November 2015
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Summer Slowly Ripening

There are few things l love more than summer days. The smell of blackberries in the afternoon or sweet peas at dusk is a timeless inhale. One forgets all about how complicated winter days can be.  For now, the schedules and forecasts are easy for the body and mind to assimilate. How much the body loves light! Summer is for remembering how to feel  apples on the tree, slowly ripening. Summer is for simple clothes, gentle yoga practices, and putting off (for just a bit longer) the tasks that come with the season’s change.

Yoga is still alive and well according the Live-Be-Yoga Tour.  For 5 months, 3 ambassadors for Yoga Journal and Gaia TV have been touring the continent, visiting teachers in studios, schools, retreats, hospitals and prisons. They traveled here to Gambier Island where we filmed and talked Yoga for 2 heavenly days. Their youthful exuberance was rather intoxicating, and I was honored to be a part of their tour.

In the interview, I wanted to focus on (but did not quite do so) the idea that personal practice can change a feeling of loneliness into a feeling of solitude. I wanted to share my belief that being alone for periods time is an essential part of a teacher’s ripening process. While students don’t always make time for a practice that has no guidance, no plan, no map, it seems a job of the teachers to take a stance on being alone on the mat to develop the intuition that comes of solitude.  To be a true inspiration to people, I think, one has to travel roads untaken, and have doubts in oneself, and even doubt one’s practice. I can say that my doubt and faith do surely travel hand in hand.

A student is bound to feel when a teacher has worked with loneliness, anger, fear and self -loathing. The example of not giving into the grip of contraction but working with acceptance and calm in the body and mind, is the very heart of teaching.  I teach that a completely different feeling can arise in an instant, as if turning a dial. Suddenly, one can feel a hue of nobility, a human capable of great dignity, and compassion. I believe there comes a time when Yoga is a balance of capturing one’s own innocence and honor, while daring the demons to feast at your very table.

In my interview with the team from Live –Be-Yoga I wanted to say (but did not quite) that nature somehow waits for us, and that when we return to that rock or that patch of grass, that field or that shore, we will always be welcomed back as if we never left the feeling of it. One breath away is our own deep nature, and whether or not we have time to be outdoors, we can choose to be welcomed into awareness. Nature is us.


My upcoming Weekend Retreats can be viewed on my website, and I urge you to sign up for this fall’s offerings. My direction with these Yoga weekends is to push/pull YOU to feel a creative opening. Although it may seem impossible to find your creative calling, I’m able to say that since I started music, my brain rings and zings with so much more connection to every thing else that I do.  Yoga is the interface.

For me, with the few retreats in me left to teach, I want to concentrate on what I see is important, and I cannot say enough about giving your self to a brave new world of creative faith.

FOR THE FALL! Those who have not heard, my Vancouver Studio has moved.  My new address is 1204, 1850 Comox Street. Vancouver. To get a sneak peak at the view from the top floor, watch this short clip that Namaste TV filmed at my studio!



Sherwood Park, Alberta. Sept 23-25, 2016

YOGA FOR TODAY.  Hurrah. Back to Alberta where I am co- teaching with the incredible Katharine Weinmann. (  I know her as a “process designer”,  “coach”, “mentor”, and “group facilitator”, and but understand those titles cannot reach how she truly lives within this quote. “Let your work be your love made visible.” — Kahlil Gibran.

During this weekend, I will give the physical practices of asana (“moving poetry”) to which she will add a Saturday afternoon session working with the life of poetry  and how it relates to our lives.  Feed us, turn us, gather us into the folds and gifts of language Katharine. We are ready.


Ottawa, Oct 28th-30th, 2016

YOGA IN WAKEFIELD, Quebec. (20 mins from Ottawa) Now you are in for a treat. Eastern Canada in the fall! Come to this exceptionally peaceful retreat center, and immerse your self in Yoga with a small group of like-minded people.  We will be a small and intimate group so this is chance to work closely with me and have my eyes and ears on you.

Sue McKee ( did a fantastic job of hosting me few years back, and I am so excited to return and catch up with my community of Yogis there. Check out our link on One Travel, and great a great deal on bookings to Ottawa!

Cuba, April 16th -23rd

You will hear more soon!

I am thrilled to be in process with Victoria O’Hara planning this retreat. Keep asking and we will provide. The dates are firm. The trip will be epic.



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