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Catface Virgin Hair Extensions & Wigs

The Cool Cat Hair Design Edit: Carnival in Paradise Edition 🧜🏿‍♀️ - - - 🎪 SCROLL to read — - | TAP the style edit to see more >> - - -

Once upon a time right now in paradise, you are surrounded by the lush, rich hues of nature, the very essence of living. You are serene in Green, Cool Cat. Discover more Green Hair Designs

Green braiding hair

In your perfect happy place, the sun shines just for you every day, without fail. The moon keeps you company while you dream and surf the stars in magnificent high pigment Colours. You are exactly what stars are made of, Cool Cat. ☀️Shoot for the Stars in Cosmic Colours >>

Pink and Blue Braiding hair

In our authentic Cool Cat world, We enjoy colours that are unbelievablly almost edible. We love to have our Brownies, Toffees and Honey along with our Champagne Blonde. Take a tumble with your favourite earthy and natural tones >>

blonde braiding hair

See what’s new with our Kinky Marley Hair. I love that this collection is so versatile and Im really looking forward to bringing more Afro textured designs to life. If I was to look into the horizon, it would be interessting to create longer lengths and some eccentric ombre hair designs with Marley Hair

LIMITED EDITION BESPOKE TINGS: Lavender and Lilac have us so deep in love, I just had to come and let you know Cool Cat. from 16 inches to 30 inches plus, explore new icy and pastel palletes to add regal and bespoke accents to your personal style.

Lavender braiding hair