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Upcoming meeting:
TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Meeting Updates


Members brought delicious foods and recipes to share [in above photo, clockwise from top: Quinoa Salad, Cocoa Balls, Potatoes with Hummus, Stuffed Acorn Squash].
Using a handout as a reference, we evaluated the "healthiness" of several packaged foods.
Finally, here are answers to questions that arose during our discussion:
2. How much FIBER do we need?
* 40 grams per day (PCRM)
* 25 to 38 grams per day (Medical News Today)


Sally cannot be at this meeting; Sue Miller graciously has agreed to lead the discussion.


1)  Sharing holiday eating experiences!
2)  Sue will bring kitchen utensils with accompanying recipes and a handout:
  • Garlic press and peeler (Asian-style kale)
  • Electric pressure cooker (rice/beans/potatoes; split pea soup)
  • High speed blender (spinach dip; "sour cream" dream)
  • Toaster oven (salsa)
  • Food processor (frosty)
 3) Ideas or requests for the next meeting: February 10.
Spread the word; invite friends & family!

Motivation to Stay Veg

> 2% of American adults are vegetarian or vegan.
  • The main reasons are personal health, closely followed by animal protection.
10% are former vegetarians or vegans.
  • The main reason they reverted back to eating meat? No involvement with people or organizations that aligned with a non-meat eating lifestyle.
Our group provides interaction with others and includes information, support, & (hopefully) the motivation to continue to be among the "2%" of Americans! I anticipate that our community will continue to grow and thrive in 2015.
In health to all,

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