or they have a little bit left over and are looking for one last media hit for their clients. If you are in the second camp, there are numerous cost-effective solutions to get your clients that a final media splash for 2017. Here are five great solutions we offer at Gourvitz Communications. 
Getting your clients b-roll footage on TV stations has never been harder, but over the last 30 years, Gourvitz Communications has forged relationships with producers and stations all over the country. No matter what your story or how much b-roll you have, we can GUARANTEE TV coverage all over the country.  We regularly book segments in Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Cleveland, Milwaukee,  Las Vegas, San Antonio, Austin, Providence, Columbus, Jacksonville, Portland, and dozens more. We also deal on a regular basis with nationally syndicated shows like "The Daily Flash", "NewsWatch", and "Coffee with America". We offer free airchecks for all placements.  Price depends on the number of placements. 
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Why pay the whole Satellite Media Tour bill when you can pay 1/4 of the price. We have several upcoming Co-Op SMTs for the holiday season. The Prices range from $11,000 - $12,500. Every CO-OP includes the following:
  • 15 MILLION GUARANTEED IMPRESSIONS (TV and Radio Audience) and an Audio News Release
  • Minimum of 22 bookings including TV, radio & web. 
  • Secured bookings to include – “Newswatch” (3.4 million audience), “Coffee with America” (1.8 million audience), and “The Daily Flash” (3.8 million), as well as a minimum of 5 markets in the top thirty DMA.
  • Livestream of SMT for contracted client representatives to view from office or home.
  • Website posting of all your product information.
  • Constant monitoring reports on station pickup and viewership.
  • Unlimited airchecks
  • Professional set design.
Four of our holiday tours are listed below. You can check out our entire Co-Op SMT list at 

Examples Here:
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In short, an Internet Media Tour (IMT) is an SMT for websites, blogs and online news outlets. Just like an SMT, your brand’s spokesperson is either in studio or on location and is consecutively interviewed by bloggers and reporters over a period of 1-3 hours.  The interviews are recorded live to tape and delivered to the outlets the day of the tour.  The outlets then run the interviews in the editorial space of the blog or website, usually with a text accompaniment.  

 IMTs deliver your branded message, with video, directly onto consumer’s computer screens and mobile devices.  While television interviews are fleeting, most IMT interviews stay live in perpetuity, are shared across social networks, and can be used in direct marketing.  
We have produced over 200 IMTs in the past five years and are the leaders in the field.  Celebrity-driven IMTs deliver a UVPM total audience of 15 million to over 100 million.  We have delivered wildly successful IMTs for brands with Sofia Vergara, Kate Upton, Connie Britton, Josh Duhamel, Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Hudson, Eva Longoria, Yvonne Strahovski, Bobby Flay, Kevin Bacon, Ciara, Tim Gunn, Jerry Rice, Rob Riggle, the Rockettes, Nick Cannon, Fergie, and many, many more. 
We have strong relationships with most of the biggest online outlets, including:, Associated Press TV, PopSugar,,, Wonderwall, Just Jared, Perez Hilton and countless others.  Our IMTs consistently deliver outlets with monthly unique users ranging from one million to over 20 million. Price ranges from $12,500 - $16,500. 

Examples here:

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Radio audiences around the country continue to be substantial. If you want to reach millions of listeners and consumers there is no more cost effective or simpler tactic than Audio News Releases (ANR). All you need is a story and we take care of the rest. We write the script for you, hire the voiceover talent, edit the audio clip, and send it out to stations across the country. You can reach over 25 million listeners for as little as $8,500. 

Examples Here:

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RMTs are another great way to get your message out there. We can target any radio market or audience you want to reach.   All of our RMTs are produced via conference call. Your talent and client never have to leave the comfort of their home or office to speak to the media. We provide airchecks for every placement. Over the years, we have produced hundreds of RMTs on a wide array of subjects and clients. Price range from $8,500 - $10,000.

Examples Here:
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