"Please keep doing what you are doing! It matters and you are changing lives through the love of Jesus!" 
This Is Why We Do What We Do! 

"Sometimes we don't realize what a difference we make in the life of children, but I was fortunate enough to witness what a difference you made when a Bible was placed in a young man’s journey backpack [Journey Bag]. I was sitting with a child as we were waiting for an order from the judge to place a young boy and his sister in foster care.

The first question the young man asked was if I was religious. He told me that he didn't believe in God anymore because of all the things he had been through. He questioned how a God that was supposed to love him could leave him and his sister in such a horrible situation. He talked about how he had prayed that God would rescue him and his sister night after night and help didn't come.

I attempted to tell him that sometimes we don't understand why God lets things happen, but that I felt like I had been called by God to be a social worker and that I wasn't sure why, but maybe, just maybe, it was so he could send someone like me to show him that God does exist and that He loves him with all his heart!

The young man didn't say anything else about God, but it was obvious the conversation had made him think. When we arrived at the office, he was given a journey backpack and inside he found a Bible. He immediately pulled the Bible from the backpack and insisted it be opened out of the plastic immediately.  

With a sincere heart, he looked at me and said,

This young man went to church on Sunday and rededicated his life to Jesus! I will forever hold this story in my heart! You make a difference! Please keep doing what you are doing! It matters and you are changing lives through the love of Jesus!" 

This story was shared with our TFI Advocate, Carissa Wright in St. Clair County, AL by a thankful social worker. 
2016... A year of growth for TFI!
This year we added 8 Advocates to our team which makes 31 Advocates across the country! This means 31 foster care communities are experiencing the love of Jesus through God's people! This number continues to grow. We are excited that so many are willing to be a catalyst for change and encouragement to their local foster care community. Our tools for encouragement have also grown to include a podcast called The Forgotten Podcast, bringing voice to the foster care community. Our first episode launched this past April, and since then, we have released 16 episodes with a variety of special guests, including nationally known advocates for children and the foster care community and adults who grew up in foster care and are now giving back to help others. The Forgotten Podcast has been downloaded over 10,000 times in 49 states and 12 countries! 
As we look ahead to 2017
We want you to know we are so thankful for you! Your support through prayer and financial giving make it possible for TFI Advocates across the country to make a difference in the lives of their local foster care community. As we look to 2017, we would love to see growth in the following areas:
  • Advocates in more locations – Our hope is to have at least one Advocate in every state! Is God calling you to do more? 
  • Prayer supporters – Will you commit to praying for the foster care community on a regular basis? Sign up to receive our monthly prayer letter.
  • Monthly givers– A steady monthly income would help us plan and provide for the needs of our Advocates. Would you consider contributing to TFI on a monthly basis? Even small amounts given regularly make a BIG impact! Here are some examples of how monthly giving makes a difference:
    • $25/month helps five Advocates start and establish programs, like mentoring, in their area
    • $50/month provides two Advocates with resources, like a Ministry Fair Toolkit, to effectively engage and equip local churches to serve the foster care community
    • $100/month provides additional training and support for two Advocates at our annual Retreat 
As you can see below, we are about halfway to meeting our 2017 budget. Would you prayerfully consider giving an end-of-year gift or becoming a monthly giver to help us reach our goal? Thank you so much!
On behalf of the forgotten, 

Jami Kaeb
Executive Director
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