“I now believe for so much more growth and possibility in our local ministry and churches.”
                                                                        -TFI Advocate
A few weeks ago, many of our Advocates gathered together from across the country to sharpen their leadership skills and deepen their passion for the foster care community at our annual retreat. This year we focused on helping our Advocates move from “maintenance mode” to developing themselves as leaders, cultivating strong relationships with their church partners and building healthy teams. This will help them be more effective and efficient in the mission of bringing joy and purpose to their local foster care communities.

Connecting our Advocates to each other is one of my favorite ways we support them. Together, they glean wisdom and inspiration from each other, and they also problem solve and share strategies for common challenges.
Our Advocates are committed volunteers—spending on average 10-15 hours a week mobilizing and coordinating service projects, connecting individuals and teams to kids and families in need of support and growing relationships with agency workers and churches.
Sometimes our Advocates become discouraged and overwhelmed with the vast amount of needs in their communities. The beauty of the TFI team is that, when they feel alone, they know they have a network of likeminded co-laborers across the country they can call on for support and encouragement. They leave the retreat feeling encouraged and equipped to go back to the “field”:  
  • “I was feeling overwhelmed and now feel like I have some tools to begin finding margin and moving forward again."
  • “This has given me tools to use and makes me hopeful for the future.”
  • “I am more okay with starting small, growing slowly—quality vs quantity.”
We are so grateful for your support, for without it, we would not be able to provide our Advocates with the support, resources and connection opportunities they need! They are making a difference in the lives of the Forgotten—and you are a part of that! 

Will you join us in praying for them?

On behalf of the forgotten, 

Jami Kaeb
Executive Director
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