Newsletter June 2015
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Dear Toastmasters members and friends,

Another Toastmasters year is almost over and a new one is starting with fresh energy, with new officers who took the challenge to be part of this great experience.
There are many challenges in the upcoming year and we will all make sure to meet our club member's expectations and offer a great environment for personal and professional development.
The very first officers meeting when the current officers will pass the roles to the newly elected officers will happen this week.
We promise to keep you informed on the important decisions that will be taken and the plans of the new officers for this year!

There is life after Competent Communication manual!

Any new member finds out quickly that in Toastmasters we use the Competent Communication manual to learn how to prepare for the 10 speeches we need to have to achieve our very first goal. It seems to be not such a long way there so once you’ve earned your Competent Communication designation, you’ll likely find that you want to continue developing your public speaking skills. One way to do this is to immediately begin working on advanced communication designations, such as Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Communicator Silver and Advanced Communicator Gold.

For each of these advanced communication designations, you must complete the five projects in each of two advanced communication manuals (there are additional criteria for the Advanced Communicator Silver and Advanced Communicator Gold designations). You can find the complete list of Advanced Manuals here.

The challenge is that it is very difficult to decide which advanced manuals you may want to choose, when all you have to go by is a picture of the cover of the manual and the very brief description offered on the Toastmasters International website. When you see the 15 titles you cannot actually figure out what are the requirements of each project in it and decide which manuals best suit you.

As ‘Yes, there is life after the Competent Communication manual’ and quite an exciting one, we will briefly take you through each of the manuals every week to help you decide  which will be the next to choose on your Advanced Communicator track.
You can find more details about each manual on our blog.

                                                 Ioana Pop, VP PR

How to become a better speaker

Becoming a good speaker takes time and energy. At a first visit of a Toastmasters club, guests might think that 'we are too theatrical', 'table topics are not real-life situations', 'we clap too much' and 'shaking hands is quite awkward'. There are many reasons for which as a first time guest you may be tempted to not come the second time. Read more about them here.
However if you come the second time and you really observe what's happening for the whole meeting we promise you will love us! This indeed only if your long time goal is to improve your communication and leadership skills and if you admit that these skills cannot be developed night.
Becoming a good speaker takes time and energy. It takes preparation, rehearsal, getting feedback and taking in consideration suggested points for improvement and audience.
In Toastmasters we can give you all these so if you are a guest, take advantage of them! If you are a member already, make sure you share this with all your friends and help them too! And more important, make sure you make yourself all the efforts to improve by preparing your speeches regularly, following the suggestions from the manuals and your evaluators!                                                                     


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Advanced Manuals
Become a better speaker
Las Vegas Convention
Club news


Experience the Glitz and Glamour of the Convention in Las Vegas

Remember the International Speech and Evaluations Contest? the fund, the good lessons learned and exciting experience? It is the time for the Grand Finale!
Register for the 2015 Toastmasters International Convention! Held August 12-15, this spectacular event features world-class speakers such as keynote speaker Patricia Fripp and Nobel Peace Prize winner and Golden Gavel recipient Muhammad Yunus.

Brno Business Toastmasters Club was established in July 2010 by group of enthusiasts with passion for communication and personal growth.

We have officially registered asa Club as Club Number  # 1705911 in 2011.

For more information visit Brno Business Toastmasters website.
Club News:

- 29th June Joint Officers meeting: stay tuned for the overview of how the meeting with current and newly elected officers went

- Our blog gets more material: posts of articles, advanced communicator series overview and speech samples. Don't miss our posts!

- An exciting summer is waiting for us: an outside meeting and continuous meetings all along the summertime!

- Share your thoughts on how do you find our webpage, blog and what else you would like us to focus on!

Dear readers,

It's time for me to say it's been an amazing experience and to admit that during the last days of being Vice President of Public Relations I feel the time went way too fast.  There are many things I planned when I started, some of them I achieved, some of them are on the list in my new role.

I am happy I had this opportunity to learn new things, to be the voice of our club and I need to thank from all my heart to all officers and members who helped me during this journey!

I hope you all enjoyed the posts, the newsletter and the spam emails I've sent you regularly!
                                                                                                    Ioana Pop, VP PR

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