Pilgrim Queen July, 2017 Pilgrimage
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When it comes to book reading, there are two types of people: those who read the last chapter first and those who are disgusted by those who read the last chapter first. My husband is the disgusted one, so that makes me....

I don’t want to ruin your Bible reading here, but if you’re a Christian I’m pretty sure you’ve already read the end of that book anyway. Guess what happens at the end. We win! “Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” Revelation 7:10

Yes we are a victorious people. Funny how so much of the time I don’t feel that way. That’s because my victory doesn’t come through the self-sufficiency I crave. It comes through surrender. 

Successful Surrender

Don Dolindo Ruotolo, “the little old man of Mary Most Holy”, as he called himself. (1882-1970) was an Italian priest and mystic, and a contemporary of Saint Padre Pio of Pietralcina. As is usually the case with God’s prophets, he didn’t look like a hero and he didn’t act like a conqueror. Don Dolindo was short, stooped and crippled by arthritis. He was misunderstood by his family and friends, scorned by his colleagues and ridiculed because of his poverty and simplicity. He was the subject of gossip and calumny but responded with loving kindness. Just the ingredients for sainthood. Currently he is a servant of God and his Cause for Beatification is underway.

Don Dolindo was a prolific writer. In particular, he wrote a 33-volume analysis, commentary and meditation on the whole Bible. The text below is from his writing “The Lord’s Battles, How They are Won.”

“Patience is the perfect way, and with patience you will win. The Apostles won through martyrdom, Jesus won with the Cross! Wait and trust; Jesus won the world and has already won it in its entirety. There is no struggle that begins that He has not already won. Therefore repose in Him and peacefully await His moment. Follow the way God has traced out for you. If you are a woman, what do you do? When God calls all souls back to life, He will call women to His apostolate, because He needs mothers. When He needs to feed the revived world, He calls upon men, because he needs fathers. He called upon Our Lady when He wanted to be born, and He was reborn to give us all life again. He called upon Our Lady in the Cenacle, and at the foot of the Cross, when the Church was born and promulgated; He sent the Apostles to nourish the reborn world, and the Church was born in His blood through Maria. In His work of restoration, Jesus chose women, because humanity made apostate was dead and had to be reborn. First the world needed mothers, and then He will send priests to nourish it. Are you a woman? Then Jesus has chosen this for you. Take repose in this. He knew that from you He needed an apostolate, He wanted it this way, and you should find your rest in Him. Poland, in its last battle against the Bolsheviks, won, thanks to its women.”

Among Don Dolindo’s many writings is “Meditations on the Holy Rosary of Mary.” Included in these meditations is a sermon that Don Dolindo gave at the Parish of the Ascensione a Chiaia in Naples, Italy in October 1958. He began his sermon on the Visitation of Mary to Saint Elizabeth with a commentary on his own surrender: “I shall write today what I can remember of the sermon I gave yesterday. I go on the pulpit completely empty; almost always I don’t even know the subject on which I am supposed to preach. All is fruit of grace for the intimate light I feel when I start talking. All of it is the work of the mercy of the Lord. There remains with me only my confusion and a profound feeling of my own nothingness.” 

Everyday Examples

The Lord’s Battles: How They are Won

Trusting When it’s Hard

Don Dolindo’s Novena of Surrender to the Will of God

About Worrying 

Kid's Corner: 

What’s another word for surrender? Obedience! Obeying can be hard sometimes. Parents usually know what’s best for their kids, but kids don’t always agree. It’s the same thing when it comes to God. Sometimes we don’t agree with what He wants from us. Ultimately it comes down to trusting God the way you trust your dad..

One way to build a habit of surrender is to start your day off with a prayer. Offer God your day with all its ups and downs, and ask Him to bless it. Then at bedtime thank Him for the special things that happened, apologize for the things you did wrong, and remind Him of the things you need help with. 

Marian Moments 

Don Dolindo loved the Blessed Virgin Mary. He wrote poetic pages of theology in Her praise. He was especially enrapt by meditating on the Incarnation and the Visitation. His last book, which is still unpublished, is entitled “Mary Mother of God and Our Mother.”

Don Dolindo wrote this about the Visitation: “The Most Holy Virgin journeyed to the house of St. Elisabeth to Ain-Karin. It is the first journey of the Divine Grace, which Mary would continue thereafter in the centuries, until the end of time. It is always she who pours out grace into the souls; it is always Mary who brings us to Jesus. She, indeed, brings us to Jesus. For this reason the Church, celebrating the feast of the Visitation of Mary, calls this day as the Feast of Our Lady of Grace, that is, the feast of the grace poured out through Mary...

How many mysteries there are in these simple words of Mary: “Here is the handmaid of the Lord, be done to me according to thy word! Just as an electric current does not give light, without the positive being put near the negative pole and the latter coming near to positive, almost giving itself to it, so that the work of the current be done, also the consent of the creatures to the plans that God wants to accomplish in them and through them, is the coming close to God by the nothingness of the creature and raising of the creature to God, infinite Power, infinite Wisdom and infinite Love. This is what the consensus of Mary was: Here is the handmaid of the Lord, be done to me according to thy word. Her consent of loving dedication to the Divine Will, to the Infinite Love, to the Holy Spirit pouring forth on Her, so to speak, overshadowed her. It possessed her in all her faculties, and in all her life, like an ardent flame, that wraps around on a small wood stick, can possess, surround, and make it itself incandescent, radiant of its own flame. In this way was inseminated in Mary by the Holy Spirit, the offshoot of life. Receiving from Him the insemination, there bloomed the first embryo cell of the Body of the Redeemer, Victim of the Redemption, for the salvation of mankind. In that very instant the Word of God completed that first cell which, for the insemination of the Holy Spirit, was already in embryo a human body, to which the soul was infused. In that union it would became a person, and the Person of the Word completed it, therefore, true God, as it was true man.”

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